Docket No.:  CV-76-09
Date Filed:  2-25-09

Colin Healy
811 Station Square Boulevard
Lansdale, PA  19446 



 Terance Healy
110 Banbury Avenue
North Wales, PA  19454 


The Defendant, Terance Healy, denies that any information presented on his web site is libelous, untrue or intended to defame. 

The Plaintiff, Colin Healy refused to return a 1997 Chevrolet Malibu which was titled under the Defendant’s name. In March 2008, Colin Healy took the vehicle to an undisclosed location in State College, Pennsylvania without permission and refused to return the vehicle.  The theft of the vehicle was reported to Montgomery Township Police.

On May 14, 2008, Judge Thomas DelRicci ordered the return of the vehicle to the Defendant, Terance Healy.   (A Copy of the Court Order is attached.)

The Plaintiff, Colin Healy, took part in a robbery of the defendant’s home on March 22, 2008.  The event included breaking and entering, vandalism, theft, and the poisoning of the defendant’s pet which eventually resulted in the animal’s death on October 17, 2008. 

Sonya Healy, the mother of the Plaintiff, was found in Contempt of Court regarding the incident. 

On May 14, 2008, Judge Thomas DelRicci ordered the return of the items taken during the burglary of the home.  (A Copy of the Court Order is attached.)

The Plaintiff, Colin Healy, has misrepresented his address.  The current lease for that address does not indicate he is a resident.  (Lease Attached Page 3 Paragraph 6.)

The Plaintiff, Colin Healy, was photographed on March 22, 2008 participating in the break-in, vandalism and theft at the residence.  There are over 25 photographs of the event.  Colin Healy appears in the following:
Photo 100-784
Photo 100-785
Photo 100-788
Photo 100-789
Photo 100-795
Photo 100-801

Additional Charges facing those who robbed the home
§ 902.  Criminal solicitation.
§ 903.  Criminal conspiracy.
§ 2705.  Recklessly endangering another person.
§ 3304.  Criminal mischief.
§ 3502.  Burglary.
§ 3503.  Criminal trespass.
§ 3701.  Robbery.
§ 3702.  Robbery of motor vehicle.
§ 3921.  Theft by unlawful taking or disposition.
§ 3928.  Unauthorized use of automobiles and other vehicles.
§ 4304.  Endangering welfare of children.
§ 4910.  Tampering with or fabricating physical evidence.
§ 5101.  Obstructing administration of law or other governmental function.
§ 5511.  Cruelty to animals.
§ 6301.  Corruption of minors.

 The plaintiff, Colin Healy, has been involved in multiple harassing and intimidating events at the Defendant’s residence since the summer of 2007 requiring the intervention of local police.

 July 2007 – Montgomery Township Police were contacted by Sonya Healy, the Plaintiff’s mother, requesting they intervene as Colin was going to the Defendant’s residence with intent to assault him.

 October 20, 2007 – Montgomery Township Police were contacted by Sonya Healy as she attempted to violate a court order regarding delivery of items from the residence.  At this time Colin Healy threatened the Defendant and the Defendants 73 year old Mother.  A recording of this exchange is available.

 January 13, 2008 – Colin Healy came to the Defendant’s home again to threaten and intimidate.  Colin Healy banged on windows with his fist.  Colin Healy then retreated to the sidewalk where he began shouting derogatory remarks about the Defendant.  After 10 minutes, The Defendant contacted Police as he was concerned the Plaintiff was going to hurt himself if he continued the tirade.

 March 23, 2008 – Colin Healy, on the day after the ransacking and burglary of the Defendant’s home continued to harass and threaten by telephone call and text message that he would be back for more.



I had not countered for fees or costs because Colin is my son.   I couldn’t  try to hurt my son financially, even though he was being used to create more chaos and was seeking $ 8000.00.



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