This weekend will mark the 2 year anniversary of my discovery of these events.

Two Years of computer and telephone hacks which have disrupted professional career, clients and every company to whom i made pelectronic payments.

Two Years of the destruction of my children.  I no longer care about my children.  Caring for them is a destructive tool which has been used effectively against me.  Because I care about what this is doing to my kids it eats me alive and completely incapacitates me.  No longer.   My children have made their choice, and I hate them for that.  

Those who were supposed to be looking after the best interests of the child, have GROSSLY FAILED in their responsibility.  
Sara Goren, you are a fraud.  Your repeated delays and fraudulent reports are criminal.  
Judge Thomas Del Ricci has disgraced the bench.  His bias was evident from the first conference, and he has been incapable of rendering any verdict.  If he did, it could and would be appealed.  So to prevent resolution, Del Ricci doesn’t rule on anything and combines and contiinues each petition.  RETARDED JUSTICE!

Continue to protect the illegal actions of an Angst & Angst who have completely disgraced the legal profession.

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