Tomorrow, my son Brennan graduates from North Penn High School. Well, at least that is what I have heard from other channels. I wouldn’t know for sure because his schedule apparently requires him to schedule our daily conversation closer to midnight. I haven’t spoken to him in weeks, perhaps months.

Brennan never said anything in those phone calls. More often than not the calls were never made. Each call is a hurtful painful experience. I no longer attempt to stay up for the call, or run for it when the phone wakes me. Why go to sleep each night upset with him. Additionally, if I were to speak with him at that late hour at any length, it would likely be another fraudulent phrase in an Angst & Angst petition – “Brennan is unable to concentrate in school because of the late night calls with his father.

I am ashamed and humiliated by the actions of my children. I will never understand why they have chosen to sit back and watch their father be destroyed. Parental Alienation is an evil manipulative form of child abuse.

Congratulations Brennan.

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