If you think you have, check out your IPCONFIG and you may notice there are a few extra connections that you hadn’t setup.  Shut those down and your hard disc may fill and slow down your machine, BUT you cannot see the files which are filling the machine, you just experience the slowdown from the limited resources.

Think you have gotten thos ebeat and you may discover that your security settings have been changed so that YOU cannot possibly turn off all of the security settings which are allowing the surveillance to continue.

Microsoft doesn’t help by not giving home users access to their computers security rules.  UNLESS YOU UPGRADE.

Microsoft tells you how safe their programs are then ALLOWS a program like WebWatcher to run undetected.  Microsoft Security is a complete farce.

Microsoft isn’t alone.  McAfee does not detect WebWatcher.  Symantec does not detect WebWatcher.  Kaspersky tries, but they create a nested subdirectory structure which prevents the program from ever finishing.  The others also do not detect WebWatcher.  So anyone can infect any machine for $99 and you are totally compromised with no escape.


The latest version of the surveillance software is buried inside the BIOS memory. Any attempt to update the BIOS is unsuccessful.

BUT, if you are successful, the problems worsens. The program which manages their program staying resident in memory will kill you windows installation and prevent windows from running. You will lose everything and be forced to re-install windows.

When you re-install windows, EVEN IF YOU DON’T CONNECT TO THE INTERNET, your machine will have a dozen or so updates downloaded automatically from the unconnected internet.

This happens EVEN if you have no network card, modem, or motherboard LAN connection.


I recall an old story about computers which once placed under surveillance software have a line of pixels across or down the screen which cannot be repaired using a new video driver.

Now my older systems must have this issue worked out and do not show the line, however from the date when the laptop was hacked the line has been there and visible. Actually it has varied from a single line of pixels to being double width and side by side lines. And all the while without any change to the video drivers.

After switching to LINUX it took a while longer for the line to appear, but when they hacked the LINUX system it indicated the problem in the boot log that something had changed.


When you computer is taken over using a Virtual Machine hack it is much like the movie THE MATRIX.

Once your computer is hacked using Virtual Machine, everything you do is visible to the hacker.
AND there are no software detection methods available to detect that you are inside their virtual machine… BECAUSE the developers who created this software are afraid that the hackers will figure out if they are inside a real or virtual machine.

As such, the only way to detect the presence of Virtual Machine takeover is through hardware methods. When you add a piece of hardware, THEIR outer VM must see it and allow your INTERNAL VM to access it. UNLESS the hackers are monitoring you in REALTIME and making adjustments immediately the hardware will fail to operate properly.

Another way of noticing this is through YouTube or other online video programs. When the monitor settings for the OUTER VM is NOT the same as that of the INNER VM, when you go to full screen you may notice that the edges of YOUR full screen are NOT correct.


After ‘hearing’ the noise since August 2007 I finally heard in December 2007 how I might confirm the presence of Ultrasonic radio waves by using a flourescent light tube.

I went to the basement for a flourescent tube.  I took it upstairs to my bedroom as the ‘noise’ had been strongest there.  When I took the wrapper off of the 4 ft light tube it was like I had turned on a light saber.  I walked through the entire house and every spot where I had ‘felt’ the noise to be strongest was confirmed by the bright flickering of the light.

A few weeks later someone clued me into this story on 60Minutes.  During the story it is demonstrated that the radio waves excite the gases in a flourescent tube.  The way the light tube lights up in the story is exactly the same as my experience around the house.

[media id=2 width=320 height=240]

There is one point I disagree with in this story.  The ultrasonic waves are NOT harmless.  When directed at someone’s head for a year and a half EVERYTIME he is sleeping there is a resulting burn and wound which will not heal.

Noticed this in August 2007. Confirmed in December 2007. It was finally turned off at the beginning of February 2009.  There are several witnesses who can confirm seeing “the light show”.

It is now mid-March 2009 and the scalp tissue and hair follicles have finally begun to heal.  BUT ONLY AFTER I STARTED TO TREAT THE AREA AS A SEVERE BURN.


Probably the same everywhere, but in Pennsylvania you canot hire a private investigator and expect him to discover the surveillance of another private investigator.  

BUT, if you contact someone out of state, using someone else’s phone… (or even better get someone to make the connection for you)  you can make progress.

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