SONYA HEALY                                                                                                                                         : #2007-12477


The following corrections/clarifications should be made to the Conciliation Report, not dated but submitted to the Prothonotary on May 27, 2008.

2. At that time, Mother left the marital home with Brennan and Colin.
· Mother moved out on May 24, 2007.
· Brennan was abducted on July 13, 2007 and prevented from any contact with Father without explanation.
· Brennan moved out of the home on August 22, 2007. 
· Mother had Brennan throw all of his clothing and as many possession as he could grab into black trash bags after arranging for a police escort.  This activity was in complete contradiction to arrangements which had been agreed between the party’s  attorneys at the time. 
· Brennan was non-verbal the entire time. 
· Mother had lied to police that she was after her personal belongings which she had already removed over the course of the summer as she had had access to the home anytime she wanted. 
· Mother indicated she did not have a list of items she was interested in removing, as had been previously arranged, when she arrived at the house. 
· After 30 minutes, the police realized they had been mislead and ended the event. 
· As Mother exited the house, she handed the officers a list, suddenly available, which had considerably fewer items on it than she had taken. 
5. Father last saw Brennan last Monday when Brennan came over to pick up his driver’s license and before that Father saw him in January 2008.
· Father had last seen Brennan last Monday when Brennan arrived to pick up his driver’s license.   
· Brennan was still using Father’s address as his address even when he applied for his license in the Fall of 2007.  After his July abduction.  After packing his life into trash bags in August.  After filing Change of Address forms on August 22, 2007. 
· Brennan had been told to lie about his address to his school.
· Brennan had additionally misrepresented his address when filling out his driver’s license form.  Why?
6. Father was mad at Brennan because Father feels he has not been responsive and was disrespectful to paternal grandmother.
· Brennan had not communicated with his father, or responded to any communication from his father in over four months.
· Father requested an explanation.  Father was ‘mad’ at Brennan’s refusal to offer any explanation.
· Father additionally corrected Brennan for the disrespect shown to paternal grandmother, who had not seen Brennan in 10 months, as she was ignored by Brennan.
· Father is not interested in being Brennan’s best friend.  As Brennan’s Father, Father corrected his child’s bad behavior. 
· This event did not go as Father would have liked considering the 4 months of seeking any form of communication with Brennan.  The level of disrespect shown to paternal grandmother was extremely out of character for Brennan and could not be ignored.

8. Father said that Mother’s computer software is preventing him from getting a job.
· Father indicated that Mother installed and reinstalled and reconfigured WebWatcher Software by Awareness Technologies repeatedly on his business computers from February 2007 through May 2007.
· Father indicated that the installation was illegal.
· Mother has no intention of admitting to her illegal actions, or additional illegal activities against Father’s business and finances.
· Father is aware that Mother purchased the program through a third party who assisted with monitoring the data.
· Father reported the illegal installation to Awareness Technologies in May 2007
· Mother used the Keyword alert functionality of the program on July 12, 2007.  After Father emailed his attorney regarding the divorce/custody paperwork, Mother, or her agent, received a text message and reviewed the email contents.  Brennan received a phone call from Mother and left the home indicating his plans for the week had changed.  Brennan never returned home and stopped responding to phone calls or text messages from Father.  Brennan has not explained his actions.
· Father reported the illegal software installation to Montgomery Township Police in July 2007.  Police indicated they had no capacity to assist.
· Father reported the illegal software installation to the FBI in July 2007. 
· Father reported the illegal software installation to Montgomery County Detectives in July 2007.           
· At Detective’s request, Father brought primary computer to Montgomery County Detectives who did not have the time and resources to investigate.  Detective Kuter requested the computer be brought back a week or two later.
· Montgomery County Detectives, Ray Kuter, did not return calls after that date.  Any revelation of the program would at this point additionally implicate Montgomery Township Police in wrongful actions taken on August 8, 2007 at the request of Mother, or her agent.
10.  Father said that Mother is controlling his computer and when he once typed out a threat on his computer to ‘see what would happen,” the police appeared at his home.
· Father indicated that the software provides surveillance, remote control, redirection and obfuscation capabilities to the user of the program, Mother, or her agent.
· Father indicated he once typed a statement on the screen regarding the computer’s hard disk which was beginning to fail.
· Father indicated the police appeared at the home, 40 minutes later.  This action by police who indicated they had no capacity to handle the issue further confirmed the surveillance.

11.  Mother said that Father’s brother had contacted police after seeing something on Father’s website.

12.  Father said that Mother has alienated the children from him.
· Father listed a long litany of events and situations which clearly indicated the activity of Mother in alienating the children from Father.   None of the issues raised by Father appear in the report.
· Sarah Goren had previously indicated in October 2007 that she did not ‘believe’ in Parental Alienation Syndrome. 
· There is no denying the influence and activities of Mother clearly match the symptoms of parental alienation activity even if one doesn’t wish to ‘believe’ in the syndrome.
13.  Mother denies that she tells the children anything about the Father and believes that they make up their own minds.

17.  Brennan said that he asked Father if he could have his new license that was mailed to Father at the marital address.
· Brennan had been contacted by Father for several weeks to come pick up his license.
· Brennan did not return phone calls or text messages regarding picking up his license.
· Brennan applied for his permit after he had moved out of the in August 2007.
· Brennan had been instructed by Mother to use Father’s address to mislead North Penn School District and permit Brennan to attend North Penn High School while living in Quakertown which is in another school district.

18.  Brennan said that he said hello to his paternal grandmother who was at Father’s home.
· Brennan entered the kitchen and ignored his grandmother who was 10 feet away.
· He barely said hello when Father pointed out the presence of grandmother to Brennan.  As Grandmother’s car was in the driveway, Brennan was aware of her presence at the house. 
· It had been 10 months since Brennan had had any contact with his grandmother.  Brennan is not permitted by his Mother to contact Father’s mother, Father’s sister, or Father’s brother and Father’s brother’s family.

19.  Brennan said that Father “went off and yelled” at Brennan.
· Father corrected his son Brennan for the disrespect and rudeness.

20.  Brennan said that Father said that “I never want to see you (Brennan) again.”
· Brennan had embarrassed Father in front of paternal grandmother and Father said he  never wanted to see that type of behavior again.

21.  Brennan said that Father yelled this once while Brennan was in the house and screamed it at Brennan again as Brennan was leaving the home.
· The statement about his behavior was made as Brennan was leaving the house. There was no echo.

24.  Brennan said that he cannot believe Father is truthful when Father says that he wants to see Brennan.
· How can Brennan have any interpretation of what Father is saying when Brennan has been prevented from communicating with Father since July 2007? 
· Why does Brennan believe this to be the case? 
· This is a clear indication of Mother’s parental alienation.

25.  Brennan said that things are good and calmer at Mother’s home.
· Brennan has had no experience at Father’s home since being abducted by Mother in July 2007. 
· This is another clear indication of parental alienation.

26.  Brennan said that he is doing “good enough” in school. 
· Brennan’s report card indicates that he was failing several subjects. 
· Letters received from the school show that teachers had cause for alarm regarding Brennan’s attendance. 
· Brennan had lied to the school regarding his actual address. 
· Brennan’s emergency contact information at the school was completely inaccurate with wrong phone numbers and addresses. 
· Contact information on file with the school district is still incorrect.

27.  Brennan is scheduled to take several AP courses next year as a senior and hopes to attend Penn State after graduation.
· There are few advantages to taking AP classes as a senior when there are risks of not receiving good grades. 
· Brennan’s choice of Penn State is not of his own choosing.  Brennan had always talked of making certain he did NOT go to the same school as his brother Colin.

28.  Brennan said that Father had been committed to Norristown State Hospital Building 50 for 2 days last summer.
· Aside from being wrong, this contradicts the lie in #13 about Mother not saying anything about Father. 

29.  Brennan said that father becomes irate and things escalate very quickly, whether they are in Father’s home or in public.
· Father has had such limited contact with Brennan since July 2007, this broad statement is ridiculous. 
· Father has not ever become irate in private or in public.
· Father is not and has never been aggressive in nature. 
· This is another clear indication of parental alienation.

30.  Brennan said that he has reminded Father that he is yelling in public but it does not seem to matter to Father.
· Father has not appeared in public with Brennan at any time since October 22, 2007, during which time there were no raised voices.
· This is another clear indication of parental alienation.

31.  Brennan said that when the lived in the same household, Father had thrown a cup which hit the wall fairly close to where Brennan was seated.
· It was a glass. 
· It was not thrown at anyone.
· The nearest person was at least 8-10 feet away from where it hit the wall.
· There is no mention of the spouse who was berating Father in front of Brennan for over an hour non-stop which lead to the event. 
· No mention that the glass was not thrown in the direction of any person for the purpose of injury.
· The glass was thrown to punctuate that Father was not going to respond in kind by insulting the child’s mother or berating her , yet Father was not going to sit by and do nothing. 
· That Brennan even remembers this event is another indication of Mother’s parental alienation. 

32.   Brennan said that he did not want to go to counseling with Father at this point and did not know why Father was pursuing this when Father yelled at him and Father told him he did not want to see Brennan ever again.
      This is another clear indication of parental alienation.


Brennan’s Mother did not say anything during this conference.

The incredible omission of any statement made by Father at this conference makes this Conciliation Report questionable as to it’s purpose with an inexplicable bias for the mother.

There is no mention that Brennan was not in contact with his Father over the 2007 Holidays.

There is no mention that Brennan was not in contact with his extended family over the 2007 Holidays.

There is no mention that Brennan was used by his Mother, when she traded his time in order to obtain stock certificates from the Father’s home.

There is no mention that Brennan assisted Mother, and about 12 others, in breaking and entering, robbing and vandalizing the Father’s home.  (Even though Brennan had a key.)

There is no mention that Mother planned and executed the breaking and entering, robbery and vandalism in direct defiance of an Agreed Order.

There is no mention that Mother was found to be in contempt and ordered to return the items stolen.

There is no mention that when Mother returned the items, her only assistants were Brennan and his  brother.

There is no mention that the only time Brennan saw father was related to court actions, conferences or when helping Mother to return stolen items to the Home.

There is no mention of the repeated attempts by Mother to steal Father’s car from driveway.

There is no mention of repeated break-ins to father’s home while planning the March 22 robbery.

There is no mention to the destruction of Brennan’s bedroom, apparently by himself during the robbery on March 22, 2008.

There is no mention that Brennan knows of the seriousness of his mother’s harassing and criminal actions against his Father.

There is no mention that Brennan knows of his mother’s false reports to authorities regarding his father.

There is no mention of the constant misdirection, fraud and chaotic petitions filed by Brennan’s Mother which require time and effort to respond. 

There is no mention of the resignation of Father’s attorney in September 2007 with the indication that Mother’s lawyer was the type of lawyer who would litigate anything to generate billable hours and escalate costs.  Father would be obligated to respond and incur substantial legal debt.  Mother’s goal is to clearly leave everyone involved in financial ruin.

There is no mention of Mother’s direct involvement in the Police being dispatched to Father’s home on August 8, 2007.

There is no mention of mother’s attempt to fabricate the series of events of August 8, 2007.

There is no mention of Mother’s involvement in the Disruption of Service Outage on Father’s web server in February 2008.

There is no mention of the four pages of allegations against Mother, and her agents, listed in a Protection From Abuse Order in December 2007.

There is no mention of Mother’s, or her agent’s, involvement in Hacking Father’s business web site in February 2008.

There is no mention of Mother’s enabling of identity theft of Father.

There is no mention of Mother’s false report of Identity Theft to local police, which was done to cover that she was causing the crime to be committed against Father.

There is no mention that Mother’s false report of identity theft lead to the revelation of her, or her agent’s, involvement in hacking Father’s business web site.

There is no mention of the remarkable and complete disappearance of the IP address of Angst & Angst from all statistical reports at Father’s business web site after the information was called to Mother’s attention and the sites were hacked and shut down.

There is no mention that the May 19, 2008 conference was in response to a petition filed on December 26, 2007.

There is no mention that the conference originally scheduled for March 25, 2008 was cancelled by Sarah Goren.

There is no mention that Father was not notified of the cancellation of the March 25, 2008 conference.

There is no mention that Father was told that there was no contact phone number for him, even though it is written clearly on the cover sheet of the petition filed on December 26, 2007.

There is no mention that Mother’s attorney falsely indicated that she had no way of contacting Father.

There is no mention that Mother stole Father’s files prepared for the conference on March 25 while she was robbing Father’s home on March 22.

There is no mention of the picture of Mother holding the files as she gets into a vehicle at the end of the March 22, Robbery.

Father has been trying to maintain contact with Brennan since Brennan was abducted by Mother in July 2007.

When Mother abducted Brennan in July 2007, it was done to contradict the standard procedures for custody in Pennsylvania.  The person who files for custody customarily gets temporary custody until there is a determination or agreement.  It was not the intention or plan for Father to deny Mother any contact with Brennan.  Mother abducted Brennan and prevented Father any access to Brennan, because Father could have obtained interim custody.   If Father had interim custody, Mother would have been prevented from getting Child Support, but more importantly using Child Support as a weapon to terrorize Brennan’s father.
There was no reason to believe, or any indication, that Brennan’s custody would not be split 50/50 between both parents.

There were instructions that police be called if Father came to visit Brennan while on the farm in Quakertown.  Even though there was no reason for the police to be involved.  This was confirmed by Brennan.

There was no sense in seeking Child Support due to the shortened period of time for support payments (less than 2 years).  Seeking Child Support would only result in appeals which would incur legal fees.  Those legal fees would likely exceed the full value of the Child Support awarded. 

Mother’s legal fees in seeking child support were clearly in excess of the $600/month awarded.  (Estimated $14,400)

Mother sought Child Support for  the purpose of securing a defacto custody and additionally to cause Father further financial hardship.  Father was unemployed.  Mother’s, or her agent’s, use of the computer software not only destroyed Father’s business, it’s redirection/obfuscation and remote control functionality prevented finding employment and prevented reliable contact with employers or hiring contractors.

Mother provided fraudulent financial information to Child Support Master guaranteeing appeals and additional costs to Father.

Mother was assured that Father would not have the financial documents required because she had removed originals from the home and all other documents were stored electronically on the computers over which Mother, or her agents, had full control.  All computers with financial data on them were crashed multiple times during the week prior to the conference.

Attorney for Mother then proceeded to continue Child Support Appeal dates.

In October 2007, at the recommendation of Sarah Goren, an agreement was reached regarding custody which placed full responsibility of the decision on Brennan, who had been prevented any contact with Father.  Father was not pleased with the placement of the responsibility on Brennan, however trusted Brennan to do the right thing.

The agreement additionally required Brennan to maintain regular daily contact with his Father.  Father knew this unenforceable statement in the agreement would only antagonize both he and Brennan.

There is clearly a question of who authored this report.   The style of writing and the format would suggest the document was not authored by the person who authored later reports.  The information presented is not indicative of the topics which were discussed at the conference.
I believe that Sara Goren has been manipulated by ex parte communications regarding Father which have caused her to follow a course of action from which she cannot reverse direction.

Angst & Angst have clearly been involved in multiple ex parte communications regarding this case.

Valerie Angst was seen exiting the building on the day of this conference yet she was not present at the conference itself.  The time she was seen would have coincided with the time for the conference if it had taken place when originally scheduled.  Sonya Healy said nothing at the conference, yet her position seems to be well represented.
Angst & Angst have manipulated this case through a remarkably effective use of ex parte communications, fraudulent statements, criminal instructions to their client, and the generation of voluminous, misleading and chaotic petitions knowing that their actions will go unnoticed as the Court cannot even read their maelstrom let alone comprehend the annihilation of the family at the center of this case.

Angst & Angst know the Court will interpret their frivolous petitions as a ‘tit for tat’ situation which arises in some divorces, even though this has not been the case.  The court has responded by dismissing the facts of the case for the generalized perception which is not accurate.

Angst & Angst have manipulated the Court’s schedule, and the personal vacation schedule of judges assigned to the case, to further  manipulate the Court into decisions which occur outside due process and remain unexplained.

The time has come for those who have been manipulated to recognize that they have acted improperly and have caused the annihilation of this family.  

Brennan Healy is carrying the burden of protecting his mother, while watching those who are in positions of authority manipulated into destroying his father. 

Brennan Healy has no escape from this psychological terror.  This doesn’t go away when he turns eighteen, it will be with him for the remainder of his life.  As he will be forced to continue to protect his mother, and all the others involved, he will never be permitted to resume a relationship with his father, or his extended family. 

It is not in the best interests of the child to further terrorize him, his father and his entire extended family.
Respectfully Submitted,

Terance Healy, Pro Se









I verify that the statements made in this document are true and correct.  I understand that false statements herein are made subject to the Penalties of PA. C.S. Section 4904, relating to unsworn falsification to authorities.


Terance Healy

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