Is it purely by coincidence that analog cell phones (phones which do not have digital access and networking capabilities) have been completely removed from use and digital cell phones are the only cell phones which function?

Monday February 18, 2008 was called the “analog sunset” because those AMPS (Advanced Mobile Phone System) networks, which were first deployed in the 1980s and brought cellular service to millions of Americans, disappeared behind the digital networks that serve almost all mobile phones in use today.

Perhaps it is additionally a coincidence that the Digital Television conversion date will require most television viewers to have a ‘box’ to convert the signal. Unless, they already have a cable box handling the conversion for them. EVERYONE will have ‘a box’ within range of their televisions… with a direct line of sight to wherever you sit to watch television. You can’t hide the boxes… because the remote wouldn’t work. How much of your activity at home is within sight of a television? We have known about this digital conversion for some time, why haven’t the television manufacturers simply incorporated those cable boxes? Everything else gets combined – tv/vcr/dvd/usb – into one player, but the cable box remains…

Digital systems can be more easily corrupted, hacked, used for legal surveillance… by the government … and by the private sector … and also by anyone who buys the inexpensive software programs which provide the stealthy surveillance capabilities. (And sure in some cases, YES, it could be done illegally too.)

Anyone who has suggested that there are cameras and microphones in the digital conversion boxes has been mocked unmercifully. They have posted their findings and have been publicly ridiculed and mocked for being paranoid. The idea of THAT happening in the USA is just totally unamerican. You would have to be crazy to think that just because it CAN be done it would actually occur.

Why do people think the surveillance tools available all over the internet are not being used?
Why does the government get involved in the business of these conversions anyway?
Why do the people who report their findings lose their credibility?
Why do people think that just because there was a camera in one digital box in the middle of the country, there would be more?
Why is it ridiculous to think that if the surveillance tools are found in one, they will appear in every one?
Why are there all those extras networking connections in the cable boxes anyway? We don’t use those available wireless connections, we have a router to get to the web.
Maybe the surveillance tools are only in the units of people who ARE under surveillance?
Maybe there are only a few models so that it can be switched to a surveillance unit if necessary without detection?
Maybe that’s why they have that sticker that says there are criminal charges for opening the boxes, which are the property of the cable companies?
People are afraid to remove their mattress tags. I can assure you they won’t breach that sticker to open the cable box?
[Don’t do it. NEVER seek answers to questions that you really would prefer not to know.]
Maybe our technology has gone digital in order to provide for that DCS (digital collection system) used by the government?

Perhaps there has been NO PROSECUTION FOR THE ILLEGAL USE OF DIGITAL TECHNOLOGIES because if properly secured from hackers, phones and cable networks would additionally be secured from the government who just may wish to tap your phone line one day. And there are laws on the books which REQUIRE that there be an available way to access those types of technologies should the government find it necesary.

I know I’ll be mocked for this post… Funny that over the last 8 years or so, the color of technology shifted from red to blue? Infrared? Not when there’s Bluetooth, Blue Ray, Blu-disc?

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