FYI, the software available to hack into your cell phone is difficult to detect.  

There are two layers of programming for a phone.  The one layer is the manufacturers code.  The other layer is from the phone company.  The spyware on a cell phone hides at the manufacturers level.  You cannot normally detect it unless the phone company allows you  to access those settings.  They don’t.

BUT, while ‘spies’ can turn on your phone and listen; and can download copies of text messages and all phone books; and can download your pictures and all other data stored on the phone; and can activate the camera and watch wherever it happens to be pointed.  

There is one thing they cannot hide.   They have to use up the battery to do it.  They can’t hide the fact that they need to use the battery up to do their spying.  So when your battery just won’t seem to last anymore, and you think you’ve been hacked… you probably have been.

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