After she had robbed the house on March 22, 2008.  I went to the court on Monday with an emergency petition to have the items returned.

As it was an energency petition, i had to send a copy to her via certified mail.

When Sonya received the little greem postcard, she called the police and told them she believed I was sending her a letter bomb or anthrax or something.

Police called me to investigate whether they needed to shut down the North Wales post office.

I explained that there was nothing in the envelope other than the petition submitted to the Court.  That she should have been expecting the paperwork as she had robbed my home the previous week.  That she would have no reason to believe that there would be anything suspicious in the mail.

Sonya was trying to generate more crazy suspicion by filing yet another report with Police.

[After the dog became so violently ill after the robbery, I was nervous that she may have poisoned something in the house.  I threw away all food that was not in a sealed container.  I was accused of over-reacting, but errored on the side of caution.  Considering days later and without any knowledge of my action she is accusing me of trying to poison her.  She has repeatedly used the tactic of first accusing me of what she is actually doing or planing.  I made the right choice.  ]

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