I have been bullied and harassed by Judge Thomas DelRicci in his courtroom.  Unable to escalate to a higher court as  you cannot even get a hearing scheduled, and you cannot get a ruling, and you cannot appeal what hasn’t been heard.

  • Judge DelRicci has been determined to delay any hearing on custody until my son is over 18.
  • Judge DelRicci has refused to explain the basis of law which applies to his orders.
  • Judge DelRicci has conspired “off the record” with local police and county detectives to prevent prosecution for a break-in and theft at my home.
  • Judge DelRicci has found my wife in contempt of a court order, yet rewarded her by letting her keep some of the things she has stolen.
  • Judge DelRicci has found my wife in contempt of the custody order and wanted to order a restriction on the topics that I may discuss with my son.  WTF???  When not accepted HE compounded the contempt petition on which he had already found her guilty to my outstanding custody (Dec 2007), their contempt petition (Sept 2008) (my working title for this is “60 pages of Bullshit”),  and my petitions filed exposing the contempt of custody orders (Oct 2008, Dec 2008, January 2008).
  • Judge DelRicci has refused to schedule any hearing in a timely manner.  
  • Judge DelRicci scheduled a hearing with 1 day notivce and then as punishment for not having provided discovery documents (for which he never provided a deadline in his order),  he continued the hearing for another 2 months with no direct instructions that it not be moved up in the schedule.
  • Judge Del Ricci refused to look at the financial documents or hear what was going on in the case.  It was a short list on a child support appeal, yet he wanted to acheive equitable distribution.  It was totally off topic.
  • Judge DelRicci had threatened me in an elevator in the courthouse following the short list conference in child support.
  • Judge DelRicci repeatedly cancelled and rescheduled conference in child support generating such confusion that I ended up incarcerated for contempt of a court order that did not exist.  His rush to judgement, pretrial ex parte conversations with Robert Angst, and the confusion generated by Robert Angst at the hearing prevented a fair hearing.
  • Judge DelRicci has refused to schedule anything regarding Custody until June 2009.  My son graduates in June 2009… um, DUH!   Custody no longer applies.  Who cares if HE DESTROYED YOUR CHILDREN AND YOUR ENTIRE FAMILY IN THE PROCESS.  

Judge DelRicci has sentenced Brennan Healy to a lifetime of solitude and isolation from his family.  How is that in the best interest of the child.   The Judge has only made sure he avoided responsibility by delaying and creating more animosity.  

  • Judge DelRicci doesn’t care about Brennan Healy. 
  • Judge DelRicci doesn’t have to watch Brennan’s life after the psychological torture of his mother.
  • Judge DelRicci won’t be there to watch the two young boys struggle to have a relationship with anyone fearing what they were forced to do to their father will happen to them.  
  • Judge DelRicci may even gbe around to throw Colin and Brennan Healy in jail too.  Does Sonya Healy’s “GET OUT OF JAIL FREE” card expire?  Can it be inherited? 

Judge DelRicci has been too busy preventing any judgement and destroying my family to realize the ramifications of his actions on my children.

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