It is remarkable to me that the two people who have ended conversations with me by saying it is improper to have ex parte communications are the two who have not only entertained ex parte communications but have made decisions based on them.  Sara Goren and Judge Thomas Del Ricci.

And my conversations with them (sentences actually) were not ‘ex parte’ as they were not case specific.  

Perhaps what they really meant was that they have already had their ex parte communication from Angst & Angst and they can’t listen to what you might have to say.  If they do not act as was pre-arranged, the lawyers at Angst & Angst will throw them under the bus and reveal their improper communications.


A petition to modify custody was filed on December 26, 2007.

– Without any prior notice, Sara Goren cancels a conference on March 25, 2008 indicating a family issue.  I think it was a funeral.  I had no choice but to understand and accept this unfortunate delay.  Yet, it would seem Sara Goren didn’t cancel her other scheduled appointments that day.  There were 3 meetings scheduled for 10:45AM.  Sara Goren’s family emergency only affected one.

– Court Administration [Gina] ignores your request for ‘first available’ conference with any available master.  You have waited 3 months for this date WITHOUT ANY CONTACT from your son.  Instead, at the request of Angst & Angst, she would schedule the conference for Sara Goren’s next available date.  8 weeks later.  [This information was notated in the court administration scheduling system.]

– On May 19, 2008, Sara Goren would suggest waiting an additional 3 weeks to act with regard to scheduling a court date.  Sara Goren recommends that I reconsider moving forward to court.  This is ridiculous.  Why would I want to wait another 3 weeks?  I had waited 5 months for this conference.  I had not seen my son or heard from him in months.  I had clearly documented and presented how my son was being abused by his manipulative and alienating mother since July 2007.   I wanted the hearing.  The conference was a formality, and major delaying tactic when there was no potential for agreement.  Why would I wait another 3 weeks to decide if I wanted to move forward????  The only logical explanation is that Sara Goren knew that they were planning to take Brennan out of the country.  I was yet unaware of the travel plans.

– On May 19, 2008, Sara Goren’s schedule was backed up.  The conference scheduled for morning was not held until mid-afternoon.  Sonya was oddly unrepresented at the conference.  Hmmm??  Robert Angst was at the Protracted Support Hearing that morning.  Valerie Angst was spotted outside the Domestic Relations Office talking to Sonya [at about an hour after the time the conference was supposed to occur].  If Angst & Angst were both in Norristown, why were they not at the conference with their client?  Had Valerie Angst met with Sara Goren that morning?  That would be an improper ex parte communication.  Sara Goren couldn’t be so naive as to have actually accepted a document from Valerie Angst that morning.  Sara Goren could not have been SO INCREDIBLY STUPID to submit that document as HER report.  In Sara Goren’s report Sonya’s perspective is documented.  BUT SONYA SAID NOTHING IN THIS CONFERENCE SO HOW COULD SARA HAVE THE INFORMATION SHE REPORTED. 

Valerie Angst frequently cuts and pastes her documents together.  I still have to go through the petitions filed prior to this meeting.  I expect the exact phrases used by Angst & Angst in their petitions will be identical to those in Sara Goren’s report.  How would you explain that?

– September 9, 2008, Angst & Angst fail to appear at a Custody Conference.   NOTE: THIS CONFERENCE WAS NOT WITH SARA GOREN.   The paperwork warns that this would result in a a ruling in favor of the party who did appear.  BUT, Angst & Angst lied and told the court staff that an agreement had been reached.  There is no agreement.  They dodged a conference with a Custody Master who had not been manipulated into compliance.

– October 1, 2008, back to meet with Sara Goren.  [The court order from July indicated that the issue be listed for trial immediately upon notice to Court administration, court administration insists on requiring the conciliation conference]   Sara Goren does not recall her family emergency in March.  Sara Goren is also at a complete loss to explain her neglecting to include any issue raised at the May 2008 conference in her report.  At the very least, how did she forget to include that ‘SONYA USED MY SON TO ROB MY HOUSE”?  I raise the additional issue of the fraud and lies surrounding Judge Tilson’s Ex Parte order regarding Brennan’s ‘vacation’.  Sara Goren suddenly ‘gets religion’ and indicates that this needs to get before the judge as soon as possible as Brennan will be 18 soon.  NO SHIT!?!

– The week before the October 1 meeting, Angst & Angst filed a petition they had cut and pasted from all of their previous petitions.  Over 60 pages of false allegations and misdirection.  Their plan is to use that petition to delay the custody hearing.  They never send a copy of the petition to me.  They send it to Sterling Flowers who had represented me for one dayat a custody short list in July.  It takes weeks to get a copy of their petition.  It is missing pages and is misnumbered.  The copy filed in the prothonotary is also missing the items.  Judge Del Ricci combines the custody petition from December 2007 and their new contempt petition.  Judge Del Ricci indicates he is not concerned with the fraud of Sara Goren’s report, or her motivation.  He calls for an immediate hearing for discovery issues.  Judge Del Ricci, as usual, berates me through the discovery hearing.  Judge Del Ricci knows the intent of the 60 pages of bullshit petition.  We will never get to a custody hearing while they dispute discovery in their 60 pages of bullshit.  Then, magically when Brennan turns 18, they will drop their contempt petition.  [Let’s all pretend we are clueless and surprised when that happens, OK?]

The facts are clear.  The fraud is clear. The conspiracy to cover up their improper and illegal actions is clear.

The best interests of the child are completely ignored.  It’s about tactics.  It’s about conspiracy.  it’s about cover-up.  DO NOT FOOL YOURSELF FOR A MINUTE THINKING THAT SARA GOREN OR JUDGE DEL RICCI GIVE A DAMN ABOUT THE BEST INTERESTS OF YOUR SON.

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