When returning from rehearsal for Jesus Christ Superstar, I called Sonya and told her that I would cover the expense for LifeLock because of the personal data being sent around the world. 

Sonya told me that the police had told her it would not be necessary.

I asked when she called the police.  She told me her attorney told her to contact them and she had done so a week ago (Feb 2).  

She had only contacted me on Wednesday.

I rescinded my offer and mentioned to her that I was aware that she was behind the identity theft.  I had been watching the web statistics and noticing who was reading my web site daily.  Noticing who was accessing it regularly.  Within an hour of this phone conversation, my web domain was hacked.  I was able to keep my site and my clients sites up, but it was apparent that there was some clean up work going on.

I kept the sites locked down as best I could.  When I regained access to the site, all of the tracks from the IP Address associated with Angst & Angst had disappeared.  I imagine I should be able to find out who was additionaly assisting in the hacking by finding the other IP addresses which have been edited from the history and have never returned to the site.  I have the backups.   It may take time but I have the data.

I had been working on a way to make those behind the intrusion and harassment reveal themselves. 

Angst & Angst quickly generated 2 more petitions full of lies in an effort  to generate more chaos.  They came after my car  and wanted my web site shut down.

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