Sonya Healy and the lawyers at Angst & Angst created the situation.  Their attempts to cover it up victimize my son Brennan.

They have used my son Brennan as the central tactic of their case.   Without Brennan, they could never have gotten away with this.  They need him.  They do not care what they do to him.  Brennan is essential to their legal actions, the coverup, the conspiracy and the ongoing attack.  Brennan is so essential to their case that they fail to see him as anything more than a tactical part of their case.  

Brennan was abducted from his home and isolated just as the software crime was being proven to be installed on the computers.  Brennan was isolated first to the Schaeffer’s barn in Quakertown.   Brennan was then prevented from communicating with his father.  Brennan no longer communicates with anyone in his father’s family.   Brennan has no explanation for his actions.  

Brennan is alone.  His only family is his mother and brother.  His brother is away at school.  He has an entire family within a few miles of where he is living, but isn’t communicating with them either.

Sonya Healy   Terance Healy
Colin Healy (brother)   Joan Healy (grandmother)
    John Healy (uncle)
    Christine Healy (aunt)
    Jennifer Healy (cousin)
    John Healy (cousin)
    Michelle Healy (cousin)
    Joanne Healy (aunt)
    Brian Healy (uncle)
    Christine Healy (aunt)
    Kelley Healy (cousin)
    Jessica Healy (cousin)
    Samantha Healy (cousin)

It is important to note that in my petition to modify custody filed on December 26, 2007, I indicated that Brennan had no one to talk to about his situation and had been prevented from talking to anyone. Any counselor that Brennan would talk to could clearly see that he is being abused by his mother and her lawyers.

Brennan could rescue himself from the situation. But if he did, he would be responsible for his mother being prosecuted. Brennan sacrificed his high school years thinking it would end when he graduated. It doesn’t end. They may no longer have a tactical use for him in ongoing attacks, BUT HE NEVER GETS TO TALK TO HIS FAMILY AGAIN.

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