There is no other word to describe the activities of those involved.  These are crimes.  The actions are criminal.  The conspiracy to prevent prosecution extends from local police to the District Attorney’s office.

Tactically, Angst & Angst have manipulated anyone who could prosecute thier client (and themselves)  into a position of liability.  The only reason they would do this is simple.  They would lose everything if this gets exposed.  

When a lawyer advises a client to perform illegal actions, the lawyer becomes directly involved.  When the direct involvement is exposed, their liability increases by continuing to represent the client.  Valerie Angst has not appeared at any court proceedings since the filing of the Protection From Abuse order on December 26, 2007.  Robert Angst took ‘the hit’ for authorizing the break-in & burglary.  Angst & Angst are motivated by the fear of losing everything.  

Here is my short list of things to be filed:

vs Montgomery Township Police Department 
vs Chief Richard Brady
vs Officer Gerald Dougherty (and others)
vs Montgomery County Emergency Services
vs Violet Henighan, D.O. 

– The improper activity of the Montgomery Township Police in my involuntary commitment provided opportunity for further attacks.   The coverup, the denial of services, and conspiracy has only exacerbated the situation. 

vs Judge Thomas Del Ricci
– Ex Parte Communications, Due Process Violations, Ridiculous Rulings, Delaying the Custody Hearing until it might no longer matter, and (off the record) conspiring with the detectives and the police to prevent prosecution of anything which would reveal all the other criminal actions.  Judge DelRicci stepped up to become the central point for the conspiracy while mocking me from the bench for the technology used against me.  

vs Judge Arthur Tilson
– I am going to speculate that Judge Tilson called Judge DelRicci on vacation last summer and Judge Del Ricci advised him to sign the Temporary Ex Parte Order and he (Del Ricci) would handle it when he got back from vacation.  Judge Del Ricci didn’t handle the petition.  There was no hearing.  Had I not acted to raise the awareness to this abduction, Brennan Healy would never have come back from the ‘vacation’.  Has the court forgotten about Claudia Librett?  

vs Sara Goren, Esq
– What would manipulate you to lie about continuing a custody conference?  Your biased report completely eliminated any of the pages of issues addressed.  Your completely retarded suggestion for me to wait three more weeks to ‘think about it and let you know ‘ before you would forward the petition to the court.  It’s May 2008.  Why would I want to wait 3 more weeks to think about a custody petition I filed on December 26, 2007.  I haven;t seen my son in months because of the delay.  Your suggestion would only serve one purpose – it would assure that Judge Del Ricci would not hear the case before his vacation – and the trip (abduction) would happen before his return.  Your actions are criminal.  

vs Montgomery County District Attorney
vs Lt. Richard Peffall
vs Detective Joseph D’Angelo
vs Detective Raymond Kuter

– The farce of investigating anything is clearly evident.  Det. Kuter’s ridiculous offer to erase all of the evidence showed either complete incompetence or tremendous disrespect.  Perhaps some of both, because the surveillance program was in the BIOS memory and even if hard disks were erased, the surveillance would continue.
– Lt Peffall’s sideline observation of additional crimes as they occurred in February 2008 never even prompted a phone call or meeting or review of the tangible evidence.  
– Det. D’Angelo was in way over his head on the technology, but made me a sincere promise that he would get the ball rolling.  He chose to investigate one aspect of an event which occurred between the time our meeting was made and the time of the meeting.  But any investigation into anything that happend in the past 2 years was called off without explanation.    Judge Del Ricci conspired with detectives and police to prevent charges being filed for the break-in, vandalism, burglary and poisoning of the family pet.   

Whoever made the false report(s) to authorities which caused extensive and intrusive investigations by multiple local and federal law enforcement agenies should be prosecuted.   They wasted alot of your time and resources and have apparently embarassed you into silence. 

vs Awareness Technologies, Inc
– The providers of software which enable anyone to become a criminal. Their direct involvement in  the coverup and conspiracy.  Their use of my experience as research and development for improvements to their software.  Fraud.  Harassment.  Terroristic Threats. 

vs Anti-Spyware Coalition
–  collectively decides and recommends which spyware is detected and which is ignored by anti-spy/anti-virus software companies.  They enable crime while purporting to be protecting you from crime.  
– It does not matter how many of the protection programs you have on your system.  If they decide not to detect a program, your system is exposed.
– AhnLab, Aluria Software , an Earthlink company, Anchiva Systems, AOL, AVG Technologies, Bit9, Canadian Coalition Against Unsolicited Commercial Email, US Coalition Against Unsolicited Commercial Email, Canadian Internet Policy and Public Interest Clinic, CastleCops, Center for Democracy & Technology, CNET Networks, Computer Associates, Dell, Inc., ESET, Facetime Communications, F-Secure Corporation, Google, HP, ICSA Labs, Internet Education Foundation, IronPort, Lavasoft, McAfee Inc., Microsoft, National Center for Victims of Crime, National Cyber Security Alliance, National Network to End Domestic Violence, Panda Security, PC Tools, Radialpoint, Safer-Networking Ltd., Samuelson Law, Technology & Public Policy Clinic at Boalt Hall, UC Berkeley School of Law, Sana Security, Shavlik Technologies, Sophos, Spamhaus, StopBadware.org, Berkman Center for Internet & Society at Harvard Law School, Sunbelt Software, Symantec, Tenebril, Trend Micro, Webroot Software, Yahoo! Inc.
– Alex Eckelberry, CEO of Sunbelt Software, apparently caused my identity theft.  Why would the CEO of a company who absolutely knows the dangers of identity theft cause the crime to occur?  I still can’t believe this wasn’t a set-up of some kind with someone impersonating him.  






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