“How are the kids?”

In the rare event I speak to somone who hasn’t heard, they often ask about the kids.  A typically normal question. 

EXCEPT for me…  I have no choice but to respond that I don’t know.  I don’t see them.  I don’t get to see them.  I don’t know why.

They then try to make it as though I am exaggerating and ask again.  I re-explain that I really have not been told by the children why they have disappeared from my life.   Sonya was determined to make the divorce about the kids and she has injected them into EVERY situation.

I had a great relationship with both of my children.  I have never  done anything to hurt them.  There was never any abuse or violence in our family.

Sonya has forced the kids into the middle of HER divorce.   Sonya has forced everyone of our friends into the middle of HER divorce.  Nobody, and I mean NOBODY communicates with me in any way.  You have to wonder –

The only explanation which fits, is that Sonya has told them of her actions.  If they slip and reveal any further clues to me, they will undoubtedly be called to testify against her.  Those that communicate with me, always drop a clue.  I can’t understand why so many people have fallen into this trap.  What did I ever do to anyone that they would stand by and watch this terror.


I was notified around 4PM this afternoon that the hearing will take place tomorrow morning at 9Am.

My mother is scheduled for emergency surgery tomorrow as well.

When I informed the court that I could not make the court date as my sister and brother and I were taking my mother to the hospital. ( There are risks with any surgery.  For a previous stroke survivor there are additional risks.)  The woman on the phone indicated that I MUST be there.

Of course it is a coincidence that Robert Angst was unable to be available on Tuesday, February 24, 2009.   He notified the court AFTER we had been assigned the #2 spot in the week of trial times.   Of course, his conflict would push the hearing date to more likely occur on Wednesday. 

If I show up, I can get railroaded.  If I don’t show up, the judge WILL rule against me.

It has not even been made clear what petitions we will be discussing.  The paperwork seems to indicate we will look at everything they have submitted – THE CHAOS.  As a result we will ignore my petition for custody modification and the other charging her with contempt.  They haven’t provided phone bills for the disposable phones she has been using.

The manipulations of everyone involved with the courts is cause to wonder.  The court has picked on the Pro Se defendant, called me names, thrown me in jail, refused to explain the laws on which they are basing their rulings.  Why would I expect them to act any different than they have previously.

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