former Montgomery Township Police Officer, and Boy Scout leader
Stayman Drive, North Wales, PA


  • Why is he involved?  I think he was acting as the Private Investigator.
  • Liability:  Facing civil and criminal charges for the tech-harassment and computer and phone intrusions.


  • He had Sonya staying at his home for weeks at a time in Summer 2007.
  • He never responded to my phone call for assistance on August 8, 2007.  (Stupidly, I may have been seeking assistance from the very person who called the police.
  • He lives close enough to have provided a copy of my computer screen to Police and have them show up at my door within 40 minutes.
  • He helped to rob my house.
  • The truck with my stolen belongings was parked at his home.
  • His daughter helped rob the house.
  • His wife wrote an email indicating she was aware of Sonya’s plan for divorce long before I was.
  • His wife’s email also seemed to indicate I was sending them information which was causing her constant distress. 

(Colin made the same mistake.  When you are committing a crime and taking the information, you may not act like I am sending it to you or causing it…. BECAUSE YOU ARE.)

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