Today was the short list on the petition filed in December 2008 regarding Brennan’s not calling on a daily basis or any basis for that matter.

Judge DelRicci had indicated in December at another hearing that if Sonya was unable to have Brennan call, then he would change custody. 

I filed based on the 2 weeks following that instruction. 

Sonya came into court and lied indicating my petition was not accurate.

The judge then went through line by line and she admitted that the petition was true. 

She then admitted she was in contempt of the order and began sobbing uncontrollably.  Meanwhile Robert Angst was attempting to define NO EFFORT as ‘best effort”.  He then began telling the judge moe lies about the content of the few phone calls and how he needed a psychiatrist to evaluate Brennan for the damage caused by the calls with his father.  (Um, how can he be damaged when he NEVER makes the calls?)

I spoke not one word.

After the theatrics, the judge indicates that I have not requested jail time or a fine as punishment.  I have requested custody which he will not grant.  He explains he cannot grant that while there is a petition outstanding – MY PETITION from December 2007 (15 months ago).  The judge then decides he will make one offer as punishment for her contempt with NO OPPORTUNITY FOR DISCUSSION.

The judge then suggests that I have a mandatory daily call with Brennan during which I may not mention, divorce, custody, support or anything related to court.  Robert Angst & Sonya gladly accept.  I decline.  Once again I face the wrath of the judge who would not let me explain that he was clearly placing me at risk for further contempt charges by the overly litigious Angst & Angst firm.  

Her punishment for contempt would guarantee they could tell some more lies and have me charged with contempt.

I would have to be completely stupid and unaware to accept that as an offer for winning at this hearing????

So the judge continues the entire event and combines it with the other petitions we will never get to hear. 

Remember this is the same judge who was in such a rush to terrorize me that:
– he cancelled any procedural meeting with regard to Child Support
– he continued all support conferences
– he then changed the support conference into a contempt hearing
– he didn’t read any testimonty at the contempt hearing
– he then threw me in jail for contempt
– only to find out months later that there was no Court Order for which to find me in contempt

The same Judge who rewarded her for the robbery of my home in direct violation of 2 court orders.
– who even after finding her in contempt allowed her to keep some of the itens stolen
– and additionally conspired to prevented me from pressing charges against the team of a dozen or so criminals

The same judge who has continued my December 2007 petition to modify custody for over 15 months.

The same judge who has attached my petition to modify to their 60 Page contempt petition filed in September 2008 – full of fraud and lies.

The same Judge who had prevented me from finding information regarding the Ex Parte Order which insisted I allow my son to go to England with a friend of Sonya’s – who coincidentally has stayed in England as I had indicated earlier.

My family is being annihilated, and no one is looking after the best interests of my son except his father who is getting the shit beat out of him at every turn.  I persevere through the overwhelming terrorism and wonder how I am supposed to survive this?

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