The available software sends every conversation, every text message, and every phone number to a web site for review.

The software also allows the phone to be used as a microphone.   Your privacy is at risk whenever the phone is nearby, even if you are not on it.

The only way of detecting the intrusion is that your battery will die quickly.  They use up the battery while using your phone to spy on you.

The phone can be hacked by simply receiving a phone call or text message from the hacker.  My new phone was hacked in December 2007.  I watched it happen.  After avoiding answering a call from a strange phone number that had called several times, I received an email indicating it was microsoft support.  When I answered the phone, no one was there  AND the bluetooth functions were activated.

If the phone has bluetooth and your computer has bluetooth, they could be hacking each other.

I have a theory that the cable box is also connecting to phone and computers.  All networking access and protocals seem to be in the set top boxes.

The FBI has the capability to activate your land line phone and listen in on you even if the phone is hung up.

The FBI has the capability to use your cell phone to surveill you. 

Federal law requires computer manufacturers and software companies to leave a way into your computer in case the government wants to tap your computer.   Those are the same backdoor that the hackers are using to access you data.  The capability to do this has been additionally provided to your local police.

The computer situation creates an entire anti-virus industry.  The anti-Virus industry has a list of programs they agree to ignore.  The Anti-Spyware Coalition determines if the program should be detected.  

It is not too far of a leap to beleive they can also use the cable box for surveillance?  When you look at the situation, and the mandatory rollout of digital television nationwide it makes you wonder as digital television will require everyone to have a digital device, who can say they are not using it for surveillance.    Motorola makes the cable boxes for all of the major cable companies.

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