Apparently the best interests of the child are served by alienating him completely from his father.  Isolating the child from his entire family.  Leaving him alone for the remainder of his life.  He’ll still have his mother whom he will never trust again… because he knows what she did to his father… and to him.

It seems that Judge DelRicci has nothing on his schedule after May 2009.  I called to ask Court Administration if there was something I was missing.  It has been almost 8 weeks since the judge indicated he would schedule the hearing on March 6, 2009.

The judge never had any intention of scheduling the custody hearing.  He didn’t care about Brennan.  He doesn’t think of him every day.  He only met him for 5 minutes after the March 6, 2009 court appearance where the judge found HER in contempt and wanted to limit MY communications with my son.

Judge DelRicci has acted inappropriately when he sent me to jail in contempt of a court order which had not yet been signed.

Judge DelRicci acted inappropriately when he contacted county detectives and ‘off the record’ told them to cease any investigation into the case and additionally to not permit me to press charges in the break-in, vandalism and burglary.

Judge DelRicci acted inappropriately when he was contacted by Montgomery Township Police about the charge against Sonya Healy for the break-in, vandalism and burglary.  Judge DelRicci told them to not pursue the issue.

County Detectives had additionally contacted Robert Angst and asked him about the charges.  Considering he authorized the break-in, vandalism and burglary IN WRITING, I assure you he is happy that the judge wanted to keep it off the record.

The Judge acted inappropriately when he apologized to Sonya before a hearing in May 2008 if she felt worried that charges might be filed in the break-in, vandalism and burglary.

The Judge acted inappropriately when upon hearing the she had “the minor child’ directly involved in the crime.

I’ve been through 2 years of isolation, harrasing petitions, fraudulent police reports, police and detectives who just don’t do their job, misdirection. Events for which they refuse to offer any explanation for their actions.  I’ve done nothing to them to intimidate or harass. I’ve done nothing illegal or even questionable to retaliate.  I’ve been a good father to my sons for their entire lives.  So why?  Someone tell me WHY???

Just because Sonya Healy hired Angst 7 Angst as her lawyer, and THEY told her to do illegal things… and THEY manipulated everyone in law enforcement into doing the WRONG thing.  Why do I have to pay for their crimes? for their conspiracy? for their cover-up?  

I have tried to persevere for the last 2 years that I might get a chance to see my son again.  Judge DelRicci is making certain it never happens.  Without any explanation as to why Brennan should be prevented from being with his father.

By delaying the hearing which was requested in December 2007, Brennan will turn 18 and the issue will be moot.  He will live the remainder of his life without ever being able to speak to his family again.  He will live with the guilt of what he let happen to his father.  He will live with the shame of protecting his mother’s criminal actions at the expense of his relationship with his entire family.

Just when I thought I was all cried out…  I find myself thinking if the child they have destroyed because of their cover-up, and I am overcome with emotion.

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