• Why would a law firm have their client sign a confidentiallity agreement to not discuss their handling of a case?
  • Does someone at Angst & Angst know the Doylestown based lawyer for Brandofino Communications?  Is that why they let me go just before the illegal software would affect their small business.  It affected all of my other clients.  It would seem that the magazine publisher dropped me just before they would have been affected by the hack.  Anyone who knew what was about to happen would want to make sure her friends business would not be affected or damaged.  Terance Healy was being targeted for destruction and Brandofino Communications disassociated themselves just in time.
  • You have destroyed a family.  You have used my children.  You have caused so much damage. 
  • How many others have you used these tactics against? 
  • Did your other victims kill themselves after you set about destroying them?  Which was passed off as their being upset about the divorce.
  • You should have checked my resume and noticed I have experience in all of the technologies you would use against me.  You found the one person who would have the skills and experience to recognize what was going on.

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