District Attorney Risa Vetri Ferman
Office of the District Attorney
Court House 4th Floor
P.O. Box 311
Norristown, PA  19404-0311 

Ms Ferman,

     I am requesting your direct involvement in prosecuting the persons responsible for the following crime.  

     On Saturday March 22, 2008, my home was broken into, burglarized, vandalized and my dog, a Basenji, was poisoned.  Police, who were called by neighbors who realized I was not at home, arrived within seconds.  The police permitted a dozen or so people to load a rented panel truck, several SUV’s, and additional cars and trucks with items from my home.  Organized by my ex-wife, Sonya Healy, the team included a professional locksmith, a former township police officer, and two minor children.

     When discovered by myself at around 3AM on March 23, 2008,  the Montgomery Township Police responded but refused to act in any regard to the crime.  It was their opinion that this was a domestic incident and they chose to not get involved. 

      Township police have refused to respond to any reported crime since August 2007, when they revealed they had knowledge of the person, or persons, responsible for a computer surveillance program illegally installed on computers in my home.  The illegally installed program had been detected and was reported to police weeks before.  The program has destroyed my business and affected every aspect of my life – professionally, financially and personally.  Montgomery Township Police have acted to protect the perpetrator and refuse to provide any report of that event.

     The officers who responded at 3AM informed me that a locksmith had been hired to drill the locks on the front door.  When the locksmith failed to access the home by the front door, entry was gained through the rear sliding glass door.  The entire event took less than 30 minutes and was photographed by my neighbors.  There are over 50 photographs available of the event.  (Viewable at http://www.work2bdone.com/help/robbery/robberypics.htm )

     When shown the court order which granted me exclusive use and occupancy of the home, the officers disregarded the handwritten document (attached) as inauthentic even though the document was signed by Judge Toby Dickman on September 6, 2007.  The document is authentic and valid.  The officers explained that the responding officers had been shown a letter authorizing the crime written by a lawyer from Angst & Angst of Harleysville.

     The next morning, I filed a petition to find Sonya Healy in Contempt of the court order.  Judge Thomas del Ricci decided my petition was not an emergency and scheduled a hearing.  Montgomery Township Police Chief Richard Brady indicated that no action would be taken by police until the judge had ruled on the contempt petition. 

     On May 14, 2008, Judge DelRicci found Sonya Healy in contempt of the court order issued September 6, 2007.  Judge DelRicci ordered that the items taken be returned with several exceptions.  Judge DelRicci did not issue any ruling beyond the finding of contempt, and instructing that items taken be returned.  Sonya Healy was rewarded for her act as certain items taken were not required to be returned.  A copy of this order is attached.

     The existing court orders allowed for the distribution of marital assets within a schedule, and remaining issues to be resolved at equitable distribution.  The handwritten document was authored by Valerie Angst who was representing Sonya Healy at the time.  It was Judge Toby Dickman who added the phrase with regard to items in question being resolved at equitable distribution.

     Upon leaving the courthouse, I contacted Montgomery Township Police regarding filing  charges against those involved.  Montgomery Township Police did not return calls. 

     I additionally contacted Detective Joseph D’Angelo with Montgomery County Detectives.  Detective D’Angelo had been looking into the entire tech-intrusion issues and had chosen to begin  by investigating the involvement of a former township police officer in the robbery as a starting point.  Detective D’Angelo has not returned calls.

     The illegal technology intrusion into my home and my life continues.  Computers and telephones are repeatedly hacked.  There is no defensive technology that can prevent this type of intrusion and conspiracy.  This is not a random virus, this is a targeted attack.  There is no protection available.  NONE. 

     It is necessary to indicate that this is not simply a sour grapes complaint of a man who is being divorced.  The nastiness of the divorce is very one sided.  It has been complicated by the discovery of multiple illegal and criminal tactics being used by my wife and her attorneys.  This is just one event in an unecessarily vexacious divorce.   A custody hearing has been delayed over 17 months and remains unscheduled.  I have been summarily denied both due process and any parental rights when ordered under penalty of jail to permit my son to leave the country.  It seems that they have successfully manipulated those court personnel involved into improper action and once manipulated they fail to act properly with regard to any issue.

      On April 1, 2009, I was a defendant in a hearing in District Court 38-1-18 before the honorable David A. Keightly.  Colin Healy, one of those involved in the March 22 event, alleged that the information published on my web site (www.work2bdone.com) was libelous, defamatory and false.   His argument was that he had never been tried, charged, or convicted of the crimes mentioned.  Judge Keightly ruled in my favor.  Though my son was seeking $8000, I had not countersued for costs or fees.

     I believe that the more accurate reason Colin Healy, my son, filed the civil action was to instigate my filing a civil action against all those involved.  As I understand it, if I were to file a civil action for the incident prior to any criminal actions being initiated, it could prevent criminal charges being filed against those involved. 

     On April 23, 2009, I wrote to Montgomery Township Police requesting they file charges against those involved.  I was contacted on April 27, 2009 by an officer from Montgomery Township Police who indicated the police would not get involved in filing charges against those involved.

     I am now requesting your direct involvement as District Attorney in prosecuting those involved in this issue.

     The break-in, burglary, vandalism and poisoning of my dog was a crime.  It should be prosecuted.  

     My dog died in October 2008 after suffering for 6 months with kidney and liver problems likely caused by whatever was administered to him during the burglary.  The animal had never been as sick as he was immediately after the burglary.  He was only 9 years old with a life expectancy of 15-16 years.

     Sonya Healy organized the event in direct violation of a Court Order.  She chose to involve other people in the act, including two minor children and a former police officer.  She was acting on the advice of her lawyer to knowingly  violate the court order.  All of these factors only exacerbate the crimes committed, they do not excuse it.

     I am respectfully requesting that criminal charges be filed in this incident against Sonya Healy, Edward Weideman, Emily Weideman, Cecilia Williams, Frank Brassell, Barbara Willders, Colin Healy, Brennan Healy, Deven Wagonhoffer, and the others involved.

     My personal safety and the security of my home are at issue here.  I have lived the past two years under attack and have had each request for prosecution turned down by local police and the county detectives.  

     I am asking your immediate attention on these issues.


Terance Healy


Additional Information can be found at

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ABC News, 7 West 66th Street, New York, NY 10023
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Harrisburg, Pennsylvania 17120

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Pennsylvania Office of Attorney General
16th Floor, Strawberry Square
Harrisburg, PA 17120

Hon. Kate Harper
1515 Dekalb Pike Suite 106
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Hon. Rick Taylor
701 Horsham Road
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Stewart J. Greenleaf 
Senate District 12 
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