Judge Rhonda Lee Daniele seems to have this penchant for issuing court orders in stealth.

Judge Daniele issued an order on August 22, 2007 that remained hidden until August 12, 2010.

When I contacted my mother on the 12th to tell her about finding the secret undocketed ex parte order that undermined 3 years of litigation, my mother immediately remembered Rhonda Daniele’s previous sneaky activity…

Rhonda Lee Daniele had issued another secret order that cleaned out my mother’sr bank account 2 days before Thanksgiving. She disregarded due process and the agreements reached in conferences. Had that plot not been discovered, it would have landed me in jail for Christmas. This entire plot was documented and presented to Andrew Gilmartin during one of our final meetings regarding Child Support.

I’ve never met her, but I have the feeling Rhonda Lee Daniele is EVIL. She does so many things in cowardly stealth. If she was not doing anything illegal or unethical, then why is she hiding her activities. I don’t hide. The truth is on my side. I don’t have to hide the truth. I have nothign to be ashamed of, but Rhonda Daniele sure does.

I’ve never met her, never seen her, yet I have the feeling she has used her destructive powers way too many times to destroy people. She needs to be held accountable for her actions. Her abuse of her judicial position is evident. If she is unable to use her powers for good, she should be removed from the bench.

And after the things I read about her over the last fews weeks… Judge Rhonda Lee Daniele will stop at nothing to destroy a person. I know. I’m a victim, too.

I have a feeling when I get the answer to one remaining question about Rhonda Daniele, we may find her to be even more calculating than you could possibly imagine.

Lastly, finally there are some words in this post. It seems people google “Judge Rhonda Lee Daniele” multiple times everyday and gets served the link to this page. Now her fan will have something to read. Here you are connecting through the Wireless Data Service Provider of Doylestown, PA using the Safari browser on a MAC.

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