The FBI uses a program called DCS (Digital Collection System)  to handle land line phone surveillance.  It it not even necessary for them to leave their offices to activate it and the data can be received anywhere thanks to the internet.

I found out about this after my phone was ringing back after calls for weeks.  It was annoying so I called the phone company.  They had no information.  So I did a little investigating.  Got the number that the ringback was coming from.  Tracked it to a building in Huntingdon Valley, PA.  Building looked vacant.  Their web site storefront had been abandoned.  I called the number back and it would just ring and ring.  Then i started to wait, and after 20 rings, it answeres and said somethign along the line of “Please enter your access code.”

I searched the web for a phone device that used that phrase and found a pdf file for a manual.  A manual for the DCS-1500.  I downloaded it.  Suddenly my phone rang, it was a call FROM the number.  And someone pretending to be my sons soccer coach who had made calls years ago from that phone.   I never got around to opening the manual that day.  I thought it was Digital Communications System. 

I learned months later that the FBI system was called DCS.  I had the manual to their program that was gathering data for months and didn’t know it.  No wonder they called me when I downloaded it.  it makes sense.  And the distraction worked.

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