The FBI can activate your phone’s microphone and listen in (with a warrant, of course.)
But, did you realize just about anyone can hack onto your phone and do it as well.

I have confirmed an installation of the software onto my cell phone. Though they continue to pretend the person must be able to get their hands on the phone – that is just not true. I watched it as it was installed on my phone.

It happened after I ignored an unknown phone number for a week on a new cell phone. I received an email identifying the number and the support person who was trying to contact me and what time he would callback. I relented and answered the phone when it rang at the designated time. Only there was no one on the other end… then bluetooth was activated. The number called back again a few hours later, this time there was someone there, and I asked them who they were and why they were hacking my phone.

When your computers and your phones are hacked you are unable to effectively communicate… They control your life. Every Minute, Every Hour, Every Day, Every Month, Every Year. Since January 2007, I have been terrorized by these types of products.

Local Police have done nothing to help
The District Attorney, Risa Furman, has ignored repeated requests for help.

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