In the middle of the night, someone fell on the roof of the house.  I know.  It seems crazy.

I had been awake. It scared the hell out of me.  I froze at first, then went through the house and turned on every light. 

By turning on every light in the house, anyone neighbor driving down the street would notice.   And maybe see something outside the house.

Additionally, the soccer net stored on the deck in the back had fallen apart.  It was made of pvc.  It wasn;t sturdy and was not meant to be climbed upon.

I found a new signal transmitting around the house.  It seemd to emanate from above my bedroom window.

I grabbed it’s MAC address.  Ran a few queries and determined it to be a repeater.   BUT, when I tried to find out what it would look like, the web returned a much larger picture of a device the size of a toaster.  No way that could be up on the roof without me seeing it.  I even called the manufacturer and was told it was too large to hide on the roof.

WebWatcher can control what you see on the web.  Redirection so that you only get to see what they allow you to see.   The item pictured was NOT the device I was investigating.

Additionally, the phone was redirected to someone to throw me off.  More on that later.

Late Wednesday of Thursday of that week, I would swear that I heard someone walk past my bedroom window.  My bedroom is on the second floor.  Petrified at what would happen if I startled the person out on the roof, and feeling like the paranoia was affecting me I forced myself to just stay still and fall asleep.

That Saturday morning I was in Circuit City buying a replacement hard disk, behind me was the device I had been checking out on the web.  It was the size of a cell phone.  Easily hidden inside a gutter or behind a shutter.  They had come back to remove it because they realized I’d eventually go onto the roof looking. 

When I got home from Circuit City, I checked the roof and there was nothing there… and the mysterious signal that provided the MAC address was also gone.

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