Parental Alienation… For example… when a mother has her son file a civil lawsuit against his father based on the notion that because the courts have inexplicably protected the mother from any charges for the break-in, robbery, vandalism and poisoning of the family dog that the event did not happen.

Yea. The corrupt judge prevented any justice. So sue your father for libel and slander for reporting that you participated in one of the most hurtful events of your parents divorce. Try to get money out of the father that has been kept unemployed by your mother’s private investigators.

BUT WAIT… the most humiliating part of the entire event is still ahead. In the course of presenting Colin’s arguments to the judge, my Penn State student mispronounces “libelous”.

Bad enough that my son has had his mind so twisted by his mother that he would sue me claiming an event which was fully documented by photos and police reports didn’t occur because he wasn’t charged with the crimes. He doesn’t even know the word for what he is falsely alleging.

I would have won a counterclaim, but what father would do that to his son.


Colin filed this document:
Civil Complaint

“The defendant has published libelous information on his website www.work2bdone.com that id defamation per se in that the Defendantmakes false claims that he expresses as truths. The Defendant states that the Plaintiff has stolen an automobile and taken part ion a robbery. The Plaintiff has never committed or been tried, charged or convicted of these crimes. The Defendant was asked by the Plaintiff to remove the libelous remarks from the website in a letter dated August 14, 2008. The Defendant failed to comply with the demands set therein. The Plaintiff wishes to be compensated for the defamation that has impaired his ability to obtain a job or internship as well as damaged his reputation.”

Civil Action Hearing Notice

I advised the Court that I planned to defend against the complaint.
Notice of Intent to Defend

As a defense was going to be presented, the hearing date was then set.
Notice of Continuance

Colin showed the Judge the letter to his father, Mr. Healy.
Letter Aug 14 2008

I presented the following information along with over 100 pictures from the Robbery including those showing Colin in the act.
Defendant’s Statement

The Judge made a long statement at seeing my family in front of him in this situation. I explained to the Judge that I was there as a Defendant and HAD to be there. We were there because of the crimes of Sonya Healy, and the failure of Judge Thomas DelRicci to perform his duties responsibly. Judge Keightly indicated that he knew Judge Del Ricci and he didn’t believe that I would ever see a Custody Hearing regarding Brennan.

The Judge rules for me and orders Colin to pay damages… of $ 0.00.
Notice of Judgement Transcript Civil Case

What kind of evil lawyers put my son up to this???? What has happened to my sons? It is one thing to understand that they are trying to protect their mother from being prosecuted for crimes against you, but quite another when they join the assault.

I am so ashamed of you, Colin.

And Judge Keightly was right…. the custody hearing before Judge Thomas Del Ricci never happened.

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