Chief Richard J. Brady
Montgomery Township Police Department                               April 23, 2009
1001 Stump Road
Montgomeryville, PA  18936 

Chief Brady, 

There has been no action with regard to my pressing charges against the persons involved in the break-in, vandalism, and burglary of my home last March 22, 2008.  Additionally their poisoning of my dog eventually led to the animals death on October 2008. 

Judge Del Ricci found Sonya Healy to be in contempt of the Court’s order in May 2008.  The judge’s ruling on that date makes no indication of absolving Sonya Healy, or the others involved, of the crimes committed. 

I had contacted you after the contempt hearing on the matter in May 2008 with regard to filing charges against Sonya Healy, the other dozen or so participants (including minor children), and Angst & Angst of Harleysville who had instructed their client (conspired)  to commit the crime. 

A spouse can be charged with theft of marital property in Pennsylvania. Theft occurs when a person “unlawfully takes, or exercises unlawful control over, movable property of another with intent to deprive him thereof.” 18 Pa. Stat. Ann. § 3921(a). For purposes of theft, “property of another” includes property in which any person other than the actor has an interest which the actor is not privileged to infringe, regardless of the fact that the actor also has an interest in the property and regardless of the fact that the other person might be precluded from civil recovery because the property was used in an unlawful transaction or was subject to forfeiture as contraband.

Id. § 3901 (emphasis added). The intentional taking of marital, jointly owned property from an estranged spouse who is in possession of such property supports a charge of theft because it unlawfully deprives the other joint owner of his or her property interest.  

I would appreciate your immediate attention on this matter.  Please let me know if you need any further information from me regarding the incident.

Thank You,


Terance Healy
110 Banbury Avenue
North Wales, PA  19454
(215) 262-0938


 (via certified mail on 04/23/09)


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