When you computer is taken over using a Virtual Machine hack it is much like the movie THE MATRIX.

Once your computer is hacked using Virtual Machine, everything you do is visible to the hacker.
AND there are no software detection methods available to detect that you are inside their virtual machine… BECAUSE the developers who created this software are afraid that the hackers will figure out if they are inside a real or virtual machine.

As such, the only way to detect the presence of Virtual Machine takeover is through hardware methods. When you add a piece of hardware, THEIR outer VM must see it and allow your INTERNAL VM to access it. UNLESS the hackers are monitoring you in REALTIME and making adjustments immediately the hardware will fail to operate properly.

Another way of noticing this is through YouTube or other online video programs. When the monitor settings for the OUTER VM is NOT the same as that of the INNER VM, when you go to full screen you may notice that the edges of YOUR full screen are NOT correct.

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