Two unidentified officers
It had been arranged that it would be coordinated with the lawyers when Sonya would come for items from the house, and that she would additionally provide a list of items. She goes directly to the Police. She tells them that she needs to get her items. The police call to see if I am home. I inform them that it was agreed that it would be pre-arranged. I would prefer it not be right then and there.

The police arrive anyway. They were just told that she is violating the agreement between our attorneys. I let the police in to discuss the issue. They immediately turn and open the door to Sonya. When she is asked for the list she doesn’t have it. The boys come in and clean out their clothes into garbage bags. She complains that she needs into the safe and I have to open it because she can’t figure it out. Meanwhile, there is a mad grab going on with no one keeping track of anything and assets were not to be touched according to the order that morning. Both boys are being put in the middle of this by her and responding as if I am doing something to them. After 30 minutes the police come to realize they’ve been had. On the way out the door, Sonya pulls out a list from her pocket. Had she provided it upfront, then she would have only been able to grab the list.


(No transcript available)

Subsequent documents confirm the activities of the conference.

Affadavit from Sara Armstrong.

No response from Angst & Angst.

Discovered Secret Order issued at this hearing in August 2011.

Sonya went to Police to gain access to the house she abandoned in May. There was no reason to go to police… but she did.

There is a Police Report .


Chief Brady


Officer Gerry Dougherty

11:10 AM Officer Dougherty arrives ‘unexpectedly’ and indicates the he is following up on the computer issue. I invite him in and we sit in my kitchen and discuss the way the computer software has destroyed my business, how it further has messed up my banking and finances, how I had proof of the programs installation yet the software company is still denying it., how my son disappeared about a month prior and I hadn’t heard from him at all and his calls were being blocked by my wife, how his mother was using him to make me feel bad, how the day before was his 16th birthday and he hadn’t returned any phone calls, how I had just returned from the bank where I found that some electronic payment transactions are processed in a way that could erase any trace of their existence by simply entering a reversing entry within the same period which explained my bill payments seemed to be un-done somehow and activity had disappeared without any trace, and how I had written on my computer at 10:30 AM regarding my hard disk which was being crashed yet again that “It is time for her to die. thank you for the software that made it possible.”

I then indicated that I assumed the message was the likely reason that he had shown up, but was curious as to how he knew. The computer was old. It had no network card. It had no modem. It was not connected to any network.  It wasn’t capable of transmitting the message anywhere.  Yet, he arrived 40 minutes after I typed the entry.

I further indicated that I selected the words carefully when I wrote the message knowing that the person who was spying on me may become alarmed and reveal themselves.  The file was never saved, printed, emailed, stored or transmitted in any way.   I had used multiple fonts sizes and a resized window so that the screen would have subtle identifying characteristics that likely wouldn’t be duplicated if the file was re-created to set me up.  Truth be told, I really didn’t expect the ‘test’ to produce any result for all those reasons.  Yet, Officer Dougherty arrived and we had just talked for hours about an issue which Montgomery Township Police had told me they could do little about. 

I offered to show him the screen. I had already been accused of enough ridiculous things through the summer. I realized that the message on the screen could be misinterpreted and twisted. While I didn’t mind that Officer Dougherty would see it, he had misrepresented the reason for his visit. Though I have known him since high school, he wasn’t being completely honest with me. That didn’t make sense. I also had nothing to hide. I had done nothing wrong. If it was to be interpreted as a threat, wouldn’t it have had to have been spoken, delivered, executed or presented to the ‘threatened’ in some form in order to make it a valid threat?

As Gerry and I went into the office we walked around to the back of the desk. I sat down and turned on the screen. As soon as the desktop came up, I immediately shut the window which contained the message.  I didn’t save it.  I was going to show it to him. His split second peek would be corroborative data which would allow him to connect the computer with whatever reason he had for stopping by that morning. His peek would be enough for him to identify that he indeed had seen the reason he had been sent to my home. It would be enough for him to connect with what the person showed or described for him that prompted the visit.  Since March I had been dealing with all of the hassles caused by this program and the people using it, the situation was going to be resolved.  I could get back to my life.

Gerry and I then went back to the kitchen, where he told me that he was concerned because he noticed how emotional I was when speaking about the divorce.  I told him I appreciated that and would likely find someone to talk through the betrayal and damage with once the divorce was resolved.  We were married for 20 years and she had alienated my oldest son away from me.  The last time Gerry had seen Colin was at a hearing the year before for underage drinking.  When Colin turned 18, he suddenly needed stricter guidance and parenting, his mother was undermining any parenting effort. 

Gerry offered to take me to find some ‘help’.  I responded telling him that I’m good, and I was looking forward to having this finally resolved.  I told him I really appreciated his concern, would handle seeking assistance in dealing with the emotional issues myself.  At that point he called or radio’d into the station and the tone changed.  He was now insisting I go with him.  I didn’t want to be unreasonable, but that wasn’t quite on my plan for the afternoon.  No matter how politely I turned down his offer, he wasn’t having it.   It was at this point that I realized that it wasn’t over.  It was about to become much much worse.

At his insistence, and under threat of being taken forcibly, I conceded to go with him.  I needed to go to the bathroom and wanted to change into long pants as I expected any office would be cold.  He said no.  I then indicated that he was being very unreasonable and I went up to change.  He insisted on following me, watching me pee, and change clothes and close up the house for the dog.  I gathered the hard discs from the computers as I didn’t want them left behind for the person who was now aware that they were caught to come and take.  A backup officer arrived?  What was going on here?

Gerry left immediately with my backpack with the discs inside and I went on to the police station with the other officer. I had called my brother to let him know what was going on and asked him to run over to the township building to pick up my backpack.

At the police station Gerry put me in an interrogation room, and indicated it was a courtesy as opposed to having me in a cell.  Holy shit.  This was not feeling right, the feeling of being set up was overwhelming.  I had my cell phone and I made a few calls to people, including Ed Weideman.  In my message to Ed, I was asking him to run over and straighten them out.  Let them know what Sonya was doing to intentionally stress me out.  I imagine I was in the interrogation room for about a half-hour or more waiting for Gerry to return.

The truth was on my side.  They completely revealed themselves to the police.  They turned themselves in.  

Gerry presented the 302 paperwork and read it aloud.  I disagreed with several of the lines he used but was alarmed at his mis-quoting a metaphor which I had told him I used the day before in a conversation with my lawyer.  I pointed to it on the page and told him it was completely misrepresented in the paragraph. 

We were then off to MCES.  Stopped at Burger king en route.  I was confident that I’d have no reason to be kept in Norristown.   I’d go and tell them what was happening and that it was now resolved because the persons responsible had called the police to report me, and thus indicated their involvement directly to the police.  Gerry and I went inside, he handed them some paperwork, they told me to have a seat in the lobby.  And Gerry left. 

I met with a woman who was rather rude.  She didn’t introduce herself.  She did a few memory type tests.  She asked why I was there.  It lasted about 15 minutes then she left without a word.   Her exit was odd, but so was her entrance.  She was the least cordial doctor I had ever encountered.  I waited for close to an hour for some indication that I could call my brother John and get a ride back home.  But that was not what happened.  When I asked the attendant/receptionist about calling my brother, she casually indicated that the doctor indicated I should be kept there.  When I told her that it was a mistake she indicated the doctor had already left, there was no possible way for me to go home that night. 

I only remember dropping to the floor sobbing.  It was a level of frustration and despair that I had never imagined.  There was no explanation of how this could be happening.  Yet it was.  And there was nothing that could be done about it.  It was uncontrollable.  You were just involuntarily committed… and you don’t even know why.  

I don’t mean that in the psychological sense.  I didn’t know why because they had informed the doctor that I intended to blow up the local mall. You were locked up on that mis-quoted metaphor which was made into a single statement.

Within the next hour you would talk to your brother on the phone and additionally find out they had shown him the screen shot of your computer with the message on it. This was done while you were waiting in the interrogation room at the police station. As they neglected to indicate who had provided it to them. He thought I had provided it.  He said when they showed it to him it was done to demonstrate to him that his brother needed help. “Look what he wrote.”

My brother John returned to the police station where the picture was no longer available.  The screen shot existence was denied.  And another picture of my office was shown to him.  He described that picture as having a strangeness to it. 



In the middle of the night, someone fell on the roof of the house.  I know.  It seems crazy.

I had been awake. It scared the hell out of me.  I froze at first, then went through the house and turned on every light. 

By turning on every light in the house, anyone neighbor driving down the street would notice.   And maybe see something outside the house.

Additionally, the soccer net stored on the deck in the back had fallen apart.  It was made of pvc.  It wasn;t sturdy and was not meant to be climbed upon.

I found a new signal transmitting around the house.  It seemd to emanate from above my bedroom window.

I grabbed it’s MAC address.  Ran a few queries and determined it to be a repeater.   BUT, when I tried to find out what it would look like, the web returned a much larger picture of a device the size of a toaster.  No way that could be up on the roof without me seeing it.  I even called the manufacturer and was told it was too large to hide on the roof.

WebWatcher can control what you see on the web.  Redirection so that you only get to see what they allow you to see.   The item pictured was NOT the device I was investigating.

Additionally, the phone was redirected to someone to throw me off.  More on that later.

Late Wednesday of Thursday of that week, I would swear that I heard someone walk past my bedroom window.  My bedroom is on the second floor.  Petrified at what would happen if I startled the person out on the roof, and feeling like the paranoia was affecting me I forced myself to just stay still and fall asleep.

That Saturday morning I was in Circuit City buying a replacement hard disk, behind me was the device I had been checking out on the web.  It was the size of a cell phone.  Easily hidden inside a gutter or behind a shutter.  They had come back to remove it because they realized I’d eventually go onto the roof looking. 

When I got home from Circuit City, I checked the roof and there was nothing there… and the mysterious signal that provided the MAC address was also gone.


I could detect an ultrasonic noise in the house after Brennan was abducted by his mother because “It’s not safe”.

I did not mention it to anyone until November 2007.  There was already enough crazy stuff going on, I wasn’t going to add to it.  But I noticed and search the web for a way to detect it.

You don’t actually hear Ultrasonic noises.  You experience them.  Where sound waves need to hit your eardrum to be heard, and ultrasonic waves go directly to your brain.  I compare the ‘sound’ to that of a stereo where the turntable has stopped playig but the system has not shut off.  Like a speaker hiss.

The Ultrasonic waves affected other things in the house.  The most reliable being ants.  I was able to guage the strength of the signal by the number of ants which would appear around the house.  The ants would move to the inner walls of the house or the outer walls based on the strength of the signal.   In late 2008 and early 2009, as I never saw ants inside in the winter, I noticed that the stronger the signal the more ants that were crawling at the kitchen sink.  On weaker days there were no ants.

On stronger days the dog wanted to be outside more.   The noise had as much an affect on the dog as it did me.  It was disruptive and totally distracting.

On stronger days, I was highly emotional.  Many of the high signal days  I spent in bed or on the couch just crying.  I was incapacitated.  Unable to think.  Unable to act.  Unable to do anything – except get up every 5 minutes hit the refrigerator and go back to the couch to cry.

I still searched on the web for something to reveal it,  but knew that I would not be able to get to any pages on the device.  The computer surveillance software has amazing filter capabilities.  If they don’t want you to find a word on the web, you won’t.  In December 2007, my brother called and said he heard that flourescent tubes glowed when exposed to ultrasonic waves.  I went to the basement and found a 4 foot tube.  I took it up to my bedroom and removed it from the cardboard wrapper.   STAR WARS! 

It was lit up like a light saber.  All of the areas in the house where i ‘felt’ the ultrasonic waves were coming from were confirmed by the flourescent tube.  I was so upset by this I couldn’t leave the house.  Even though I knew what it was.  To have it confirmed was unsettling.   Confirming or Proving anything has not made a difference at all in resolving the situation.  Anyone who could do something with the evidence has already been manipulated into silence and inaction. 

The ‘light show’ as it came to be called was witnessed by many others through 2008.  There is also a video on You Tube where a man named Kranzius demonstrates the affect of ultrasonic waves on a light tube.  He’s trying to cure cancer by injecting gold particles into cancer cells and hitting them ultrasonically.  The cancer is burned up because the metal particles heat up, while surrounding tissue is unaffected.

I blame the device which has been pointed at my head while i sleep for a burn on my scalp that will not heal.  It additionally gets better or worse depending on the strength of the signal.  It has ranged in size from 1cm diameter to almost 5 inches.  I sweat when I sleep.  The metallic elements in my sweat are causing the burn.  While it was harmless to put your hand through the waves, when it is pointed at your head while you sleep (or cry in bed) for a year and a half.  It is not unreasonable to beleive it is causing a burn. 

Additionally the signs of improvement have been evident over the last 3 weeks.

In early 2009, just after Super Bowl Sunday it stopped.  It took me 2 days to realize it was really off.  Not just turned down as it had been many times.  For the next several days, each morning I awoke feeling exponentially better than the previous day.   It has been back very faintly in the last few days…

Other people experienced the Ultrasonics as well without the ‘light show’.  They usually got a headache or experienced nausea if they were here while it was on.

I also believe that the ultrasonics contributed to the death of my dog.  The dog had been poisoned in March 2008.  the dog had been in or around the home 24×7 with few exceptions.  There was no way for him to avoid the radiation.  By the summer of 2008, the dog was experiencing extreme incontinence.  I couldn’t even yell at the dog for it.  While I was cleaning the hardwood floors in the ktichen and hallway up to 10 times on some days, he had this expression  on his face that he didn’t understand it either.  He realized that if he used the stairs he would pee on them, so he went on the hardwood floors.  I’ll give Max credit for this. 

Max died in October 2008. It was seven months since he had been poisoned during the robbery of my house.  The vet had suspected diabetes, but the breeed doesn’t typically get diabetes.  B lood and urine test were unable to indicate the cause.  He was experiencing organ failure gradually.  It broke my heart when he passed.  He was my companion and the only family I had left.

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