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On May 27, 2008, the Prothonotary received a copy of a Conciliation Report signed by Sara Goren.  Her report was not only incredibly biased, the report was incorrect and grossly incomplete.  There is no excuse or explanation possible for her report.  My family has been annihilated by the actions of Ms. Goren and the fraud and repeated delays allowed during the custody process.  I am requesting that you take immediate disciplinary action against Ms. Goren.


The omission of so many items from her report defies comprehension because of the volume of issues raised by the father during the conference.  However, it is the omission of EVERY topic presented by the father which clearly indicates inappropriate conduct and fraud.  Her report was clearly written with bias.  Her report completely disregards the best interest of the child.  Her actions clearly defy any explanation.  Her fraud is criminal.


I have filed my response to this report with the Prothonotary, copy attached for your reference.  This response is limited to the period of time before May 2008.  Ms. Goren has filed several reports for conferences subsequent to this report.  Those reports additionally fail to reference the items presented at those conferences.  The litany of items omitted from the May report which were again questioned at the subsequent conferences is continually disregarded.   I plan to respond to those reports as soon as time permits, when read in light of the information presented in this response the situation is clear. 


I am requesting that you take immediate action to see that Ms. Goren is removed from her position and that appropriate disciplinary actions are taken.  I recognize that any request for consideration of my case would be an ex parte communication.  That is not my intent. 


My extended family has been completely annihilated by the action and inaction of the court.  While I do not believe it is too late to resurrect my family, I do know that procedurally those hurdles are still ahead and they are being improperly and illegally manipulated.  Court staff, local police departments, county detectives, the District Attorney’s office.  All of those people relying on a child who has sacrificed his relationship with his father and his extended family, to protect the criminal actions of his mother, while witnessing the irresponsible and illegal actions of those in a position to help who have been manipulated into inappropriate action.


I persevere,




Terance Healy

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