After ‘hearing’ the noise since August 2007 I finally heard in December 2007 how I might confirm the presence of Ultrasonic radio waves by using a flourescent light tube.

I went to the basement for a flourescent tube.  I took it upstairs to my bedroom as the ‘noise’ had been strongest there.  When I took the wrapper off of the 4 ft light tube it was like I had turned on a light saber.  I walked through the entire house and every spot where I had ‘felt’ the noise to be strongest was confirmed by the bright flickering of the light.

A few weeks later someone clued me into this story on 60Minutes.  During the story it is demonstrated that the radio waves excite the gases in a flourescent tube.  The way the light tube lights up in the story is exactly the same as my experience around the house.

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There is one point I disagree with in this story.  The ultrasonic waves are NOT harmless.  When directed at someone’s head for a year and a half EVERYTIME he is sleeping there is a resulting burn and wound which will not heal.

Noticed this in August 2007. Confirmed in December 2007. It was finally turned off at the beginning of February 2009.  There are several witnesses who can confirm seeing “the light show”.

It is now mid-March 2009 and the scalp tissue and hair follicles have finally begun to heal.  BUT ONLY AFTER I STARTED TO TREAT THE AREA AS A SEVERE BURN.

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