Initial Report: At the request of the District Attorney, Lt Richard Peffall is asked to look into the situation.

Lieutenant Richard Peffall: Has never spoken to me or visited the house to see any evidence of the crimes.  His entire investigation is done via email, and results in nothing being done about anything.  Can’t call it an investigation as much as a stalling tactic.   Perhaps he was the latest stalling tactic?  My approach is as it has always been, provide information and offer more.  Warts and all.  It reads a little paranoid at times. 
Unfortunately Lt Peffall is also given blow by blow accounts of additional crimes which are being setup throughout the month of February.  HE DOES NOTHING. Not a damn thing, except send carefully worded emails that NEVER answer any questions or outright lies which I immediately point out to him.

Actions: As the entire extent of his investigation was handled via email, you can read the entire investigation.

January 31, 2008 8:30 AM Mr. Healy,
I have received your e-mail from the District Attorney. If you provide me with the name of the persons and or software company you suspect I will look into the matter. Thank you for bringing this matter to our attention.
Lt. Richard L. Peffall
Montgomery County Detectives
Major Crimes Unit
January 31, 2008 10:36 AM Lt Peffall,
Thank you for your reply. I have to say that it seems the more I learn about the situation, the more questions I encounter.

I would appreciate any assistance in confirming anything involved. I have been wronged beyond belief and any explanation would be most helpful.

Shortest path to an answer
1) Ken from the Ft Washington office of the FBI, he may be in a position to share what he knows. (re: January 11, 2008)
2) Chief Brady of the Montgomery Township Police Department may also have more information he would share with you. (re: August 8, 2007)

After a startling meeting with Ken on January 11, I have come to the realization that the local FBI may have been providing the cover for another agency’s investigation. I would guess they weren’t too happy doing it as I was using 20 years of IT experience to detect and get around the blockages. Only to report each event to the FBI when I confirmed it. So it would appear they were investigating me as much as I was investigating them, BUT I did not know it was them and thought they were assisting me. I had called the FBI in July and asked the question directly as I knew it would considerably raise suspicions if was working diligently to get around the program and it was their program. I am guessing that my efforts were requiring a considerable amount of time to block, conceal, redirect and cover up. I had no choice but to make every effort to get the program removed or detected as it was a productivity hog. After a five minute report, Ken left the conference room and returned about 10 minutes later exploding into the room and yelling, threatening and accusing me of things that did not make any sense. He was intensely angry. It was as if he thought I was there to mock him about the investigation.

The computers seemed to clear on January 13 & 14 – they are not 100%, but the change was instantly noticeable. Additionally, my cell phone began behaving more normally. I have not yet reactivated the phone which I was had confirmed as hacked.

In August, Chief Brady had informed me in no uncertain terms that I will never get a copy of a police report regarding the events of August 8, 2007. He indicated the case was open, and he did not anticipate that it would ever be closed. He basically indicated I will never find out what made the police arrive at my house 40 minutes after I typed something on my computer.

I understand that people involved may wish to protect their liability, I would just appreciate any help. My wife has used every activity in the divorce/custody actions. She has ruined my relationship with my sons. I haven’t seen my 16 year old since before Thanksgiving. I am certain they are aware of what is going on, but afraid they might reveal their mother’s part in it if they were to have any time with me. We were a great family, she has just destroyed it so completely. I don’t think she had any clue of what her actions would do to everyone involved.

That said I’ll gladly provide more info, if you need it. There is an overwhelming amount of information and data and evidence.

I currently have much of it documented – but there is a considerable amount of emotion in the recent format. After what I’ve been through, there has been no way to document this without emotion. You can review a good deal of the notes at www.work2bdone.com/case the HELP site is cleaner, but much much more emotional. I’m not sure what people expected when they attack and misdirect like this. Currently I am preparing for 2 court dates next Wednesday (Pro Se, Ugh!), but I am available to answer any questions you may have.

Terance Healy

February 6, 2008 8:22 AM Mr. Healy,
I’m glad to hear that things seem to be improving. I will review your information and add it to our intelligence data base.
Lt. Richard L. Peffall
Montgomery County Detectives
Major Crimes Unit
February 6, 2008 6:49 PM
Lt Peffall,
Perhaps I spoke too soon with regard to improvement. Are you able to offer any assistance with regard to detection?  There has been an ultrasonic noise in certain rooms of the house since July 2007. I have used a fluorescent tube to confirm the existence of these ultrasonic waves. Without wires or electricity the tube glows in any area where there is ultrasonic wave activity. I have been able to use this method to confirm what I have been hearing for months in certain locations throughout the house. The problem is that ultrasonic waves are
non-directional and it is difficult to determine the source.
After months of hearing it, I do have a reasonably good idea where the source is, but I don’t want to start busting holes in walls looking for the device. When I tested using the tube, on January 31, it seemed like an episode of Star Wars was taking place in my bedroom. Since then the signal has changed and while it can still be heard – it has a lesser reaction with the tube. I am recording the detection on video. I am seriously concerned about the risks of long term exposure to this ultrasonic device. My scalp at the top of my head has become sensitive, and has had a
constant rash since the summer. Do you have any information about sweeping for these type of devices – which can be used to harass or eavesdrop inside the house?
Were you able to obtain any information from Chief Brady or Ken from the FBI regarding what is actually going on here? I also wanted to apologize for my response if it seemed that I was pushing you off onto someone else to get information. I tend to have too much information, and I believe that both persons I directed you to have information that has not been shared with me and likely explains their actions when approached. I would
sincerely appreciate knowing the truth about what is going on. I understand there are some items which are not for public information, however without any information, I honestly have to use the information available to come to some sort of conclusion.
If I am wrong to suspect my wife, or her attorney, or a hired private detective, I would appreciate having that information.
If it has been caused by some level of law enforcement, I would sincerely appreciate the opportunity to address any questions which they may have. The same offer extended in July before I began to expose the tactics used to prevent and deter my investigation. As I do believe that the software was installed by my wife, or someone she hired, I was baiting activities with items which would be too irresistible to not use as leverage in upport or custody matters. My attorney at the time had indicated that the My wife also removed my son from the house
indicating it was not safe for him to be here in July. She has never indicated what information she had with regard to making that determination. However, her remarks were fairly accurate as considerable suspicious activity around the home has happened since. But how did she know it was about to happen?
I am a reasonable person. I have reported the incidents as they have occurred to the proper authorities on each occasion where appropriate.  While it appears that they are content to accept my word for the things that are happening and have happened, I am confused as to why there has been general acceptance without any request for evidence, or corroborative information, or investigation. Not even so much as a site visit and conversation by anyone. The information I have posted to my web site does not include items which I would consider irresponsible for me to broadcast/publish. I would not want to be responsible for a guilty person claiming to have been set up through the use of ‘stealth software’, which could allow for reasonable doubt and allow them to go free. I realized the potential for this type of activity almost immediately. It is a contradiction that the software has been used against me; destroyed my business, my reputation and my finances; improperly resulted in my
involuntary commitment to MCES; and caused incredible damage to my entire family, yet I would not want to be responsible for one person using it as a defense to get away with a crime I hope that we can have a conversation regarding the surveillance sometime soon. The lack of answers to simple questions has only made a difficult surprise divorce into a situation which has caused the  complete destruction of my immediate and extended family. I have come to realize that whenever that is the answer to the question is an accusation that “I am crazy I am usually on the right path.
Looking forward to working this through and moving forward.
All the Best,
February 7, 2008
8:47 AM
Mr. Healy,
I no engineer but I am not aware of any surveillance equipmen used by state or local police that would involve this issue. I have confirmed this with both our State Police and the NJ State Police High tech Crime Units. I cannot image that your wife would have resources to hire any private detective that would have access to anything other than the same equipment the police use.
Now, I am not blowing you off but is there, perhaps some other environmental issue that could be the cause of your problem. IE.  High tension lines etc. I have read extensively about the many suspected issues with them.
Please keep me advised. I will continue to review any new devices that that come on the market for local law enforcement to be on the lookout for this issue.
Lt. Richard L. Peffall
Montgomery County Detectives
Major Crimes Unit
February 7, 2008
3:54 PM
Lt Peffall,
Thank you for the reply. I’m just going to ask you outright snce I have now found a document which contains items and technologies which would explain just about everything all in one package.
Am I under some sort of drug investigation?
I really have no idea why anyone would be monitoring me for the last year. Did the investigation begin in February or in July/August? The difference to me is that if it began in Fbruary, my wife had nothing it. If it began in July, then whoever reported it to the authorities was doing so knowing that the govt investigation would cover their tracks of surveillance since February.
Sorry about being so direct. But I think it may save us all alot of time and aggravation if we get to the bottom of what is going on. It is a fact that on August 8, 2007 police were made aware of the computer surveillance. Officer Dougherty screwed up when he showed my brother the screenshot from the computer. The only other logical possibility is that Ofc Dougherty is covering for a former police officer who was acting as a private detective.
I also assume that by the reaction of Ken at the FBI, he was truly fed up with me reporting the activities of whatever agency was responsible. This is the only logical explanation for his entire office bursting into laughter and his truly agitated, threatening and hostile expulsion of me from their office on January 18, 2007. (I had the date wrong earlier. I knew it was the MLK weekend, but had the date wrong.)
I’ve also looked into things and noticed that you are the likely person to resolve all of this. I wasn’t sure if I would ever get to the the answers. From what I could find out about you, you are uniquely positioned to address everything that is going on.  All of the right connections to the right organizations.
I’m not being direct in this email to insult, put down, offend or rub this in anyone’s face. I think Ken thought I was rubbing his face in it. I really did not believe the govt was behind this. I asked them in July if it was the case. When they said I was not under any investigation, I informed the agent that as they weren’t interested in  investigating the computer intrusion because it was deemed a domestic issue, I’d continue the investigation myself. I took him at his word. As far as activities which may be questionable, I was trying to get my wife to reveal herself by providing items which she would find irresistible. When I think of all those things and that they
probably made me look even more suspicious.
I sincerely did not know it was a govt investigation. It has destroyed so much of my life and I’d really like to try to move on. Can we discuss how that can happen?
Thank you,
Not that I am aware of. Call me next week.

Lt. Richard L. Peffall
Montgomery County Detectives
Major Crimes Unit
February 7, 2008 10:44 PM
Lt Peffall,
I’d like to clarify that when I wrote in my last email that “you are uniquely positioned to address everything that is going on”.  I was referring to your connection with FBINAA and local law enforcement. I was completely unaware of your history with regard to internet predators. When I just searched and noticed that you had handled those types of investigations, I felt I needed to clarify what I meant by my statement. I simply meant that your were in a position where local police, detectives and FBI would freely speak with you to get to the truth about what has been going on, where they would not be comfortable or permitted to discuss what has happened with me directly.
I would appreciate the opportunity to speak with you as soon as possible. It was bad enough when I thought it was a drug investigation, however if there is any suspicion with regard to internet predators, that must be cleared up immediately. Yes, I am completely paranoid tonight that whoever has been putting me in these situations since last summer may have gone to that extreme with regard to a false report.
I will gladly address any questions you may have. I would sincerely appreciate the opportunity to meet with you at your earliest convenience.
Terance Healy
February 8, 2008
9:08 AM
Lt Peffall,
Were you able to find out from Montgomery Township why they are not releasing the Police Report from August 8, 2007?
That would answer the question. I am really feeling very unsafe and have the impression that there is something that is not being told to me. Each time I have gone into a conference or a hearing I have been treated with such disrespect by complete strangers without any explanation. Additionally, the winds of the divorce shifted on Wednesday evening and suddenly after 9 months my wife wants to settle things quickly. Since her call I
have been waiting for the other shoe to fall?
If it really is not a law enforcement investigation that I am being subjected to I really need to know. Sorry if this sounds paranoid, but on August 8, 2007 I was taken to MCES and locked up because I ‘thought’ my computer was being monitored. Well, I knew my computer was being monitored. AND Montgomery Police had the proof of it, yet put me in MCES anyway. I couldn;t believe that was happening then, and certainly do not want anything like
that to happen again.
I an sincerely living in fear of what is happening. I am not paranoid, I just have not gotten any answers or explanations to any questions. I understand if there is an investigation that is ongoing that needed to be kept under wraps, but it is totally unprecedented to have me under surveillance for 12 months. ON Feb 14/15 it will be the 1 year mark for the surveillance software.
And oddly enough, the ultrasonic noise has been reacting to the content of our email exchanges here. Additionally, a confidential section of my web site which was where I was storing financial info regarding the divorce was broadcast across the web yesterday afternoon. I have heard from several people about it. One being the CEO of Sunbelt Software who couldn’t explain why his email was taking the same route as all of the imposter emails of the last 6 months by passing through Marina Del Rey California.
Your help in resolving this would be appreciated. I am not doing anything illegal. but I wasn’t doing anything illegal in August either.
February 8, 2008 10:28 AM I will attempt to relax, but I am feeling very exposed. I am not just being paranoid. I understand and
recognize that it may appear that way.

I just can’t understand why there has been no action to prosecute the person or persons behind this. It has destroyed my business, my clients business and my entire life.
My attorney resigned when she noticed that opposing counsel was filing motions to run up the legal bill. I’m flat broke and borrowing to stay afloat and pay a mortgage that I MUST pay by contract. Judge Del Ricci on Wednesday refused to listen to any facts in the Child Support case, and loudly threatened to put me
in jail on sight. The facts of the case will clearly indicate the bad advice my wife is getting from her lawyer. But I realize that an irrational judge who has no interest in hearing the facts and can’t see beyond the “non-payment of support” as an irresponsible act of a bad father – and this could not be any farther from the truth. I get that – fathers who don;t pay for their kids are bad… especially if they are hiding money. BUT THAT ISN’T ME. For the record I am not paying because they assigned a salary to me that was greatly exaggerated, while reducing the salary of my wife to 50% of what she really makes.
Both are addressed in the law, but he wasn’t hearing anything and once his rant started there was no clarifying the facts. My son has been prevented from seeing me since July without explanation. And the Custody Master just assumed that i was a bad father and made no allowances for custody of visitation. I have spent less than 15 hours with him since last July. The marriage was a boring one, no violence, no police calls, nothing to warrant the disrespect I am receiving. Unless there is a whisper going around about some fabricated investigation. And
they LOVE to bring up the MCES issue because they know I don’t have the police report and can;t get one. Which only makes ME looks more suspicious. I have to tell you I have been beat up enough by this divorce. It is high time we find the person who is manipulating everything and prosecute them. Minimally I’d like to see someone from law enforcement at least look at the evidence. This has NEVER happened. Never, not once. No one has
ever even so much as looked at my computer files to see what was going on. And Det Kuter just wanted to erase all of the evidence in December when he finally responded after months and months of calls.
I assure you that my wife’s attorney, Valerie Angst, is behind all of this. Coincidentally since I filed for a PFA in December which alleges her participation in the surveillance she has not appeared with my wife at a court date to represent my wife. Her husband attends instead. They are the only ones making money.
I’m getting the shit kicked out of me by being Pro Se because I’d be a complete hypocrite to pay for a lawyer to say that I don’t have money to pay the support for my kid. It is just unfathomable that for the last 12 months this can be happening and not one person has looked at ANY evidence.
Can you please help me get to the bottom of this.
February 8, 2008 11:41 PM Just letting you know that last evening the President and CEO of Sunbelt Software, Alex Eckelberry decided
to post a link to a private web page of mine to a blog resulting in over 350 people visiting a site which was storing my notes about the intrusion. I had shared the link with one of their tech support people because it simplified the explanation about the initial intrusion. I had also explained that the page was not for wide distribution as I was watching every IP address that went to it, to confirm the identity of the people I have been dealing with.

While I have no idea why he would post sensitive financial data to an open blog, I really can’t understand his motivation for then emailing me that it was out there. Another person contacted me from Wales, UK and indicated it was Alex who posted the information in the first place. His email came through a server
that has been on most of the ‘suspicious’ emails I have received.
I’ve blocked the data, but it’s already out there. Now I guess I have to watch for identity theft issues as well.
Are you prevented from accessing the information that Montgomery Police have about who is doing this? This seems completely unprecedented that I would be under surveillance for such a long period of time. Especially when I am not doing anything which would warrant the attention.
Can we please get to the bottom of this?
February 9, 2008 7:50 PM
Lt Peffall,
I have just discovered that my web sites were hacked so that files in a private area would be presented if the error page came up. Additionally I have been unable to edit the Error Pages to make certain that the access was completely blocked. If I suspend my site, I kill all of the sites of my clients. So the ones who survived the losses of the last year and didn;t turn their backs and run, get rewarded with a shut down now.
My wife reported the page in question to Upper Gwynedd police last Saturday. She mentioned it to me on Wednesday. I blocked that section of the site, and changed the directory names to secure it. However, it would seem that several hundred people have been to the page. The list of addresses which have been to
the site indicates the towns of her close friends, and her lawyer, our son at Penn State, and also Montgomery Township.
I found out that she had reported it to Upper Gwynedd Police when I called her today to let her know that indeed the information accidentally was made public. I told her it was Alex Eckelberry who made it public information. I was calling to offer to pay for a service to provide security against identity theft. Then she said she called police last Saturday, I questioned why she wouldn’t have contacted me immediately. Or why they wouldn’t have contacted me directly?
I have contacted or attempted to contact anyone who had additionally posted a link based on the first post to request they remove any links they have to the site.I contacted Alex Eckelberry, the person who made the posting.
I’ve blocked the directories on the site.
Now it seems that someone has gone around my methods to secure the site and intentionally reopened the access. I have alerted the folks at HostGator, BUT I have a solid suspicion that the person I was chatting with online was NOT really hostgator.com support. It was the first time I have contacted someone there and not received the assistance I needed.
I am telling you that I am being set up for something. I have explained to you that I believe that to be the case. As I have no idea who is really accessing my computers remotely, I am a sitting duck. Considering Montgomery Township Police acted improperly and took me out in August, I do not expect any level of truth of fairness from them. Since searching for your name on the web and finding the internet predator cases, I am extremely
nervous that the allegation they have been whispering and setting up is along those lines. THERE IS NOTHING FARTHER FROM THE TRUTH. Would someone please explain to me what is going on here? I know the gov’t can access the computer. It’s the law,
I’m fine with that. Montgomery Police should have acted differently in August based on that publicly available
information. BUT, I know the general population can get similar tools – WebWatcher. And I imagine they have made a false report to cover their tracks. It’s the only explanation. Because who would want to put me thru 12 months of pure torture and harassment?
Can we please get to the bottom of this issue. I will gladly and honestly address any questions that anyone has for me. I have been upfront and honest when investigating this situation. I have not received that same honesty in return.
Terance Healy
February 9, 2008
3:09 PM
Please forward me the info.

Lt. Richard L. Peffall
Montgomery County Detectives
Major Crimes Unit
February 9, 2008
9:48 PM
Lt Peffall,

The text of the messages is below. (No edits , warts and all – my apologies if it offends, but it comes from honest opinion.)
Additionally, I am going to include the notes from a person named KOLOR in Wales, and JOAN CAMERON, a woman who also thought it was suspicious that it was posted. And also a note I sent to the contact at the blog site to request the link be removed. I haven’t been able to write to one other person who posted the link.
Also attached 2 picture files – the Google search results and the cached posting.
I am still processing the traffic to the site, but it correlates to the cities and towns of folks my wife would have informed of the site.
I have alerted HostGator security in hopes of getting the addresses of the person who modified the Error Page to provide the blocked anyway.
I am waiting to hear back from them – I’ll point out I am suspicious about the authenticity of the HostGator chat tonight.
I’ve recorded the IP address tracking and the sessions. It just really was the first time they have not answered immediately and
their tech had no answers either time. Suggesting I email the support request – yet I still haven’t received the response which is usually an autoreply with the ticket number.

2/7/2008 6:17 PM
Forgive me for contacting you like this but I stumbled across this file (http://www.work2bdone.com/case/images/info.txt) while looking at your recent case notes.
I would advise you to remove this file ASAP and any others that may contain sensitive information.
On a side note I am also from Gwynedd North Wales … although I’m actually in Wales

2/7/2008 6:23 PM
Hi Terance,
I’m not sure you want to publish sensitive data like this: _http://www.work2bdone.com/case/images/info.txt_
On your site.
Alex Eckelberry
President and CEO
Sunbelt Software
33 N. Garden Avenue, Suite 1200
Clearwater, FL 33755
e: alex@sunbelt-software.com <mailto:alex@sunbelt-software.com>
p: 727.562.0101 x220
f: 727-562-3402
w: www.sunbeltsoftware.com <http://www.sunbeltsoftware.com/>
b: www.sunbeltblog.com <http://www.sunbeltblog.com/>
WOW, this guy is nice, he saw my private financial data on the web and let me know.

2/7/2008 7:58 PM
Do you mind if I ask how you stumbled on the page? I don’t believe it is linked from anywhere and should not appear on any search engine.

May I ask how you found your way to the page?

8:38 PM
Any idea why your email goes through Marina Del Rey, CA on its way here?

2/7/2008 9:07 PM
No idea.

2/7/2008 9:07 PM
You gave it to Eric Howes, here at Sunbelt.
2/7/2008 9:33 PM
It is the address that all of my mail to software companies has been going through. Some sort of email intercept.
As you are aware of my situation from your visit to the web pages I’ll offer my current theory on what is happening.
Today a Detective informed me that the ultrasonic noise and device i have detected in my house is not anything that is used by law enforcement. He lied. I found a government report that lists out the tools and the technologies they make available for drug investigations. The last 2 pages is like a list of things I have detected on around or in my home, car, phones and computers. So I may be under some investigation after all… no worries. I am a good guy.
I also just found that the detective working with me has several listing with regard to internet predator cases. This whole concept is absolutely frightening because the accusations are often more damning than anything else. And I know the software exists to completely set someone up technology-wise. So I am a bit upset about how one defends from completely false allegations like those. And considering they had me involuntarily committed even though they knew I was telling the truth about being under surveillance, I have learned that the judicial system has little time for the truth. I really had no idea how bad it is. Just yesterday a judge schedule to hear an appeal in my divorce spent 30 minutes telling me he’s going to put me in jail. Problem is HE NEVER EVEN LOOKED AT THE FACTS OF THE CASE. That scares me beyond belief… but I won’t cower
because of the rantings of a bully.
In any case, thank you for your note about the data. I was aware of it but only shared the link with a few people. Those accounts have all been closed. I am also watching who goes to each page and when. It is how I detected quite a few of the people behind everything. Your programs were very helpful in the entire process. I’ll gladly exchange how they prevented your program from properly operating if you are interested in the information (unless you know already).
Thank you for your concern.

2/7/2008 10:16 PM
Send me your x-headers from the original email. It’s likely just a routing issue, nothing to get concerned about. And remember that anything you put on the internet is fair game
and in the public record once it’s published. I would take down any data on your site that you don’t want the world to see. This site has been blogged and you’re getting traffic. However, it’s
on a security blog and the people viewing your site are security folks. Nevertheless, I would remove anything you’re not comfortable with the world seeing (if there is anything of that nature).
Great, he’s so helpful, giving good advice. Remove anything you don’t want the world seeing!

2/7/2008 11:15 PM
Thank you for the advice. I’m going to make a quick adjustment now and review the content in the morning.
I was worried about someone making a false report when i thought it was probably a drug issue (because that document came from a drug enforcement site). I am just petrified at the idea that
someone would go as far as to make a false report about me hurting any child. It has been a very rough road in this divorce. I just can’t imagine having to endure a charge like that. I am hoping it is all simply paranoia. I wrote the detective and requested an opportunity to meet as soon as
possible. I won’t be able to think straight if I think that is what they could have been investigating for the last 12 months.
I’ll attach the mail headers below. You will see the one with the IP address is IANA in Marina Del Rey, CA. Oddly, when you look at their address on Google Maps or LIVE Maps, they
are located in the same parking lot as Awareness Technologies, the people behind WebWatcher. And as strange as it may seem, any mail I get from anyone working in the IT industry usually goes
through that building before it gets to me. Microsoft, McAfee, etc… The other IP address relates to Time Warner??? Are you affiliated with them? If not, it is likely just a fake entry. It seems all of my internet connections go thru a company called Level 3 Communications in Colorado. And that IP has a Colorado address. Only other though would be that someone is simply pretending to be you. And as paranoid as that may sound, I have the emails to prove that kind of activity since May of 2007 by telephone, web form and email.
Preventing me from answers and solutions to the surveillance, and all the while making me believe my wife was behind it all.
I’d really love to get to the bottom of all of this and get back to life. It’s just gone on too long. Again,
Thank you!
( I assure you that I am not engaging in any illicit or criminal activity which would reflect on you adversely for communicating with me. )
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2/8/2008 3:58 AM
At the bottom of the page you had several PDF files linked.
However these files returned a 404 page not found error.
As they where stored in the image directory and the file names contained a space (0x20) I thought they may have been incorrectly linked so I checked the images directory.
You should chmod the directory to 750 and/or place and index.html page in there.

2/8/2008 8:46 AM
I was wondering how you found out about that page’s existence, as it is a non-linked section of my domain.
And for some reason traffic to that page since your note yesterday has been constant.
Appreciate the info,

2/8/2008 8:50 AM
Oh my apologies.
I found the link on a blog page, however that page no longer exists.

2/8/2008 9:20 AM
Do you recall if it was in a posting or a comment on that page?
It’s peculiar because I have additionally heard from Alex Eckelberry about the info on the page. So I don’t think he posted it. Though he may have removed it after contacting me
last evening. BUT it is still getting constant hits currently.
Say it isn’t so Alex!  You know better.

2/8/2008 10:02 AM

2/8/2008 10:33 AM
Thank you. As long as it isn’t cached by some service I may have blocked the leak. This whole thing is just unbelievable. I don’t know what to think when the person who posted it contacted me
about it being inappropriate to have there. AND his email goes through the same building that houses Awareness Technologies – the bastards who write WEBWATCHER – the program that destroyed my life.
Thanks for the information. I sincerely appreciate it. Help has been so hard to come by – and on Feb 14 it’s 1 full year since the intrusion began.

2/8/2008 11:44 AM
No problem and may you take some solace in the fact you are not alone in your enmity for Webwatcher.
All the best from Gwynedd Wales 🙂

2/8/2008 2:36 PM
Terance, is a private IP address (which happens to be assigned by IANA). It’s an internal IP number, not an external IP number. In this case, it’s the IP number for our Exchange server.
It means absolutely nothing. is Time Warner. They provide our internet access, just like you get your internet access from Comcast.
Here’s some advice: Go down to a community college and take a course on internet basics (especially subnetting, IP routing, etc). You’re getting very worried about things that are absolutely meaningless. Having the correct data will help you accurate evaluate what’s going on.

Hold everything did the person that posted my private data to his blog just
suggest I learn about the internet from a local community college?

2/8/2008 4:30 PM
I linked to your article using a link contained in Alex
Eckleberry’s RSS feed for his SunbeltBLOG
After reading the article to which I was redirected by your site, I have no idea what message Alex was trying to convey. His website deals with internet security software, which I suppose
can sometimes be usefull in divorce situations. The exact text of his feed was this:
“Keyloggers, and all that. Feel free to try and make sense of it. Link here.
http://www.work2bdone.com/case/ Alex Eckelberry”
I appologize for having intruded.
“I have no idea what message Alex was trying to convey.”



2/8/2008 5:38 PM
I have a great deal more than enmity for WebWatcher… It’s just been maddening. No one will tell me who is behind it. And I am learning WAY TOO MUCH about how the US lawmakers prevent them from securing computers BECAUSE the need to monitor everyone. I just can;t believe that it goes that far. There are actually laws on the books which say they have to leave an entry point. I
assure you the exit point is clear. ARP and IVv6. There’s no way to stop a machine from sending out data.
A review of the executives of Awareness technologies reveals an very interesting ‘coincidence’. Each seems to come from an area where their program breaches security easily. As I was reviewing
them when I had a clear connection, each brings a different technology experience to the table. And their resumes were very similar to the list of things that I tried to get correct information about. A detective told me this morning that I was not under any investigation. However he lied to me about an ultrasonic microphone. And I told him flat out, as his experience is in internet predators and children, if they are looking for that here they are completely out of line and way off target. But, at the same time, I see the technology is available that someone could easily load my machine with files
and call it in. The accusation is enough here to destroy someone. I’ve already lost my business, my family, my money, my spirit… if this divorce goes into that direction there will be no forgiveness EVER. And I have reason to believe that is what is being set up. I’ve almost seen it coming since last July. And it scares the hell out of me because everything thing I have suspected from the beginning of this nightmare has been confirmed.
I live in fear, 24 hours a day.  It’s very frightening because when they locked me in a psych
ward because I thought someone was spying on me. The cop was completely unaware that the computer not only was not connected to any network. It had no wireless card. It had no network card.  It had no modem. Yet the police were able to show my brother a perfect screenshot of my computer. Which of course had they shown me, I’d have been all over them that they had the person
attacking me. I didn’t find out until after I was locked up.
THAT WAS AUGUST 2007, and it is still continuing. Police will not release a report of that day because the case is open? Why?
As my cell phones were hacked to enable blue tooth, i imagine that some sort of PPP / bluetooth connection was made. But I have no idea how they did it.
I also find it hard to believe that when it goes for this long and is done with so much enthusiasm, any individual couldn;t afford to pay for this service… unless they were going to lose everything if found out.
I know her lawyer is behind it. Just never imagined such horrible people in the world that could stand and watch the destruction.
Sorry, i get long winded,
All the best from the beautiful Gwynedd Valley!

2/8/2008 5:51 PM
That part of my site is about the misuse of WebWatcher by Awareness Technologies. Installed by my wife, on the advice of her lawyer. Likely purchased through a detective. It’s killed my business and destroyed me. Landed me in a psych ward (because I detected it). And I am afraid that she has been keeping my children away because they are going to go all out and accuse me of being a child predator. I live in fear of the whole situation.
Awareness Technologies deny it is on the machine – though their own software said it was there. I think the private detective realized I caught them and made a false report to the police. At
which point the authorities started monitoring with THEIR software and suspect they were wondering why I was working so hard to find it – and doing things to make them reveal
themselves. I just wanted to get back in business. Right now it looks like site about a guy crying about his divorce… because that posted link had been shared with Alex’s company in hopes
that they would see my problem and assist in detection/removal it contained sensitive banking info and I had to move the data – it was never meant for worldwide distribution. Though the story
is HUGE news I think. I have been blocked from getting word to any news agency to get the word out…
It’s just frightening…

2/8/2008 6:01 PM
I’ve got 20+ years of IT experience. And I’ve got experience in just about every area. Not a master of them all, but I have the concepts. The problem is that I never get answers to the questions I ask. My situation is not imagined.
I don’t doubt that some things I point out are explainable. But explaining one item doesn’t negate the whole series. There is no question about WHAT is going on. The only question is WHO is
doing it? Local police had a screenshot from my computer. How did they get it? Why are the local police covering it up? Why has not one person investigated the situation? Really investigated, not just say they are looking and stalling me. I’m not going to debate it with you. I’ve done all of that in the forums and all over the web. Believe what you like. Your credibility took a huge hit when I found out it was YOU who posted it to the web.
Why did you do that and then write me about it? It’s been 12 months of this type of harassment from people who are only as ‘real’ as anyone else on the web. Why would someone in your position make an irresponsible posting like that?
Gotta wonder,
“Your credibility took a huge hit when I found it was YOU who posted it to
the web.”

2/8/2008 6:04 PM
Gotcha. I don’t know the answers to your question.


2/8/2008 6:06 PM
Ah — as regards me posting it on the web, I asked Eric Howes if this was ok to post, he said yes, that you had said you were fine with it. I apologize if you didn’t like that. I’ve taken the post down.
My concern came after I realized that you’d posted some highly sensitive information on your site.

Who the heck is Eric Howes?

Ask Eric if he’ll pay my credit card bills?  Or the identity protection services?  Or how about the hours of time I;’ll lose one the phone with credit card companies ansd banks.
Ask Eric how he feels about gravity today and then forget everything you ever knew about it.

2/8/2008 11:45 PM
FINANCIAL DATA TO HIS BLOG which was immediately picked up by GOOGLE, and transmitted worldwide?
Why did I only hear back from two people about the published data?  And not one person in the US reported this?
Why does it seem that the 2500+ people who immediately jumped onto my web site were predominantly from Asia?

With the remaining access being from IP in the following locations
Green Lane, PA

Lansdale, PA
Blue Bell, PA
State College, PA
Quakertown, PA
Lititz, PA

(a law office)
(the apartment of an evil ex-wife)
(the workplace of an evil ex-wife)
(my son’s college town)
(location of her business partner)
(location of her best friend)
Why was my web site subsequently hacked and completely shut down when they realized I had access to the web statistics which indicates of who had been to the site? where they were from? what they looked at? for how long they looked? what they
YOU are right to keep Sonya from speaking to me.  After 20 years of marriage she
reveals every plan and lie.  It’s just evil that she’s keeping the kids away for fear they’ll tell, when she gives it upanyway.
Isn’t it strange that my wife’s lawyer’s IP address had been to that private section of
my web site long before Alex made it public?
Actually she was so frequent a visitor, I wonder if it was at her direction that one of my pages was copied and the data added and linked that way.   HA HA – She didn’t know that the updates and the creation of web pages is tracked too!  (Oh, they underestimate me so much.)
SURPRISE, I may have those files you thought you corrupted….  Caught you again!
February 13, 2008 9:05 AM Lt Peffall,

If you are busy, it’s cool, but are you getting my emails? Last I heard back from you was on Saturday.
I understand mine is not the only issue you may be working on.
And yes, I know I tend to over-inform at times.
An email reply of “OK” would let me know communication hasn’t been blocked.
February 14, 2008 9:29 AM Yes. Got them. Let me stress, you are NOT the target of any investigation I am aware of.

Lt. Richard L. Peffall
Montgomery County Detectives
Major Crimes Unit
February 15, 2008 4:50 PM FYI, I just went to look for one of Alex Eckelberry’s emails from last week and they are all missing. I
know I did not delete them. They are all gone. Gone from the folder I had moved them to. Gone from my sent mail folder.

I know that the computers are still under surveillance. But can no longer get an idea about who is doing it. But apparantly they are being more aggressive in their cover-up.
Is is possible to get some questions answered instead of creating more?
It’s been a year, please help me get some answers.
February 19, 2:48 PM Mr. Healy if you are subject to any surveillance it is well, well above my security clearance level!

Lt. Richard L. Peffall
Montgomery County Detectives
Major Crimes Unit
Can you suggest how I am supposed to proceed? Yesterday all of my web sites were down for hours, and when I contacted the hosting company at 10:30 they were unaware of any problems. This is frustrating beyond belief. The sites were dead and email out from 3:30pm yesterday.

Cheif Brady of Montgomery Police must have some information as to the source for his information about August 8, 2007.
Whoever has ruined me financially is free and clear and no one is ever going to look into it? My children have been avoiding any contact with me for fear they will divulge the secret their mother has told them. It’s been a year since the attacks on the business started. They seem to be continuing.
What am I supposed to do? Does everyone get away with this type of illegal activity? Even when it’s been proven?
February 21, 2008 9:35 PM FYI, the 4 foot fluorescent tube still lights in the same areas of my bedroom and bathroom.

How many different ways do I have to prove that something is going on here until someone will investigate? Or even if they won;tinvestigate – because they know the answer already – why can’t I get an answer as to who is behind this?
I’m not doing anything that would warrant any surveillance, let alone over 1 year of it.
Whats the explanation for all of this?
February 22, 2008
8:16 AM
There is no criminal investigation. Have you tried contacting the Public Utility Commission?

Lt. Richard L. Peffall
Montgomery County Detectives
Major Crimes Unit
February 22, 2008
10:25 AM
Why is it that there has been absolutely no investigation into my report of the illegal surveillance software installed by my wife and her lawyer on my home network in February 2007? Are you saying it is legal to use
stealth surveillance software to destroy someone’s business and hurt each of their clients? And the continued use of it to hack cell phones and redirect calls is acceptable use also? And when it allows them to manipulate not only the family courts, but law enforcement as well, I guess that is legal also?

It is just remarkable that the response to their illegal activities is to mock the victim. My apologies for detecting
EVERYTHING they were doing. From the first time you contacted me, I have corresponded to you with respect and no interest in wasting your time and efforts. I find your current response insulting. And when added to the misinformation you have provided in the past few weeks, I have to wonder why is it that i can’t get any answers?
February 22, 2008 10:38 AM I would suggest that you contact a private investigator that handles computer examinations. There are many that do this.

Lt. Richard L. Peffall
Montgomery County Detectives
Major Crimes Unit
March 3, 2008  5:56
As anticipated after the events of the beginning of the month, I am now additionally the victim of
Credit Card Fraud on my only credit card. No doubt it is a result of my personal data being published by the Alex
Eckelberry, CEO of Sunbelt Software, on his blog. Was there ever a phone call to ask why someone who has decades of computer security experience would publish the information to his blog and Google.

Why is it that no one investigates ANYTHING? The fraudulent charge information was reported to CHASE this afternoon. One of the transactions was a transaction to set up a web site through REGISTER.COM. There were several attempted transactions at REGISTER.COM, but it appears only one made it through. A new
credit card will be issued, but any continuing transactions like ongoing fees for my once viable hosting business are at risk.
And even afterwards they are still at risk, because I’ll have to type the new credit card numbers into their web pages and the illusion of privacy that exists on the internet is imaginary.
So I get to be tormented further. When does someone start to tell the truth? The music has started again on the game of musical chairs – whoever wants to sit down is next to watch, and they’ll wonder, “How does he know we are watching him already?
We just started???” Perhaps if they started taking chairs away instead of adding more players I’d get to the answers. And maybe I’d get a chance to see my children again. A chance to live a life again.
Why is no one prosecuting my wife and her attorney? or finding the private investigator? or providing the police report from Montgomery Township? or providing any information about the federal surveillance?
When everyone is engaging in illegal surveillance well no participant is going to tell on the other ones. What a great way to keep the secret?  Problem is that it’s destroying my children and my family in it’s wake.
When do I get answers? I’ve been through enough torture. It would be nice to see justice.
Terance Healy
March 4, 2008  1:40PM The credit card fraud must be reported to Montgomery township Police.

Lt. Richard Peffall
Montgomery County Detectives
Major Crimes Unit

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