Joanne it’s Colin
I was just wondering if you guys have any plans of making him give me back my stuff
I need this stuff for school
This stuff I own
And you know what when he goes to jail for all these things that he’s doing and everybody comes calling us and crying to us that we put him in jail
You know what
He deserves it
I don’t understand why nobody’s making him give my stuff back to me
I gotta go to school
I need this stuff
It’s stuff that he doesn’t need
And he wouldn’t let me have a football today
A football
What is Terance going to do with a football
And please ask yourself that
When I started leaving with the football today he told me I was stealing the football
And I own the football
I don’t know what it takes
I don’t know why you guys aren’t making him give at least my stuff back
Johnny knows where it is too
And yet nobody will give me my stuff back
It’s despicable
Absolutely unbeleivable
If Johnny knows where it is I’m assuming John knows where it is
And nobody ever
I never heard anything about anyone coming down on John for following me into an empty parking lot and verbally harassing me
You guys
This is unbeleivable
I’ve lost a lot of respect for the Healy family
I cannot believe that you guys would let this happen
I cannot believe it
Brennan doesn’t have a desk to do homework on now because he won’t give up Brennan’s desk.
We’re not allowed to take our bicycles
I’m not allowed to have a football a football
I suppose he’s gonna go bike riding on eahc one of our bicycles and play football this weekend
Gimme a break
Somebody in that family needs to straighten him out
I begged you guys time and time again
And he’s gonna make it worse on himself
He’s already spent time in whatever that looney bin was
He’s gonna continue to make it worse on himself
And you guys can straighten him out and help him instead of crying to us when it does happen

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