A news story from Indianapolis which demonstrates how easy your privacy is violated.
And no one ever gets caught it seems…

How is it possible that Law Enforcement has done nothing in this case. The program being used by the hacker is on the phone along with identifying information. The information on the phone will indicate the person commiting the crime. (I’ll speculate that the person responsible for the terror in the video is connected with law enforcement, or had been in the past. And they are covering it up…)

I have come to only one conclusion as to why this crime has not yet been prosecuted in any court. Law Enforcement is using the same tools for surveillance and not obtaining a warrant. If Law Enforcement would solve the case, they would additionally be sacrificing one of their tools.

I explained the phone hacking program to Detective DeAngelo in March 2008. Perhaps everyone in law enforcement wasn’t aware of the capabilities. It seemed as if the program I was explaining might fit a scenario he had heard about. He then asked Detective Kuter if that was how they were doing the phone stuff up in the poconos. Detective Kuter confirmed that the technology I was explaining would explain the other situation.

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