Robbery, poisoning and ???   A surveillance software/system upgrade?

On Saturday March 22, 2008 at about 5:00 PM, my house was robbed.

It occurred at 5PM as I would be away from any communications because I was on stage at the Keswick Theater in Glenside.

Carefully planned and executed by a team with a moving van, an extended pick up truck, several SUVs and cars.

Montgomery Township Police were called to the scene alerted by a neighbor. They arrived in 40 seconds, yet left 4 minutes later.
– They were told that the front door lock had been drilled unsuccessfully.
– They were told that entry was gained from the rear sliding glass door.
– They were aware that I had not permitted Sonya access to the house.
– They were aware that I was not at home.

Montgomery Township Police were called back to the house when I arrived home at 3AM.
– They told me who had done it.
– They told me how she got into the house.
– They told me they had been called while it was happening.
– They asked me if I was on drugs because I seemed upset.
 – When shown the Court Order which granted me exclusive use of the house they told me they were unaware of the document.
– They acted as though it was my fault.
– They indicated that this was a civil matter and they would not get involved.

The Montgomery Township Police DID get involved when they permitted the robbery of the house.

The ‘uninvolved’ Montgomery Township Police would not provide any information about the truck.
– The truck had been parked a few hundred yards down the road from Ed Weideman’s home on Stayman Drive.
– The truck could be seen from the Montgomery Township Administration Building where the Police were located.

My dog was also poisoned. From 3AM on Easter Sunday until about 4PM Easter Sunday afternoon, the dog was vomiting and had diarrhea. The uninvolved police refused to follow up and find out what had been used to poison the dog.

Sonya’s refusal to tell me what had been given to the dog lead me to believe they may well have put something in the food in the house. I threw away all open containers and items keeping only items which were still in their sealed packaging.


The Robbery was a direct violation of the Agreed Order signed by Judge Dickman on September 6, 2007.

What I found out…

3:10AM Sunday March 23, 2008 (EASTER SUNDAY)

– Upon returning home following two performances at the Keswick Theater in Glenside, I discovered the house had been broken into and the following furniture, electronic and personal items were removed.  Items were thrown about every room in the home. The family dog was violently ill with vomiting and diarrhea.

– Terance Healy is a lead performer in the Midnight Productions spectacle which has been performed annually at the Keswick Theater on Easter weekend for the last 13+ years. Terance Healy has been a part of the cast for 5 years.

– The Saturday March 22, 2008 performances were advertised. Two shows one at 5:00PM and another at 9:00PM. I had not forseen any necessity for secrecy regarding my appearance in the performance. Sonya Healy was aware that I would be performing in the show and as such would not be at the house.

– The home was breached at about 5:00 PM on March 22, 2008. The same time the curtain was going up on the early performance.

– My sons, Colin, 19, and Brennan, 16, were sent to the front door to knock. A neighbor who assumed I was expecting the boys offered to call the house to wake me. The neighbor knew of the estrangement from my sons and knew I would be glad to see them. My sons indicated to her that they knew I wasn’t home. She thought their behavior was suspicious.

– Sonya Healy arrived and shouted over to the same neighbor that everything was ok and everything was legal. She then began to direct the intrusion.

– The front storm door handle was drilled and removed. The deadbolt on the storm door prevented entry via the front door.

– After failing to gain entry through the front, the sliding glass door in the back of the house was breached and access provided to the home, where upon the garage was opened, the front door was opened and the moving team appeared from down the street.

– Police were contacted by a different concerned neighbor from down the street about the arrival of a team of movers and several trucks and the apparent absence of Terance Healy from the residence at the time. Neighbors were aware of the prior history and Terance Healy’s exclusive use and occupancy agreement. Neighbors were unaware of the scheduled show performances.

– Another neighbor additionally contacted John Healy, Terance’s brother who lives within 2 miles of the home. By the time John Healy and his wife arrived at the home, the raid had been completed and everyone was gone. Out of concern for how the events would affect his brother’s psyche and performance, John waited until after 11:30PM to leave a message on Terance Healy’s cell phone about the raid. The message was retrieved minutes before arriving home at around 3:00 AM.

– Montgomery Township Police had been involved in two prior incidents at the home with regard to delivery of assets.

    1. A police escorted unannounced raid on August 22, 2007.
    2. Police had additionally had been called by Sonya Healy on October 20, 2007 because she wanted access to the home for her moving team retrieving the items listed on the September 6, 2007 Agreement. Entry inside the home was unnecessary as all furniture and items listed in the agreement were already located outside the living quarters.


– On Saturday March 22, 2008 at about 5:00 PM, Montgomery Township Police did nothing to stop the moving party from breaching the home. After arriving within 40 seconds of the report, they left within 4 minutes.

– Montgomery Township Police were previously aware that Terance Healy had exclusive use and occupancy of the residence.

[The police were provided an order signed by Judge Rhonda Daniele indicating Sonya Healy had access to the house. This order was kept hidden, undocketed, undistributed. It slandered me. It was used as leverage against the judiciary to coerce decisions in their favor. They lied about it’s existence.

It was shown to Judge Del Ricci, yet not provided to me. When I asked for a copy, I was denied. Judge DelRicci was clearly violating procedures… I knew whatever the document said was ‘bad’ – IT WAS BEING CONCEALED BY EVERYONE.


– Montgomery Township Police were aware that the front door locks had been drilled out by someone in the moving team.

– Montgomery Township Police were aware that the back sliding glass door was the primary access point for the raiding party.

– Montgomery Township Police were unaware that my youngest son Brennan was aware of both the combination to the garage door and the location of a key by which he could get into his home. As Brennan was part of the moving team, there was no necessity to damage the homes locks and security. Why were the locks drilled when they had keyed access to the house?

– Montgomery Township Police Chief Brady had been advised during the previous week that in the months prior (February and March 2008) that the home had been breached on several times while Terance Healy was at scheduled rehearsals for the upcoming performance. The rehearsal schedule is not a confidential document and is available on the internet.

– Even with that prior contact and experience to indicate that the activities were suspicious, Montgomery Township did nothing to stop the removal of items from the home by the following:
Sonya Healy
Edward Weideman (former Montgomery Township Police Officer)
Emily Weideman
Barbara Willders
Frank Brassell
Cecelia Williams
Identified minor**
Colin Healy
Identified minor**
And several unidentified other persons.

– The following vehicles were used to remove items from the home.
EZ Storage Truck
One Long Bed Pick up truck from Home Enhancements Inc, North Wales, PA.
An SUV owned by Cecelia Williams
A car owned by Francis Brassell
A car operated by Emily Weideman
A car owned by Barbara Willders
An SUV operated by Identified Minor

The identified members of the raiding party were additionally present and aware of the situation on October 20, 2007 including the police interaction on that date with the exception of C. Williams and the two minor children.

Upon arrival home, the family dog was experiencing extreme gastro-intestinal distress. The 10 year old dog became sick (vomiting and diarrhea) for about 12 hours until he collapsed exhausted around 3:00PM. As it was Easter Sunday, I could not take him to a veterinarian to be examined without excessive financial costs.

On September 6, 2007, Valerie Angst characterized the family dog, MAX, a 10 year old basenji, as aggressive and vicious with a history of biting and demanded the dog be put down. The claim was unfounded and unsubstantiated, nonetheless Terance Healy assumed full responsibility for the animal in exchange for not having the family pet destroyed. ( September 6, 2007 Agreed Order Attached, # 6)

As a result of the poisoning/drugging of the dog and the non-response from Sonya Healy with regard to exactly what the dog was given to make him so sick, I have been forced to dispose of all food items in the residence which are not in sealed containers.

This wasn’t a robbery out of need or necessity.  The robbery was done to take, to deny me anything, to deny me even more than she has already taken.   The nastiness of the purpose was clearly evident because there was not a single place you could be in the house and not look and be reminded that your wife, children and friends just robbed your house.  They are just wrong, and they did a very hurtful evil act…. and have the nerve to be upset at seeing it on the internet.  Well, the police did a great job of keeping it out of the papers and the news.  Sorry, I’m not as supportive of your hate.  The scary thing is they all knew exactly what it was, and that they would once again get away with it.


On May 14, 2008, the judge ruled that Sonya Healy was in Contempt of an Agreed Order of the Court and ordered her to return the items taken on March 22, 2008 by May 24, 2008 at Noon.

– She cried and through the tears shouted lies to the judge who then allowed her to keep a few items.
– She indicated that her attorney Valerie Angst had authorized the break in by email.
– Her lawyer, Robert Angst attempted to explain that the Agreed Order didn’t exist while we were looking at it with all the required signatures, and it was handwritten by her attorney, Valerie Angst, his wife, on September 6, 2007.
– I was compensated for the price of the drilled lock ( $47.00 ).  No regard that I installed the new hardware myself and didn’t hire a locksmith to provide and install it which would have run up the expense.  If I didn’t have the receipt I probably wouldn’t have even gotten that.
– I didn’t ask for any financial remedy from Sonya.
– I waited 8 weeks for the decision, during which time I was reminded every minute of every day of what they had done to me because the ‘holes’ were all over the house.
– She filed two annoyance petitions as Emergengies, for situations she caused or knew she had no standing for filing and was able to distract from the terrorism they have causes for over a year.
– Her Petition regarding the transfer of the car title which she refused to do, and her Petition to have my web site shut down.  Perhaps she and her lawyer hadn’t heard of the 1st Amendment. 
– The petitions for the car and for the web site, written by Valerie Angst were stupid, based on contrived events, backed up by outright lies, and so poorly researched and prepared as to make them laughable. 
– SHE WAS SEEKING FEES OF $2500 and $3000 because of the legal expenses of those Petitions.
– $5500 would definitely fall under the category of “hindering him financially.” 
The Petitions had been cut and pasted from the EMERGENCY Petition they filed in August of last year.  There was no regard to the Response to that Petition which clearly indicated the false statements it contained and included multiple exhibits confirming their fraudulent statements.  RECYCLE THE LIES!!!

So for all of her efforts, Sonya was rewarded with keeping a few items.

She was able to further terrorize me.  Another reward.

She was able to emotionally sabotage my relationship with my children by using them in the crime.  A reward and some psychological torture.

She was able to demonstrate that people I had trusted and considered friends for more than 20 years held me in such disregard that they would further violate my security and safety. 

– Of course, they are doing so for self-preservation. 
– It isn’t personal. 
– It’s just that I figured out the other crimes they have done against me. 
– I somehow forced them into making a report to the police which revealed their illegal surveillance. 
– Then I forced the police to have me committed to cover for them and prevent them from being prosecuted. 
– Then I forced Police to completely flounder because if they were to investigate the computer surveillance, the house surveillance, the annoyance devices, the telephone hacks,  the cell phone hacks, the bank fraud, the identity theft, the car theft, the multiple break-ins of the house prior to the robbery, the actual robbery, well they would end up implicating themselves in the commitment issue. 

So they all keep quiet.  The exit plan is simple.  Terrorize Terance until he goes away.

I notified Police on Wednesday Afternoon that I wished to press charges against the people who broke into my home, vandalized, ransacked and robbed me.  They have not responded.

On Thursday Morning I notified the District Attorney’s office and the Detectives who pretended to investigate in February and March about pressing charges against the people who did this to me.  It has been over 24 hours since emails and phone messages were delivered.  They have not responded.

If someone had shoplifted a pack of gum in the local mall they would have received a more active and prompt response.  Even if they offered to give the gum back.

It would seem that…
A Dozen Middle Aged White Folks Videotaped and Photographed While Breaking and Entering and Committing Grand Theft in the suburbs can’t even get themselves arrested.  When police do a favor for you, and don’t throw you in jail when you CALL MAKING A REPORT WHICH COMPLETELY REVEALS THAT YOU ARE INVOLVED IN A CRIME WHICH HAS BEEN REPORTED AND HAS TERRORIZED THE VICTIM FOR MONTHS, and police further exacerbate the situation by throwing the victim in a psych ward, you have something to hold over them that will allow you to get away with…
[If I finished that sentence I would only be called paranoid.]


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