Aha… someone else has this happening to them also… I am not alone. In the following video, and others, I can recognize a remarkable number of similarities with myself.

I was only able to see this video after breaking through parts of the blocking/filtering software. They have updated their program and hacked my equipment again. For every breakthrough, I have learned there are repercussions. I’ve lost a few days to rebuilding/reconfiguring my computers… again.

From You Tube:

Parabolic Dish used to test attic for ultrasonic sounds in the 25khz – 30 khz range. All power to the house is off, the breaker is turned off. Million candle flashlight used for lighting attic, parabolic dish is attached to computer monitor speakers for audio, digital camera used for footage. Trying to determine the cause of the high pitch sounds emitted to the home. Symptoms ears are ringing off the hook, loss of hearing, sleep deprivation, dehydration, thermo burns, nausea, exhaustion, etc. Educated opinions are welcome.

OMG. THANK YOU . I have been experiencing the same torture for over 2 years now.

I was able to corroborate it in a few different ways.

1. The noise is ultrasonic, it is not heard, it is experienced. This basically means that you do not hear it via your ear drum. You experience the discomfort. It is ultrasonic – it is above what most people can hear. If you plug your ears there is NO CHANGE in the level because it is not heard.

2. Animals react differently depending on the ‘volume’ of the noise.

3. The level can cause changes in your attitude. Though difficult to gauge the level, I was able to corroborate the intensity of the noise I felt with other incidental changes. For example, I was able to predict by the number of ants around my kitchen sink if I was going to have a bad day or not. If there were alot of ants around the sink in the morning, I knew it would be a tearful, emotional day. (The signal was disturbing them up out of the ground around the outside of my home.) If however the ants were near the outside walls of the house, it would be a reasonably good day. When the ants moved to the interior walls of the house, I went back to bed or left the house.

4. I have experienced the burns. Primarily on my scalp at the top of my head. I believe this is because my head is pointing towards the source of the ultrasonic noise all night. As such the metallic elements in sweat are heated by the ultrasonic waves and cause the burn. (See video on You Tube for Kanzius – 60 Minutes for explanation of ultrasonic effect on metallic elements.) See also, CUTANEOUS THERMAL NECROSIS FROM ULTRASONIC BURN.

5. My dog has been killed by the people responsible. The effect of always being within range of the noise caused severe kidney and liver damage. Again, metallic elements heated by the ultrasonic waves. The dog passed 6 months after being poisoned during a robbery at my home. He never recovered from the poisoning and I could tell by his sudden and frequent incontinence that his organs had been damaged. This is confirmed by tests from our vet. Life expectancy is 13-15 years for his breed. He was 9. (Noise began in August 2007. Dog was poisoned in March 2008. Max passed in October 2008)

6. I am experiencing symptoms which may also be indicative of kidney and liver damage myself.

7. I was able to confirm the existence of the noise by using a flourescent light bulb. When the gas in the bulb is hit by the waves, it lights the tube. (Also demonstrated in Kanzius video.) When I heard about this method of testing for ultrasonic leaks in aircraft, I went to the locations where I ‘felt’ the noise was strongest. The tube glowed like a light saber from Star Wars.

8. There is a device called “sonic nausea’ which is sold in spy shops. See here I am convinced that I am being terrorized by a derivative of that device. It can be as small as the size of a dime.
Updated the link: Sonic Nausea
Updated the link: Mind Molester
Updated the link: Products

I was unaware of these types of devices until I searched for a phrase used by my wife in a mediation conference. She used the term ‘Tech Harassment’ in an accusation against me. I had never heard the phrase. She used it to describe a fictional accusation of me hacking her email. It made no sense at the time. It still doesn’t make sense. HOWEVER, She misused the phrase. A search for the words was unproductive for months. Until in December 2007, after a Tuesday when Microsoft released about a dozen fixes for security, I was able to find the phrase and the existence of this device which accurately described the symptoms of my experience.

9. This device is used to terrorize. It began once I detected the illegal installation of surveillance software on my computers and telephones. As that hindered effective communication and research, I only found out several things today… when I broke through their filtering software.

10. Let me know what you find. PLEASE!!!! It has been happening at my home since Summer 2007. It was turned off Super Bowl weekend 2009 when I found a contact outside this area. But it returned this last few weeks as I was breaking through again.

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