I looked outside and noticed 2 police cars in front of the house.  I had no idea why they were there.  That day I had been advised to escalate the network intrusion to the FBI.

It turns out that Sonya, who was staying at Ed Weideman’s nearby home,  had called the police and sent them to the house because Colin was coming to the house to beat me up. [Even typing this seems so ridiculous.  The idea of “beating up” is unfathomable.  We don’t do that.  We never did.]

So the police were in the driveway trying to cal Colin down from a fight which never happened. 

Colin came into the house that night and we talked.  He revealed that ‘he knew things’. 

I explained that I had been doing things on the computer to make the hacker expose themselves.  And he was revealing things that only could have been learned from that person.

Colin and I shared a great relationship until December 2006 when his mother told him her plan to divorce.  She told him to keep it a secret.  The only way he could make sure he didn’t tell me was to distance himself from me.  And that’s what he did.

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