On an very emotional day, when one of my closest friends made since this drama began came home to say good-bye, my son Colin contacts his grandmother.  Colin indicates that he and his brother wish to come home.  Oddly, he does this by saying they are ‘calling my bluff’.

When will ‘they’ stop using my children to terrorize me.  Don’t they recognize the damage they are doing to the children.  Of course they do.  They don’t care.  They have yet to ever consider the best interest of the children.   I send the message back to come on home, but expect to explain your own actions of the past 2 years.  

My son Colin follows his challenge up with statements which indicate he still doesn’t understand slander and defamation of character.  He informs his grandmother of ‘family secrets’ about his aunt and uncle – items which were no surprise to her.  Colin has no first hand knowledge of what he is telling people, yet continues to spread the gossip.  He would be creating a web site to inform the world of the information he ‘knows’.   While the addition of these comments indicates the extreme lack of sincerity regarding wanting to come home.  He is still welcome to come home.

Colin had learned what hearsay was in time for the April Fool’s Day court date where he shouted HEARSAY interrupting my answer to a question from the judge.  The judge indicated that I was responding to his direct question with regard to another person and as I was a party to the event it wasn’t hearsay.

I will welcome my children home.  I will try to learn to trust them again.  As they are once again being used by Angst & Angst and their mother to attack me emotionally or perhaps to gather fraudulent evidence, or worse-yet to plant ‘evidence’ around the home.  

I am not afraid of you.  I am not afraid of the truth.  My children will reveal more about the crimes you have committed.  The crimes that you have informed them about which have forced them to sacrifice their relationships with the entire family.  How can they be here and not talk to me?  Who is truly bluffing whom here?

By all means, call” my” (?)  bluff.  Be prepared to discover that I’m not bluffing.  I know all the cards in everyone’s hand.   You may think you know the cards, but you can’t explain why you know what you think you know.  You use my children for your dirty work.   I have cried out all emotional connection to my children.   You do not care or consider the best interests of the children.  Your actions are self-serving, maniacal and psychotic with a huge dose of desperation.

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