Johnny’s Graduation Party

I spent the entire day trying to get myself together emotionally to go to this party.

The Graduate is my nephew and my godson.  The son of the brother who has supported me through this drama – often against the wishes of his wife.  The extended family would all be there – including many of my cousins who I only have seen at funerals lately.  The whole family would be there EXCEPT my sons.  And one of my sons would be graduating this year also… though I know nothing of his graduation as yet.

I try all day to get out the door to the party… I fail.  The thought of being there with everyone WITHOUT my sons is emotionally crippling.  The thought of everyone asking about my kids, and not having any answer, or explanation as to why they do not communicate with me, or why the judge has refused to hear the case is destructive to the core.  Because when no explanation is offered people assume the worst.  The effect is completely humiliating and self-destructuve.  Yet, the conversations would be unavoidable.

 As I showered, I cried. I got dressed, I cried.  I almost made it out the door, I cried.  I sat on the couch listening to noise from another party in the neighborhood, I cried.   There was no way of going to the party.  I’d either cry here or cry there in front of everyone.  And who wants to be the man crying in the middle of a party?  I got changed and tried to calm my emotions.  

My phone rang later in the evening.  It was my cousin Cathy calling from the party telling me to get my butt over there.  i explained that I just couldn;t, that I wanted to be there, but just couldn;t make it out the door.   Cathy tells me to basically snap out of it and get over there and see everyone.  The tears return as I try to explain to her how impossible it is to go out the door and drive the mile to John’s house.  Emotional breakdown time.  Cathy reluctantly accepts my response and tells me she’s there for me – and she has been.  I calm down after an hour or so.

I did see the video of the Lansdale Catholic Graduation online… and I think I spotted John-boy in the clip around the 48 second mark…  Very proud of him for the accomplishment… yet, sincerely, even as I type those words, I can’t help but think I know a little about his high school years, but know even less about my own son’s high school experience.


In February 2008, Judge Del Ricci met me for the first time in a child support appeal short list conference.  The conference was chaotic as the judge was attempting to resolve the equitable distribution of the divorce and completely refused to review any of the information relating to the support appeal.

At the beginning of the conference, Judge Del Ricci inexplicably indicated he disliked me.  What was this based upon?  It was irrational to believe that he had such intense hostility towards unemployed fathers who were appealing excessive support payments and denied any visitation without explanation.  Yet, Judge DelRicci immediately ordered the cancellation of any support enforcement conferences.  I remember thinking that my being branded a ‘deadbeat dad’ was having a major impact on him.  That explained why they went for child support when it was costing them more than they would gain.  Judge Del Ricci indicated that he looked forward to putting me in jail.  Based on this ‘first impression, I realize that they were probably whispering the drug dealer allegation at this point in time.  That short list conference was completely non-productive.  

After the conference, Judge Del Ricci and I shared an elevator.  I had just spent the last hour in a room with this person so I commented on the unusually warm weather for February.  Judge Del Ricci got right in my face.  He made it absolutely clear that he didn’t like me, didn’t want to be cordial, and he didn’t want anything to do with me.  I was alarmed that this man who just wasted an entire conference on the wrong subject and was supposed to be non-biased and fair,  apparently had no qualms about expressing his extreme dislike for me.  I wrote it off as theatrics but the reality of it was likely that the Judge was demonstrating the disrespect afforded to a drug dealer/deadbeat dad.  

While I had done nothing to be branded as such, I apparently had been stripped of my rights.  There have been several people who have pointed out that I am being treated as a criminal with no rights at all.  All of their allegations are whispered.  They never accuse.  If they were to accuse, I would be able to defend myself.  YOU CANNOT DEFEND YOURSELF AGAINST THE IMAGINARY ALLEGATION.  IF YOU QUESTION THEM, THEY WILL DENY IT AND IMMEDIATELY ACCUSE YOU OF BEING PARANOID.  The accusation of paranoia is meant to distract from the original question which they are unable to answer.

The judge had obviously had ex parte information about me and apparently believed what he had been told.  Somehow, I had the idea that as a judge he would be able to separate out the erroneous ex parte information he had recieved and deal with the law and the facts presented.  I was wrong.  

On April 18, 2008, the judge entertained yet another ex parte communication regarding my case.  Just prior to a hearing which had been obfuscated by multiple rescheduling and change of locations and venues, Robert Angst went to the judge’s chambers.  

Robert Angst most likely informed the judge, or his staff, that I was planning to attack him.  I had been looking at reports of ‘suicide by cop’ on the internet.  The people spying on me really have little idea what is real and what is being put before them to confuse them and reveal their crime.  Once again, someone indicates their participation in the illegal surveillance of my computers.  Instead of being prosecuted, they are rewarded for their criminal acts.  I do things on my computer intentionally.  I say things on my phone intentionally.  It forces them to reveal themselves.  They fall for the false information every time.

The judge was so distracted at getting to the exciting  ‘suicide by cop’ portion of the hearing, that he neglected to consider or review any testimony.   It did not go unnoticed by those in the courtroom that the court officers were positioned ready to prevent the attack and attempted suicide.  For the record there was about 20 feet between the judge and myself.  In those 20 feet, there was a table which would need to be hurdled, then a railing to jump, and then the Judge’s bench was elevated and only accessible from the side.  YET, as soon as the judge began his ruling, I was immediately restrained by several people and handcuffed and shackeled.  I never heard a word the judge said as I was being manhandled.  It would seem that the officers knew the ruling in advance and had instructions to restrain me immediately.  

BUT, where did they get the idea that they would need to immediately restrain me?  I am not violent?  I have no history of violence?  There were no angry exchanges?  There is no police record of violence?  There has been no threats?  There has been no hostile or threatening communication between the divorcing parties.    I weigh under 150 pounds.  It didn’t take 3 people to restrain me and remove me from the courtroom.

By the way, it was improper and unconstitiutional that the Judge had denied me due process of any support enforcement conferences, denied me the opportunity to testify, and was throwing me in jail for contempt of a court order which had not been issued by the court.  ???  This was a temporary order which had been under appeal since the date it was issued.  The appeal hearing was continued by Angst & Angst.  Judge DelRicci did his best to confuse the schedule based on his dealing with the guy he did not like.  

Judge Del Ricci was delighted that I was representing myself.  The volume of frivelous petitions from Angst & Angst was growing by the week.  The false reports to police about me were also continuing.  They accused me of causing identity theft as a way of covering that they were causing it to happen to me.  Chaos, Lies, Fraud, Crimes!  So I was somewhat distracted from realizing that the support conference had become a contempt hearing.  As a contempt hearing, I was defendant against the Commonwealth of PA.  As such I would have been permitted to have a public defender represent me.  The Public Defender’s Office does not participate in a divorce and custody case.

The attorney for the Commonwealth of PA, Doug Gould (?) had met with each of the defendants in the courtroom that morning, except me.  He had multiple conversations with Bob Angst.  Had he spoken to me he wouldn’t have looked stupid when he was questioning me.   I indicated that I had made child support payments totalling $2000, he play acted shock and sarcastically asked for proof which I provided.  After that, Judge Del Ricci asked Bob Angst if he had any questions.  And we were off to the land of chaos.  A musical angst-filled land with imaginary trips to New York, big salaried community theater performances,  and extensive time consuming dance rehearsals ( for Jesus Christ Superstar?).

Later that day in the holding cell at the county jail, a few men who had been in the courtroom that morning asked about the way things went down with me.  Their experience was not the same.  They expected some dramatic story of prior violence and hysterics.  They did not expect to hear that the people responsible for destroying my life and spying on my computers had once again revealed themselves.  

The judge would expose his extensive knowledge of the crazy computer guy, the paranoid guy and various other titles used to refer to me in May 2008.  Where was he getting his misinformation?  The insults and degradation continued to the point where I interrupted one conference and called it to the attention of the judge and Robert Angst.  I said that if they continued to refer to me in that manner I was going to begin to take it personally.  They continued nonetheless.  Then, the judge gave his crazy ruling. He rewarded the person who robbed my home giving her furniture and other items.  He additionally would order me to give up my car to them in response to their totally fraudulent petition regarding the vehicle and the insurance which I WAS PAYING.   They were rewarded for crimes and fraud.

Let’s also remember that ‘off the record’  consolation chat prior to the protracted hearing on support, where Judge Del Ricci admitted to conspiring with the county detectives and the Montgomery Township Police to assure that Sonya wasn’t afraid of being prosecuted for the break-in, burglary etc…  Judge Del Ricci never put that in his order, because if he had it could be appealed.  

Judge Del Ricci frequently likes to mock me for computer things.  Like it is something from the future.  He indicated at the February 2008 conference that I sat home playing computer games all day.  RIDICULOUS.  Where did he get this info?  I am not a gamer at all.  I did relish seeing the look of complete surprise on his face when at a hearing in March 2009, he was again mocking me acting as if it was preposterous that I would have had a work history and related retirement financial information they were requesting in discovery.  

I indicated that I have over 25 years experience in computers, programming, telecommunications, technical  support, and the construction of the internet.  I indicated that I had worked for 15 years at Unisys (aka Sperry, aka UNIVAC, among other aka’s) and had also worked for 7 years at Henkels & McCoy handling their high-end tech/internet provider clients prior to beginning my own internet development company, Work2BDone.  

OMG, the crazy paranoid computer guy might know computers.  Not only that, but the guy knows more than the county detectives about the surveillance programs being used against him.

So perhaps it is time for Judge Del Ricci to simply admit that he has acted improperly, destroyed my family, accidentally thrown me in jail,  and caused considerable stress and humiliation to myself and my entire family.  All because he listened to ex parte communications which were totally inappropriate and inaccurate.

Then he can apologize for the turmoil he has caused for my son, Brennan.  Brennan is the other victim of Sonya’s divorce.  Psychologically – I don’t know how he will ever recover from it.

I know why you are doing what you are doing.  I know the reality of what I am doing.  My motivation is to make those responsible reveal themselves.  And they do. 

Judge Del Ricci’s active participation in the cover-up and conspiracy is criminal and bring the entire judicial system into disrepute.    Why don’t you do right?  Tell the truth and resign.


It is remarkable to me that the two people who have ended conversations with me by saying it is improper to have ex parte communications are the two who have not only entertained ex parte communications but have made decisions based on them.  Sara Goren and Judge Thomas Del Ricci.

And my conversations with them (sentences actually) were not ‘ex parte’ as they were not case specific.  

Perhaps what they really meant was that they have already had their ex parte communication from Angst & Angst and they can’t listen to what you might have to say.  If they do not act as was pre-arranged, the lawyers at Angst & Angst will throw them under the bus and reveal their improper communications.


A petition to modify custody was filed on December 26, 2007.

– Without any prior notice, Sara Goren cancels a conference on March 25, 2008 indicating a family issue.  I think it was a funeral.  I had no choice but to understand and accept this unfortunate delay.  Yet, it would seem Sara Goren didn’t cancel her other scheduled appointments that day.  There were 3 meetings scheduled for 10:45AM.  Sara Goren’s family emergency only affected one.

– Court Administration [Gina] ignores your request for ‘first available’ conference with any available master.  You have waited 3 months for this date WITHOUT ANY CONTACT from your son.  Instead, at the request of Angst & Angst, she would schedule the conference for Sara Goren’s next available date.  8 weeks later.  [This information was notated in the court administration scheduling system.]

– On May 19, 2008, Sara Goren would suggest waiting an additional 3 weeks to act with regard to scheduling a court date.  Sara Goren recommends that I reconsider moving forward to court.  This is ridiculous.  Why would I want to wait another 3 weeks?  I had waited 5 months for this conference.  I had not seen my son or heard from him in months.  I had clearly documented and presented how my son was being abused by his manipulative and alienating mother since July 2007.   I wanted the hearing.  The conference was a formality, and major delaying tactic when there was no potential for agreement.  Why would I wait another 3 weeks to decide if I wanted to move forward????  The only logical explanation is that Sara Goren knew that they were planning to take Brennan out of the country.  I was yet unaware of the travel plans.

– On May 19, 2008, Sara Goren’s schedule was backed up.  The conference scheduled for morning was not held until mid-afternoon.  Sonya was oddly unrepresented at the conference.  Hmmm??  Robert Angst was at the Protracted Support Hearing that morning.  Valerie Angst was spotted outside the Domestic Relations Office talking to Sonya [at about an hour after the time the conference was supposed to occur].  If Angst & Angst were both in Norristown, why were they not at the conference with their client?  Had Valerie Angst met with Sara Goren that morning?  That would be an improper ex parte communication.  Sara Goren couldn’t be so naive as to have actually accepted a document from Valerie Angst that morning.  Sara Goren could not have been SO INCREDIBLY STUPID to submit that document as HER report.  In Sara Goren’s report Sonya’s perspective is documented.  BUT SONYA SAID NOTHING IN THIS CONFERENCE SO HOW COULD SARA HAVE THE INFORMATION SHE REPORTED. 

Valerie Angst frequently cuts and pastes her documents together.  I still have to go through the petitions filed prior to this meeting.  I expect the exact phrases used by Angst & Angst in their petitions will be identical to those in Sara Goren’s report.  How would you explain that?

– September 9, 2008, Angst & Angst fail to appear at a Custody Conference.   NOTE: THIS CONFERENCE WAS NOT WITH SARA GOREN.   The paperwork warns that this would result in a a ruling in favor of the party who did appear.  BUT, Angst & Angst lied and told the court staff that an agreement had been reached.  There is no agreement.  They dodged a conference with a Custody Master who had not been manipulated into compliance.

– October 1, 2008, back to meet with Sara Goren.  [The court order from July indicated that the issue be listed for trial immediately upon notice to Court administration, court administration insists on requiring the conciliation conference]   Sara Goren does not recall her family emergency in March.  Sara Goren is also at a complete loss to explain her neglecting to include any issue raised at the May 2008 conference in her report.  At the very least, how did she forget to include that ‘SONYA USED MY SON TO ROB MY HOUSE”?  I raise the additional issue of the fraud and lies surrounding Judge Tilson’s Ex Parte order regarding Brennan’s ‘vacation’.  Sara Goren suddenly ‘gets religion’ and indicates that this needs to get before the judge as soon as possible as Brennan will be 18 soon.  NO SHIT!?!

– The week before the October 1 meeting, Angst & Angst filed a petition they had cut and pasted from all of their previous petitions.  Over 60 pages of false allegations and misdirection.  Their plan is to use that petition to delay the custody hearing.  They never send a copy of the petition to me.  They send it to Sterling Flowers who had represented me for one dayat a custody short list in July.  It takes weeks to get a copy of their petition.  It is missing pages and is misnumbered.  The copy filed in the prothonotary is also missing the items.  Judge Del Ricci combines the custody petition from December 2007 and their new contempt petition.  Judge Del Ricci indicates he is not concerned with the fraud of Sara Goren’s report, or her motivation.  He calls for an immediate hearing for discovery issues.  Judge Del Ricci, as usual, berates me through the discovery hearing.  Judge Del Ricci knows the intent of the 60 pages of bullshit petition.  We will never get to a custody hearing while they dispute discovery in their 60 pages of bullshit.  Then, magically when Brennan turns 18, they will drop their contempt petition.  [Let’s all pretend we are clueless and surprised when that happens, OK?]

The facts are clear.  The fraud is clear. The conspiracy to cover up their improper and illegal actions is clear.

The best interests of the child are completely ignored.  It’s about tactics.  It’s about conspiracy.  it’s about cover-up.  DO NOT FOOL YOURSELF FOR A MINUTE THINKING THAT SARA GOREN OR JUDGE DEL RICCI GIVE A DAMN ABOUT THE BEST INTERESTS OF YOUR SON.


District Attorney Risa Vetri Ferman
Office of the District Attorney
Court House 4th Floor
P.O. Box 311
Norristown, PA  19404-0311 

Ms Ferman,

     I am requesting your direct involvement in prosecuting the persons responsible for the following crime.  

     On Saturday March 22, 2008, my home was broken into, burglarized, vandalized and my dog, a Basenji, was poisoned.  Police, who were called by neighbors who realized I was not at home, arrived within seconds.  The police permitted a dozen or so people to load a rented panel truck, several SUV’s, and additional cars and trucks with items from my home.  Organized by my ex-wife, Sonya Healy, the team included a professional locksmith, a former township police officer, and two minor children.

     When discovered by myself at around 3AM on March 23, 2008,  the Montgomery Township Police responded but refused to act in any regard to the crime.  It was their opinion that this was a domestic incident and they chose to not get involved. 

      Township police have refused to respond to any reported crime since August 2007, when they revealed they had knowledge of the person, or persons, responsible for a computer surveillance program illegally installed on computers in my home.  The illegally installed program had been detected and was reported to police weeks before.  The program has destroyed my business and affected every aspect of my life – professionally, financially and personally.  Montgomery Township Police have acted to protect the perpetrator and refuse to provide any report of that event.

     The officers who responded at 3AM informed me that a locksmith had been hired to drill the locks on the front door.  When the locksmith failed to access the home by the front door, entry was gained through the rear sliding glass door.  The entire event took less than 30 minutes and was photographed by my neighbors.  There are over 50 photographs available of the event.  (Viewable at http://www.work2bdone.com/help/robbery/robberypics.htm )

     When shown the court order which granted me exclusive use and occupancy of the home, the officers disregarded the handwritten document (attached) as inauthentic even though the document was signed by Judge Toby Dickman on September 6, 2007.  The document is authentic and valid.  The officers explained that the responding officers had been shown a letter authorizing the crime written by a lawyer from Angst & Angst of Harleysville.

     The next morning, I filed a petition to find Sonya Healy in Contempt of the court order.  Judge Thomas del Ricci decided my petition was not an emergency and scheduled a hearing.  Montgomery Township Police Chief Richard Brady indicated that no action would be taken by police until the judge had ruled on the contempt petition. 

     On May 14, 2008, Judge DelRicci found Sonya Healy in contempt of the court order issued September 6, 2007.  Judge DelRicci ordered that the items taken be returned with several exceptions.  Judge DelRicci did not issue any ruling beyond the finding of contempt, and instructing that items taken be returned.  Sonya Healy was rewarded for her act as certain items taken were not required to be returned.  A copy of this order is attached.

     The existing court orders allowed for the distribution of marital assets within a schedule, and remaining issues to be resolved at equitable distribution.  The handwritten document was authored by Valerie Angst who was representing Sonya Healy at the time.  It was Judge Toby Dickman who added the phrase with regard to items in question being resolved at equitable distribution.

     Upon leaving the courthouse, I contacted Montgomery Township Police regarding filing  charges against those involved.  Montgomery Township Police did not return calls. 

     I additionally contacted Detective Joseph D’Angelo with Montgomery County Detectives.  Detective D’Angelo had been looking into the entire tech-intrusion issues and had chosen to begin  by investigating the involvement of a former township police officer in the robbery as a starting point.  Detective D’Angelo has not returned calls.

     The illegal technology intrusion into my home and my life continues.  Computers and telephones are repeatedly hacked.  There is no defensive technology that can prevent this type of intrusion and conspiracy.  This is not a random virus, this is a targeted attack.  There is no protection available.  NONE. 

     It is necessary to indicate that this is not simply a sour grapes complaint of a man who is being divorced.  The nastiness of the divorce is very one sided.  It has been complicated by the discovery of multiple illegal and criminal tactics being used by my wife and her attorneys.  This is just one event in an unecessarily vexacious divorce.   A custody hearing has been delayed over 17 months and remains unscheduled.  I have been summarily denied both due process and any parental rights when ordered under penalty of jail to permit my son to leave the country.  It seems that they have successfully manipulated those court personnel involved into improper action and once manipulated they fail to act properly with regard to any issue.

      On April 1, 2009, I was a defendant in a hearing in District Court 38-1-18 before the honorable David A. Keightly.  Colin Healy, one of those involved in the March 22 event, alleged that the information published on my web site (www.work2bdone.com) was libelous, defamatory and false.   His argument was that he had never been tried, charged, or convicted of the crimes mentioned.  Judge Keightly ruled in my favor.  Though my son was seeking $8000, I had not countersued for costs or fees.

     I believe that the more accurate reason Colin Healy, my son, filed the civil action was to instigate my filing a civil action against all those involved.  As I understand it, if I were to file a civil action for the incident prior to any criminal actions being initiated, it could prevent criminal charges being filed against those involved. 

     On April 23, 2009, I wrote to Montgomery Township Police requesting they file charges against those involved.  I was contacted on April 27, 2009 by an officer from Montgomery Township Police who indicated the police would not get involved in filing charges against those involved.

     I am now requesting your direct involvement as District Attorney in prosecuting those involved in this issue.

     The break-in, burglary, vandalism and poisoning of my dog was a crime.  It should be prosecuted.  

     My dog died in October 2008 after suffering for 6 months with kidney and liver problems likely caused by whatever was administered to him during the burglary.  The animal had never been as sick as he was immediately after the burglary.  He was only 9 years old with a life expectancy of 15-16 years.

     Sonya Healy organized the event in direct violation of a Court Order.  She chose to involve other people in the act, including two minor children and a former police officer.  She was acting on the advice of her lawyer to knowingly  violate the court order.  All of these factors only exacerbate the crimes committed, they do not excuse it.

     I am respectfully requesting that criminal charges be filed in this incident against Sonya Healy, Edward Weideman, Emily Weideman, Cecilia Williams, Frank Brassell, Barbara Willders, Colin Healy, Brennan Healy, Deven Wagonhoffer, and the others involved.

     My personal safety and the security of my home are at issue here.  I have lived the past two years under attack and have had each request for prosecution turned down by local police and the county detectives.  

     I am asking your immediate attention on these issues.


Terance Healy


Additional Information can be found at

CNN – NEWDESK, One CNN Center, Atlanta, GA 30303
ABC News, 7 West 66th Street, New York, NY 10023
NBC News, 30 Rockefeller Plaza, New York, N.Y. 10112
CBS Television, 51 West 52nd Street, New York, NY 10019

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NBC-10 News Line, 10 Monument Rd, Bala Cynwyd, PA 19004
CBS 3 – NEWSDESK, 1555 Hamilton Street, Philadelphia, PA 19130
FOX 29 – NEWSDESK, 330 Market Street, Philadelphia, PA 19106 
CW Philly 57-WPSG-TV – NEWSDESK, 1555 Hamilton St, Philadelphia, PA 19130
KYW Newsradio 1060: News Department, 400 Market St, Philadelphia, PA 19106

The Inquirer – NEWSDESK,  400 N. Broad St., Philadelphia, PA 19130
Daily News – NEWS DESK, 400 N. Broad St., Philadelphia, PA 19130
Intelligencer, 333 N Broad St, Doylestown, PA 18901
Reporter, 307 Derstine Ave, Lansdale, PA 19446
The Times Herald, 410 Markley St, Norristown, PA 19401

Governor Edward G. Rendell
225 Main Capitol Building 
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania 17120

Tom Corbett
Pennsylvania Office of Attorney General
16th Floor, Strawberry Square
Harrisburg, PA 17120

Hon. Kate Harper
1515 Dekalb Pike Suite 106
Blue Bell, PA 19422 

Hon. Rick Taylor
701 Horsham Road
Suite 101
Horsham, PA 19044 

Stewart J. Greenleaf 
Senate District 12 
711 York Road 
Willow Grove, PA 19090 

Allyson Y. Schwartz
U.S. Representative
706 West Avenue 
Jenkintown, PA 19046 

Robert P. Casey, Jr.
393 Russell Senate Office Building
Washington, DC  20510

Arlen Specter
711 Hart Senate Office Building
Washington, DC  20510

President Barack Obama
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500


This weekend will mark the 2 year anniversary of my discovery of these events.

Two Years of computer and telephone hacks which have disrupted professional career, clients and every company to whom i made pelectronic payments.

Two Years of the destruction of my children.  I no longer care about my children.  Caring for them is a destructive tool which has been used effectively against me.  Because I care about what this is doing to my kids it eats me alive and completely incapacitates me.  No longer.   My children have made their choice, and I hate them for that.  

Those who were supposed to be looking after the best interests of the child, have GROSSLY FAILED in their responsibility.  
Sara Goren, you are a fraud.  Your repeated delays and fraudulent reports are criminal.  
Judge Thomas Del Ricci has disgraced the bench.  His bias was evident from the first conference, and he has been incapable of rendering any verdict.  If he did, it could and would be appealed.  So to prevent resolution, Del Ricci doesn’t rule on anything and combines and contiinues each petition.  RETARDED JUSTICE!

Continue to protect the illegal actions of an Angst & Angst who have completely disgraced the legal profession.


Well it would seem that Judge DelRicci’s schedule has been expanded throughJune 2009.  But in March 2009, he said we would have the hearing in May????

What’s the rush?

It’s a custody hearing that HE HAS DELAYED FOR 18 MONTHS.

Just because it has destroyed the relationship between a father and son.  Let’s pretend it was a scheduling issue.  LIARS!


There is a reason that Judge Del Ricci has not ruled on any custody matter.  

As there is an outstanding petition to modify custody, since December 26, 2007, it is within the legal guidelines that the judge can change the custody order for any custody issue which is raised before him, including all of the contempt of custody issues currently pending.

As such, any ruling could be appealed if it did not include an adjustment to custody.


So continue to delay the custody issue until Brennan turns 18 and it doesn’t matter.


Perhaps it doesn’t matter to the court or the administrators, but it matters to his father.  It is in the best interest of the child to maintain a relationship with his father, WHY ARE YOU PREVENTING IT?  

Murderers get more visitation time with their children.  I’ve done nothing.  I’ve been convicted of nothing.  Yet everyone is keeping me apart from my son, without any explanation.  Just because Angst & Angst manipulated you with their lies, you conspire and cover up your wrong doing, and YOU USE MY SON TO CONCEAL YOUR CRIMES.


FYI, the software available to hack into your cell phone is difficult to detect.  

There are two layers of programming for a phone.  The one layer is the manufacturers code.  The other layer is from the phone company.  The spyware on a cell phone hides at the manufacturers level.  You cannot normally detect it unless the phone company allows you  to access those settings.  They don’t.

BUT, while ‘spies’ can turn on your phone and listen; and can download copies of text messages and all phone books; and can download your pictures and all other data stored on the phone; and can activate the camera and watch wherever it happens to be pointed.  

There is one thing they cannot hide.   They have to use up the battery to do it.  They can’t hide the fact that they need to use the battery up to do their spying.  So when your battery just won’t seem to last anymore, and you think you’ve been hacked… you probably have been.


OK, someone searched for Frank’s name and landed at my site. more info
Windows XP, Internet Explorer 7    

Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 7.0; Windows NT 5.1; .NET CLR 2.0.50727)

May 4, 2009 14:28:02
Frank Brassell
arrived from Google searching “frank brassell”

It seems a little funny,…

… the ip address resolves to freelibrary.org, a site which I am able to connect to through my browser.  Yet, I am unable to ping either the IP address or the FreeLibrary.org addresses.  

And another program resolves the site to Allied Telecom group in Washington, D.C.

Apparently, the searcher wanted to remain anonymous for some reason.  I wonder why they feel the need to hide.


It would seem that in Pennsylvania, if a civil complaint is filed with regard to a burglary it can preclude and prevent any criminal prosecution.

Could this be the reason that Judge DelRicci suggested I get my information from the discovery part of a civil case?

Could this be the reason that judge DelRicci instructed the township police to not permit me to press charges?

Could this be the reason that Judge DelRicci instructed the detectives to not permit me to press charges?

Could this be the reason that the District Attorney’s office also chose to not proceed?

Could this be the reason my son, Colin Healy, filed a lawsuit for slander and liable.  His claim that the factual statements on my web site were liablous and slanderous because he, and the others responsible, was not charged with the offenses.  The judge ruled against him.   I believe he filed this on someone else’s instructions.  An attempt to induce me to filing a civil suit without the cooperation of the police and DA.  (Whoever coached him should have prepared him with the correct pronunciation of some words.  It was embarassing as a father to watch my son attack using words the boy apparently did not know.)

Could this be the reason that the police have refused to indicate in writing why they won’t permit me to file charges?

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