Initial Report:
Directly contacted Chief Brady to indicate that my identity was being used illegally to set up accounts all over the world and to make fraudulent charges.

Officer Jim Reape: Called at 2:12 on 3.5.2008 and refused to listen to the details of the crime.  The call lasted 16 minutes.  He simply wanted to investigate the fraudulent charges which since they were made worldwide he could do nothing about. 

He refused any information regarding how the information was published across the internet even though I could trace everything back the the posting of my private data on Google by Alex Eckelberry, the CEO of Sunbelt Software. 

As Montgomery Township had already had someone looking onto my computer and my web site, they know exactly what ewas done.  Ofc Reape is playing a game to get out of having to do any meaningful investigation into the real crime, because an easier crime has been reported that he can handle.

Just like when Ofc. Jerry Dougherty refused to investigation the criiminal sureillance in July 2007 and opted to 302 me as he knew how to handle that part of the paperwork.  With no regard to how his criminal actions would only serve to destroy my life further.

Tells me I need to provide a list of the transactions that I was charged for.  A list which Chase refused to send to me once the account was cancelled.  EVEN THOUGH IT HAD ONLY BEEN CANCELLED MINUTES BEFORE AS PART OF THE SAME PHONE CALL. 
Again, let’s notice that even though Chief Brady had told me to have the information available the day before and comfirmed that I woul dbe home to speak with an officers, NO ONE SHOWED THEIR FACE. 

So they don’t have to see the mountain of evidence in this new crime.  When given a list of crimes and activities related to them, since when do the police decide what parts deserve to be investigated. 

Yes, there’s too ,much information on this crime, let’s go with the easy one that we know we can do nothing about and we’ll just pretend to do something about that and ignore the big picture. 

The fact that I have the series of events documented is of no interest to the officer.  Quite the contrary, he isn’t concerned about how the crime occurred at all.

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