I filed a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission today.  



Awareness technologies program WEBWATCHER was illegally installed on computer in my home by my wife as she planned for divorce.  

The disruption to my internet development business was substantial.  I was forced to close internet storefronts.  All credit Card data was being distributed and there was no way to prevent it.  The program caused me to have to close my business as I was unable to accomplish anything while the program was generating screenshots and keystrokes and transmitting them to an external web site.  

I discovered the program almost immediately in February 2007.  It would appear the program installation was advised by my wife’s attorney, Valerie Angst.  

Awareness Technologies was contacted about their program in May of 2007 and denied it was their program.  

In July 2007, I proved it was their program when I attempted to install it myself.  

In September 2007, the program was intercepted as it was downloading onto a new laptop.  A rep from Awareness Technologies did admit that the program can be deployed in stealth mode via email exactly as I had described.  Awareness Technologies have continued to deny responsibility, however the evidence of their program is overwhelming on all of the computers involved.  

As my wife was instructed by her attorney to install it, the best way to ccover up their actions was to make false reports to local and federal authorities.  The ordeal has been overwhelming at times because those investigating me at their request don’t understand that I am aware of the surveillance.  

The lawyer has already manipulated local police, county detectives, custody masters and two judges into unexplained actions against me.  more information is documented at www.work2bdone.com/live   with more information at www.work2bdone.com/help  (the help site is more emotional, than the live site)  

The damage caused by this program far exceeds the statements included in the EPIC filing from March 2008.  

The program has been the cause of my professional, financial and personal destruction.  Please help.

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