You have to wonder why 3 weeks can go by and there has not been any response from the Distrct Attorney.

You have to wonder why the 25 others who were cc’d on the letter have additionally not made any inquiry.

You have to wonder why of all of theose persons and organizations, not one has checked the web site for additioanl information.

Why is it impossible for me to get justice?

They have destroyed my life, every aspect of my life, and continue to attack using my children as their pawns.  Yet as I seek to prosecute them, I am without a voice, powerless, helpless, and unable to get any answer to any question.  

I only wish I was capable of committing suicide, because it would put an end to the misery caused by these monsters.   Had I been capable of that, it would have happened long ago.  Instead, I cry for myself.  the hoplessness and despair grow with the hours, days, nmmonths, years of conspiracy and corruption and cover-up.

I have gone everywhere possible for help.  I’ve followed the rule of law.  I’ve never resorted to trickery or games to get answers.  I go direct to the source.  I get no answers.  The story is there though.  It is clear.  After 2+ years the pattern is evident.  The silence screams the injustice.  Yet there is no one to help.  No one to ask for help.  And those responsible to enforce the law ignore their responsibilities.  

I await the inevitablefurther attack.  It is a long slow murder.  Endorsed by all of law enforcement, because they were manipulated by the desperation of a lawyer who got caught using illegal tactics against the opposition.  the desperate lawyers, Angst & Angst, would do anything to save their lives, even as they destroyed not just me, but my sons, my mother, my brothers, my sister.

Sonya Healy’s divorce has caused so much destruction.

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