There are so many days when I wake, after a restless night, to the feeling of overwhelming hopelessness and dispair.  I spend those days crying.    

I have made every logical effort to end this terror.  Those in law enforcement to whom I have turned for help have inexplicably refused (FBI), or pretended to act (County Detectives), or further exacerbated the situation (local police).

This inaction by law enforcement provides the basis for other organizations not wishing to become involved.

The courts have been of no assistance.  The actions of the judges and administration defy explanation.  There is no legal basis for anything which has occurred in the court process.  Their tactics are clear.  By acting in complete defiance of logic and reason, the chaos creates a situation which defies explanation and calls credability into question.

I am not trying to make this worse.  I am trying to make it better for me, my son and my family.  I am one man with no resources.  I have survived 2 years of this terror, yet each day shows no improvement over the one before it.  

I persevere.  Perhaps doing so foolishly, but there is no other alternative.

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