Two unidentified officers
It had been arranged that it would be coordinated with the lawyers when Sonya would come for items from the house, and that she would additionally provide a list of items. She goes directly to the Police. She tells them that she needs to get her items. The police call to see if I am home. I inform them that it was agreed that it would be pre-arranged. I would prefer it not be right then and there.

The police arrive anyway. They were just told that she is violating the agreement between our attorneys. I let the police in to discuss the issue. They immediately turn and open the door to Sonya. When she is asked for the list she doesn’t have it. The boys come in and clean out their clothes into garbage bags. She complains that she needs into the safe and I have to open it because she can’t figure it out. Meanwhile, there is a mad grab going on with no one keeping track of anything and assets were not to be touched according to the order that morning. Both boys are being put in the middle of this by her and responding as if I am doing something to them. After 30 minutes the police come to realize they’ve been had. On the way out the door, Sonya pulls out a list from her pocket. Had she provided it upfront, then she would have only been able to grab the list.

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