Welcome back…, where’ve you been?

It would seem that since I wrote the letter to the DA that the IP addresses which resolved to Montgomery County offices had disappeared. Strange that this would happen.

Stranger still is the fact that the letter, additionally copied to all state and federal representatives and the news media, has received no response. I guess in Montgomery County a dozen white people can burglarize a home in broad daylight, (1) using minor children, (2) fraudulent letters from an attorney, (3) in violation of several court orders and somehow have the endorsement of law enforcement to commit the crime.

Inexplicably, there hasn’t been any web site hits from any of the others who received the letter. More redirection and obfuscation?

Time for justice. Time to prosecute Angst & Angst for causing the damage to everyone involved. Their unethical, illegal and unscrupulous activities have affected everyone who has ‘helped’ them. Who is next to get manipulated into misdeeds? Careful, because they will throw you under the bus with everyone else…

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