Minutes before arriving home, I pick up a voicemail from my brother alerting me to the robbery of the house.  Upon arriving home, I discover that the house has been broken into, robbed and ransacked.  Additionally, the dog had been poisoned.

Police arrive and are invited inside to see what I arrived home to find.  They inform me that officers had been called to the house earlier and that Sonya had been here with a crew of people, trucks and cars.  They inform me that she had drilled the lock on the front door, but entry was gained through the back sliding glass door. 

When asked why she was not stopped from robbing the house, the officer responded that they did not wish to get involved in a domestic matter but countered asking if Sonya’s name was still on the deed to the home.  I inform them that the divorce has not been finalized, however an  Agreed Order of September 6, 2007 grants me exclusive use and occupancy of the home and prevents access by Sonya. 

They ask to see the agreement.  When I show them the agreement, they comment that it appears to have been written in crayon and that it can’t be a real agreement.  When I show them the judge’s signature, they indicate that they were unaware of it’s existence.  This same document was shown to the officer on October 20, 2007, when Sonya was refused access to the home and contacted police. 

The officers go further to indicate that if her name is on the deed they have no reason to be expected to restrict her access to the home.  I ask them if she presented a copy of the deed to the officer who responded?  They aren’t certain.  Had the officers who responded DURING the robbery asked for the copy of the deed it might have slowed her from accomplishing the robbery.  

Police were also aware of me obtaining a Protection From Abuse Order in December 2007.

Among those she had with her was Ed Weideman, a former township police officer.  

One officer seems alarmed that I am upset and inquires if I am on any drugs.  I ask if it isn’t appropriate to be upset when finding myself in this situation and learning that though law enforcement was contacted by an unassociated third party, they chose to do nothing to so much as slow the progress of the robbery.  I imagine I received more questions regarding the Agreed Order than Sonya did about the deed WHILE SHE WAS ROBBING THE HOUSE IN BROAD DAYLIGHT. 

Additionally, this officer is the officer who assisted Officer Gerry Dougherty on August 8, 2007 when I was inappropriately involuntarily committed.  I point out to him that he is fully aware of the constant harassment which has been officially ignored by the township police. 

I ask if they are aware of the make and model of the truck used and indicate it is likely parked on Stayman Drive at the Weideman’s residence directly across Horsham Road from the Police Department.  They were unaware of the type of truck. 

On Sunday evening when I was provided with the pictures of the robbery in progress, the truck in the pictures was the same truck which I saw before 5AM that morning parked a few hundred yards down the road from the Weideman residence on Stayman Drive within sight of the police department building across the street.

Later that day I additionally called the police to report that the dog was very ill – vomiting and diarrhea since I had returned home at 3 and continuing all day.  I tried to contact Sonya and Colin  and Brennan to find out what had been fed to the dog.  they refused to provide the information.  I asked police to contact the people involved in the robbery and ask what was given to the dog.  They refused and further indicated that there were other people in the township who required their services. 

As it was Easter Sunday, going to an emergency veterinarian would have been very costly.  Treating the dog without knowing what he was poisoned with would be speculative. 

I was still receiving threats that they were planning to return, I wasn’t able to go Easter Dinner at my mother’s home in Warrington.

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