The destruction is complete at this point.  

They have taken everythign I ever valued in my life.

1. Family – The kids have been gone for almost 2 years now without any explanation.  I was always so proud of my boys.  However, I can honestly say that I am ashamed of them.  I never imagined they could be so easily distorted against me.  They have become cowards who are unwilling to indicate what happened to us.  Parental Alienation is a truly horrific experience.  I will always be their biological father.  But I am not so sure I want to see what happens to them.  They now know that corruption and fraud are accepted tactics.  That there is truly no justice in the courts.   They know that manipulating people into improper actions, will obligate the manipulated to protect them.  They learned the best way to conceal a lie is to not communicate.  They learned you cannot trust anyone… a wife, a child, a brother, a friend.  It is so sad, they will never enjoy the innocence again.. and will suffer the guilt for the rest of their lives.

2. Friends –  All but a few have disappeared without any word.  Some won’t answer their phone or even come to their door for me.  Others just avoid me entirely.  And their silence is remarkable… and unexplained.  Those still in touch are as tired of hearing the events as I am of talking about it.  But, they hang in as long as they can and they are attacked at the same time.  Their careers are affected and their computers hacked and monitored.  Anyone who assists me is additionally targeted.

3. Career -They control email and phone communications.  I only get what they permit.  They will not permit me to get a job, BECAUSE IF I GET A JOB, someone as resourceful as me will find the tools and information to remove their hack. I may be able to pay back all the debt I have incurred as I have been unemployed for over 2 years now.  They got me fired from Brandofino Communications.  They attacked me and all of my clients.  My references all had to leave my business because of the constant tech-attack.  

And who is going to hire the IT guy who couldn’t get around an ‘virus’.  My 20+ years of Computing/Programming/IT experience has done one thing.  I have made their program even stronger.  As they watched me discover their programs, they update the programs to prevent it from happening in the future.  Your new career is Lead Tester/Research & Development for their hack programs and you don’t get paid for it.

4. RitaCoolidge.com – The dream is over…  A passion is gone.  What was only imagined in my youth, became a reality.  And one of the proudest relationships of my life.  But every relationship has limits.  After 2.5 years of harrasment, Rita Coolidge has been forced to end our business relationship.

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  1. Friends…

    Not going anywhere, anytime, anyhow, my brother.

    “…they hang in as long as they can and they are attacked at the same time.”

    Heh. Looking forward to the day that someone even *thinks* about pulling shit with me.

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