I called Sonya to offer to pay for an Identity Theft Protection Service as the data had been made available somehow.  Sonya then indicated that she had been told that wasn’t necessary.  It was at this point that she revealed that she had reported the data to the police the week before.  When asked why she didn’t just call me directly to tell me it was there, she said her attorney told her to contact the police to report it.  I told her I was tired of these criminal actions by her and her attorney.  It was obvious that she had set this whole thing up.  I reminded her that I have the statistics which are available to report access to the web site.  It indicates that her attorney had been to the web site  – and that unlisted page several times in the prior weeks, and that many of her friends had been there as well.  I rescinded my off for Identity theft Protection.

Within an hour my web site domain was under attack, all statistics reports, data and programs were being corrupted.  Additionally I found that the Error pages, that should have been returning a simple error report, were each reporting the data that was on the reported page with the financial data.

I secured the web site, and locked it down so that there was very limited access to the data, through a ‘back door’.  the direct normal method of access was closed.  Had the normal method of access been left open, it would have shut down ALL of the web sites under the primary domain.  My few remaining clients have suffered enough through all of this harassment.  Shutting them down would be an additional hardship they shouldn’t have to deal with.

I notified Lt Richard Peffall of this incident, as he was already looking into my ‘situation’ at the request of the DA.

Nothing happened, and then later in February when I began getting notices and calls that were indicative of Identity Theft, I contacted Lt Peffall and he instructed me to contact Montgomery Township Police.

Montgomery Township Police called and told me they would only investigate it if the credit cards were used locally.  They not only didn’t care that I had all of the information regarding who had caused it, but I additionally had the information about 3 specific incidents where there was enough information to track the crime back to the person responsible.  The officer indicated that he wasn’t interested in that information and if I didn’t have any local examples he was hanging up the phone.  And he did.

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