May 5-7: The Use of Technology in Intimate Partner Stalking Conference (Austin, TX)

The Use of Technology in Intimate Partner Stalking conference from May 5th-7th, is a free conference for OVW grantees.  Participants will gain a basic understanding of how various technologies are used by stalkers and how to enhance community responses to stalking. 

Topics to be covered include how stalkers manipulate technologies such as Global Positioning Systems (GPS), Computers, Surveillance Cameras and Cell Phones; effective investigative and prosecutorial strategies; and safety planning and advocacy.

For more information:  www.nnedv.org

This conference is an indication that situations like mine are not the science fictional delusions that the general public may wish to believe.  I had been to their web site before searching for help but found none.

It is rather curious that NNEDV is listed as participating in the Anti-Spyware Coalition.  
It is a contradiction to be part of an organization which endorses a software program and having a conference to point out the dangers of the same programs.  

Aluria Software
Anchiva Systems
AVG Technologies
CNET Networks
Computer Associates
Dell, Inc.
Facetime Communications
F-Secure Corporation
McAfee Inc.
National Center for Victims of Crime
National Cyber Security Alliance
National Network to End Domestic Violence
Panda Security
PC Tools
Safer-Networking Ltd
Sana Security
Shavlik Technologies
Sunbelt Software
Trend Micro
Webroot Software
Yahoo! Inc.

The companies above have abandoned their promises of protecting you.   They ignore illegal surveillance programs and let them run freely on your computers and network.  EVEN AFTER IT HAS BEEN CALLED TO THEIR ATTENTION.

It doesn’t matter how many anti-virus programs you run…
if you are the victim of a targeted attack
There is No Escape.
There is No Detection.
There is No Removal.
There is No Prevention from Reinfection.
There is apparently No Prosecution. 

If you are the victim of a targeted attack, there is no exit…  Because if you were to escape the situation, after surviving the destruction of your personal, professional and financial existence… those responsible for the attack might be exposed and prosecuted.

Your survival is their greatest fear.  The overwhelming amount of evidence that law enforcement is ACTIVELY IGNORING – might make for interesting reading by the next administration or the administration in a neighboring county.

There is no escape until those responsible for the annihilation of your life have been prosecuted.  

I have lost 2 years already.  I realize that I was never supposed to last this long.  They underestimated me.

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