To: District Attorney Rise Ferman MJ-38118-CR-0000096-2015
– Lauren McNulty

cc: Attorney General Kathleen Kane
Governor Tom Wolf
Distribution list

Notice regarding the improper actions of the Court following submission/receipt of the attached Statement of Defendant on April 9, 2015.

The Court has ignored and denied rights secured and protected by the Constitution of the United States.

The Court has proceeded in the matter in violation of the laws of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

Ms McNulty has witnessed and participated in the violation of my rights and the lawlessness of the actions by the Court.

Ms McNulty has misrepresented herself and her actions in regard to the attached statement.
a) When offered to her prior to the hearing, Ms McNulty refused the statement indicating she was concerned for my rights.
b.) At the commencement of the hearing, Ms McNulty indicated she had a copy of the document which she had refused while misrepresenting herself.
c.) Apparently, any concern for my rights was a farce, a lie and a fraud upon the court where Ms McNulty had already been handed a copy of the statement by the court.

The Court indicated that the Statement had not been reviewed or considered prior to commencement of the proceeding.

The Court then proceeded with the matter suggesting that my appearance in court without an attorney was a waiver of counsel, after a brief recess to review the statement, EVEN WHERE MY STATEMENT CLEARLY INDICATED NO SUCH WAIVER OF COUNSEL OR THE RIGHT TO REPRESENTATION.

Without the support within Pennsylvania laws and with the full knowledge that the court was proceeding where I was facing the potential ‘dangers and disadvantages of self-representation”
– with my rights being ignored
– with Pennsylvania Law being ignored
– with rights secured and protected by the Pennsylvania Constitution being ignored
– the United States law being ignored
– with rights secured and protected by the Constitution of the United States being ignored


Further, the Complaint in the matter has now been modified three times, including modification AFTER my arrest which involved another county, Bucks, and another police department, Warrington Township.

The false allegations clearly fabricated by the officer who LIED to the court to obtain the arrest warrant placed the integrity of the Court in jeopardy. The potential for that being recognized, I have kept the court informed of my actions and the awareness of the situation.

Where Judge Duffy proceeded improperly, unlawfully and unconstitutionally, she has sacrificed her personal integrity and honor, and undermines the judicial independence of the court while placing my freedom, liberty and future in jeopardy.

This deliberate negligence where there is no opportunity to defend once the rule of law and rights have been ignored by the court causes a further denial of rights and the rule of law from which there can be no recovery, restoration or relief. The result will be terror as evidenced in Healy v Healy and healy v Miller.

Rule 1.6 Confidentiality of Information which affects all legal professionals will further deny and prevent addressing the issues while further injustice, lawlessness and the denial of rights will continue to terrorize and attack without any possibility of relief.

Rule 1.6 mandates the sacrifice of the integrity of the Court to protect the loss of the integrity of the Court.

Rule 1.6 mandates the disrepute of the reputation of legal professionals caused by the lawlessness and unconstitutional actions which have and will occur.

Rule 1.6 mandates the non-disclosure by legal professionals of the Rule of Law IGNORED, and Constitutional rights IGNORED while preventing legal professionals from addressing the repugnant abomination of law improperly enacted by the Judicial Branch without construction by any Legislature or the signature of any Governor.

After living without protection of the Rule of Law and rights secured by the Constitution of the United States, where secret orders from unidentified courts were issued to prevent removal of an unconstitutional law which has caused massive INJUSTICE in the United States.

Rule 1.6 is responsible for the constitutional crisis across the United States and demonstrates the judiciary has been undermined and governmental authority has been usurped while justice has been denied and prevented by the author – the American Bar Association and its membership organizations in every jurisdiction within every state and federally.

“America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.” -Abraham Lincoln

“I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just, that his justice will not sleep forever.” -Thomas Jefferson

This issue will be raised to the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania, the Governor and the Legislature while I remain threatened and terrorized by the corruption of those sworn to protect the Constitutions.

Terance Healy



1000840_549119881792184_30292053_nWhen did we stop being Americans?

If we focus on the one thing that unifies people instead of all the stupid little things that separate and divide, we can get a lot more accomplished in this world.

We would also see who’s behind it all… and who benefits from having everybody divided.

When the American Bar Association spread their Rule 1.6 Confidentiality, they took over the country… the law became ignored by the lawyers… the courts became ignored by the lawyers… The government became ignored by the lawyers… The rights of the people have become ignored. ONLY ONE PROFESSION IS PERMITTED AND ABLE TO CREATE THEIR OWN ECONOMY. INJUSTICE IS THEIR GOLDMINE.

Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen Kane will have the opportunity to reveal what happened to the entire country in the coming weeks. Once she had become aware of what triggered INJUSTICE, she had no escape and has experienced the loss of intangible rights every American believes are protected. She has been attacked and prosecuted unfairly. She has been falsely accused where every allegation is unsubstantiated. She has been the victim of misrepresentations without any opportunity for defense by those who know the rules of confidentiality. Mandated to silence, she is the victim. Lawyers flip the script and accuse their victims of the actions they are initiating … It confuses. It doesn’t change the truth, but the tactics require effort to get to the truth.

Ordering the Attorney General of Pennsylvania to silence by a corrupt court order which deliberately orders her to participate in a conspiracy which denies the constitutional rights of American is wrong. The legal game of keeping her quiet is criminal, corrupt and seditious twisted applications of law – all actions of the corrupt and the corrupted to conceal their crimes.

Kathleen Kane has lost the protection of the rule of law and her constitutional right. Only now has the opportunity presented itself LEGALLY. Kathleen Kane can open her mouth and explain to the world what has happened in the United States.

A lawyer is not obligated to confidentiality when presenting a defense in a legal matter or disciplinary action. Kane has been ordered to appear in Norristown Pennsylvania to face charges. the opportunity has presented itself to expose the corruption in Norristown Pennsylvania. Those with no respect for the law who feign knowledge of the law have fallen into their own trap. Their corruption has become so twisted it will expose itself.

God Bless America, save us from ourselves, restore justice and release a judiciary held hostage and corrupted by the lawyers who have turned American Justice into a cruel game of liars poker. Rule 1.6 Confidentiality of Information denies and prevents justice and is unconstitutional.



At the proceeding held two weeks ago, I respectfully asked the Court to relay the message to the ‘witnesses’ who were not permitted into the courtroom that I have never and was never at any time intending to suggest or cause them physical or emotional harm. Simply seeking enforcement of the law.

As a father, I could understand the necessity of protecting a family. I have sought the assistance of law enforcement and followed due process in every aspect.

It has been the failure of law enforcement to enforce the law and the impropriety of the judiciary which have prevented any resolution. It was their failure which was used to deny any visitation or custody because my wife was making the house unsafe and indicating that the house was unsafe and the police were doing nothing to stop her team of private investigators and ill-informed offices.

It is that failure which lead to the letter to the Governor, the Legislature, and the Attorney General requesting enforcement of the law.

The judge indicated that she would NOT relay the message. To permit the ‘witnesses’ some relief, I then requested that the DA relay the same message.

Yesterday, the DA indicated that she DID NOT relay that message. WTF? Fear-mongering? To create a case, which doesn’t exist… you frighten a family with small children and PREVENT COMMUNICATION to create a case? That is twisted and evil.

Officer Dougherty has created this nightmare for them and for me. He has a family living in an unnecessary fear which he has created. He has me in fear of further false allegations. He created the entire event. He exacerbated the entire event. He failed to investigate the theft/fraudulent conveyance of the property.

The DA has prevented the prosecution of the theft/fraudulent conveyance of the home.

Observing the District Attorney activities, it seems clear that many of the crimes which they prosecute are the ones they create and develop and control.
Dougherty and Furman
As I am not permitted to communicate with the witnesses, there is nothing I can do to allay the fears which have been created by a police officer who has terrorized my life since August 2007.
… and a DA who has prevented enforcement of the law when ANY AND EVERY crime has been committed against me.

Their disappointment is demonstrated in their effort to frighten a family to avoid enforcement of the law while continuing to harass me. Evil is not illegal, but these actions are inexcusable.

The failure to respect any constitutional right becomes more and more evident when they are trampled upon by the corrupt, the corrupted, and the corruptible.

The Governor and the Attorney General are being kept informed of the matter.


My statement was accepted by the court prior to the hearing and delivered to the judge who indicated she did not review the statement before proceeding to conduct the Preliminary Hearing.

My appearance for the hearing which was ordered by the court was interpreted as a wavier of counsel even where I had indicated I did NOT waive my right to counsel.

It was out of character for the judge to IGNORE my statement, the non-waiver of counsel and proceed with the Preliminary Hearing. I respectfully acknowledged the judge’s decision and indicated I would seek an interlocutory appeal to the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania to address the issues presented in my statement.

My experience demonstrates the inability to prevent any judge from being misdirected to unlawful and unconstitutional decisions which undermine their integrity. I can do nothing to protect the integrity of a judge who ignores me.

By law, the Preliminary Hearing is not permitted to occur where the Defendants rights have not been addressed, acknowledged and respected. When IGNORED, a persons rights tend to become further ignored and denied. An inescapable trap which denies the rule of law and justice.

I had no choice but to continue where I was ordered to appear, and ordered to defend myself even where my rights were expressed. Every action seeks to undermine the person who is presumed innocent… BUT, the charges are also being re-written.

When facing a moving scope of allegations and time periods, any demonstration of emotion which is being elicited and provoked can and will be used against you in a ‘court of law’ to deny your rights further.

Prior to the matter the representative of the District Attorneys office indicated she would not accept my statement where it could interfere with my rights.

No less than 5 minutes later, she indicated she already had a copy of the document which she had refused to accept from me.

The judge who indicated she had not read it before beginning the Preliminary Hearing – where I was left to represent myself – had provided a copy to the DA who pretended she was concerned about rights and refused it.

Lies, misrepresentation and fraud… The effort to deny and prevent facts and truth in any proceeding is the game which denies and prevents justice.

Those who purport to be respecting my rights have denied me the constitutional right to counsel, proceeded without a waiver of counsel, and have taken several days of my life without permitting me to indicate the fraud upon the court.

The problem with injustice is that it creates an economy for lawyers which you are obligated to engage. My rights are not protected when any effort to speak to address the allegations is prevented from multiple proceedings while my freedom my liberty and my movements are confined and restricted and my freedom of speech is further restricted and threatened by as a condition of bail.

After an extended proceeding where every question posed on cross examination was interrupted, chkallenged and failed to permit any continuity of thought, the matter was continued prior to the police officer who had compiled, assembled, delivered, alleged, responded to, sworn to, every effort in this matter including the affidavit sworn before the judge which caused my Arrest.

Though an essential element of the purported threat is the indication of who is the owner of the property, any question regarding the issue is OBJECTED and SUSTAINED. Where the letter to the PA Governor, Ag, and Legislature indicated that I would take possession of “MY PROPERTY”, the purported threat demonstrates the belief that the witness believes the property belongs to me.

The DA , after testimony and cross of the first witness, extended the scope of time for the complaint… AFTER OBJECTIONS TO THE CROSS EXAMINATION QUESTIONS OF EVERY ACTIVITY DURING THAT PERIOD WERE SUSTAINED.

One arrest. Two proceedings. And the complaint that has been modified in scope and activities three times at the direction of the DA who further initiated the personal delivery of the amended complaint by police (armed) to be delivered by police to my mothers residence. Intimidation and threat tactics seeking to humiliate and embarrass and requiring additional police escort/involvment by Warrington township instead of a postage stamp?

Responding the the question of who is her client, she indicated she had no client.
The final sentence of my statement indicates her client list to whom the mandate of attorney client privilege extends reaches well beyond the officer who has brought these false allegations before a court and lied to a judge to terrorize me and place my life in danger. The cost and liability for the intimidation by false reports and false swearing before a judge escalates… It will be used to continue the effort because the admission that a malicious prosecution has continued against a person who has sought justice is a truth which will never be admitted in court. Not after 9 years of terror.

How do you threaten a person with whom you have had no contact?
How do you harass a person when you have had no contact, and have never met?
When a person chooses to view a web site… The author is not stalking the person. Seeking information on the internet does not create a crime.

When a cop takes a paragraph from a web site wraps it in a vulgar horrific hack and presents it as a threat… The cop has committed a terroristic threat and attributed it to someone else and lied to a judge… Abuse of power under color of law with intent to harass and terrorize and cause emotional distress. AGAIN.

Commonwealth of Pennslyvania MJ-38118-CR-0000096-2015
Terance Healy

Statement of Defendant on April 9, 2015

The criminal allegations are unfounded.

At issue is the inability to obtain counsel unhindered and unencumbered by the confidentiality and nondisclosure MANDATED by the Rules of Professional Conduct which have been demonstrated to cause an absolute denial of any protection of the law and the denial of rights secured and protected by the Constitution.

The Preliminary Hearing requires the constitution right to representation by legal counsel be addressed before continuing.

I do NOT waive the right to be represented by an attorney/lawyer/counselor.

I am destitute and cannot afford an attorney.

Every attorney within the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania is mandated by the Rules of Professional Conduct UNLESS and UNTIL they recognize the unconstitutionality of the law enacted by the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania .

A waiver of counsel with the knowledge of potential “dangers and disadvantages of self-representation” cannot be executed in where comprehension, acknowledgement and experience demonstrate the affect of Rule 1.6 Confidentiality of information causing the facts to be ignored.

Actions and decisions are UNEXPLAINED and/or UNSUBSTANTIATED and each and every effort seeking recourse and redress is IGNORED or PREVENTED.

I have proceeded within the law and without any deceptive, misleading, improper or incomplete information to those with whom I have communicated citing the procedure(s), law(s) or right(s) which were applicable in the situation.

The judiciary has improperly indicated a lack of jurisdiction in the matter which has been ‘affirmed’ upon appeal while documents filed with the Superior Court of Pennsylvania have been undistributed and related documents/orders have not been provided upon request without explanation.

The Pennsylvania Attorney General having the responsibility to address the issue of constitutionality of law has failed to respond without explanation when notified pursuant to Rule 521.

The person, Kathleen Kane, has indicated that she has received ‘orders from unidentified courts’ which require her to neglect the responsibilities of the office to which she has been elected and is prevented from conducting investigations or providing any explanation to any individual or to the public.

Where such an order exists with a mandate of non-disclosure, Kathleen Kane would be prevented from ANY CHALLENGE to that order where she lacked standing without evidence of damages to support her action and prevented from EXPOSING the improper order to which she must comply.

It is my firm belief that such order(s) exist and prevent Kathleen Kane, the person, from addressing the matter in any form INCLUDING communication with the Governor, the Legislature, or the judiciary of the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania.

It is my firm belief that such an order has been indicated to the person and not the professional with the intention of concealing the usurpation of the lawful authority of the Office of the Attorney General of Pennsylvania from Governor, the Legislature, the Judiciary and the people of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

It is my firm belief that such an order has recognized and acknowledged the fallen Rule 1.6 with its collateral unconstitutional effect and has re-caste the ‘Rule’ as an order of the court which continues the denial of the Rule of Law and the prevention of constitutional rights with a mandate of confidentiality and non-disclosure which prevents the person from the elected responsibilities of the Office of the Attorney General of Pennsylvania.

It is my firm belief that the unconstitutional non-disclosure and confidentiality of Rule 1.6 Confidentiality of Information which is mandated upon every lawyer, judge and legal professional within the jurisdiction of the state affects the administration of justice within every court within the state and federally (McDade Murtha Amendment and Local Rules).

The Attorney General of Pennsylvania has been contacted in this regard, and in regard to the matter before this honorable court. There has been no response from the Office of the Attorney General, nor Attorney General Kane.

Kathleen Kane, the person has been contacted in this regard and in regard to the matter before this honorable court. There has been no response from Mrs. Kane, nor through her personal legal team.

The most recent correspondence with the Governor and the Legislature advising the of the courts indicated lack of jurisdiction and seeking ENFORCEMENT OF THE LAW and legislative action, where necessary, is attached.

There is no procedure to address this issue. There is no law. There is no case law.

The reason for this may be that once a person signs a waiver, or agrees to accept anything less than a zealous representation by a lawyer, any indication of a failure or ineffectiveness of counsel assigned by the court is EXCUSED AND IGNORED by any subsequent court pursuant to Rule 1.6 Confidentiality of Information.

The Right to Counsel is a federal issue which does not permit the state to infringe on the rights of the defendant to effective counsel.

Unless A DEFENDANT KNOWS THAT HIS RIGHTS WILL BE LOST FOREVER, he is deliberately undermined by a false sense of legal representation which is not permitted to indicate that the rule of law and the constitutional has been sacrificed.

I wish to assert my rights, which are secured protected and guaranteed by the Constitution of the United States and the Pennsylvania Constitution.

I wish to be represented by a lawyer who is permitted to represent me without an unconstitutional law which silently and secrets sacrifices those rights.

I respectfully request this Honorable Court recognize the issue which has come before the Court and advance the issue to the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania for immediate attention to two questions.

1. Has the collateral and unconstitutional affect of Rule 1.6 Confidentiality of Information, which was not constructed by any Legislature or signed by any governor enacted by the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania been reviewed for constitutional impact and affect by the court and found to be constitutional?

2. Has Kathleen Kane, the elected Attorney General, been ordered improperly to continue an unconstitutional effort which denies any litigant of the equal protection of the law and the rights secured and protected by the Constitution of the United States and the Pennsylvania Constitution; and to conceaql such an order from the government and the People of the Commonwealth?

I respectfully request the assistance of the court in composing the questions in the interest of justice and seeking to obtain the appropriate and effective response from the higher court.

It is noted that the clients of the District Attorney include all of those individuals and officials who have neglected or ignored this issue and prevents recourse for this Defendant since 2007.


Terance Healy


The lawyers are attempting to destroy our society before we recognize the fact that lawyers have already wrecked our society.

#RaiseTheBar #RazeTheBar

Membership privileges include ignorong the Constitution of the United States of America when it comes to other members crimes, corruption and injustice.



Rule 1.6 provides non-disclosure and confidentiality for Injustice and Corruption.

ONE LAW enacted in each state by the judiciary, NO LEGISLATURE, NO GOVERNOR.

Where constitutionally protected rights and the law are IGNORED… The collateral unconstitutional effect denies Justice, denies equal protection of the Law, and prevents effective unhindered representation by legal counsel… Because the lawyers cannot expose the injustice pursuant to Rule 1.6 Confidentiality of Information.

Each state government was undermined and usurped, and all federal authorities must follow the rules in the jurisdiction where they work. Once removed, the FBI holiday is over… back to prosecuting judicial corruption.

The Americam Bar Association is the author. Its members are the benefactors.

Remove unconstitutional Rule 1.6… Repugnant unconstitutional nullity.
Raze the Bar. Raise the bar.

Every. Person. Matters. Justice is coming.


Terror is 9 years of being a victim.

Life without the protection of the Law is not a life.

Life without the rights secured by the Constitution is not life.

Life without any recourse or escape is not life.

Every effort to survive is undermined … and unexplained… and punished.

Every action you take is a threat.

Every action you do not do is your motivation – fuel for future supposed anger – because no one would tolerate what you have experienced without snapping out in anger.

Hope is futile.

Belief is mocked.

Perseverance is not understood.

After surviving nine years of terror – where there was no law, no civil right, no constitution, no procedure, no explanation, no escape and no end to the attacks…
… when you are not capable of suicide, there is no future.

There is no family.

There are no friends.

There are no holidays, birthdays, weekends, …

There is no caring.

There is no support.

My understanding of the situation, the reality, the perception, and the concealed, has enabled my isolation.

I understood that no one would want to be near the person who is attacked relentlessly in this manner to witness their destruction and stand there helpless.

I understood that any assistance would be quickly met with the attack spreading to involve the supporter directly.

I understood the frustration of people who yelled at me for surviving and doing something to survive when every effort was undermined… and unexplained.

I understood, recognized and documented the technology which is used to undermine every aspect of a person’s life. Simplisticly dismissed and ignored by everyone… they just don’t realize how pervasive the programming is… Edward Snowden knows. He knows WHY it is not safe for him to return to the US. He knows who is behind it all.

Where you have pursued every possible avenue and path, every last shred of possibility… and you been ignored, chided, insulted, mocked, laughed at, humiliated, intimidated…

My most sincere wish and prayer was for the capability to kill myself, quietly, painlessly, without drama, with consideration to the finder… I’m inexplicably hated by everyone yet I still wouldn’t wish the discovery of my suicide on anyone.

Every escape is denied… AND…. Every possibility of life is denied.

No one gives a damn… I will be tortured for the rest of my life without possibility of relief or escape of any kind.

This is not self-pity. I’ve done all the begging. This is the reality of my life in America undermined and overthrown. Without law or Constitution. It affects others, but they are content with the misinformation which directs them to hate target groups.

People who follow the law can and will be victimized because ONE LAW HAS UNDERMINED ALL OTHERS….

It has affected millions of lives.

It has stolen millions of lives.

There are millions more who ignore it. God bless those who are unaffected… because no one gives a damn once you are destroyed by it… without explanation … because any explanation would permit informed action … silence … ignore … non-disclosure … are all aspects of CONFIDENTIALITY OF INFORMATION.

INJUSTICE … unexplained … WRONG … unexplained.

Rule 1.6 Confidentiality of Information undermined each state judiciary and state government as it was enacted throughout the USA from 1984 to 2009. Injustice was no longer a rarity. Injustice occurred everyday. Those bound by Rule 1.6 KEPT THEIR MOUTHS SHUT. Rule 1.6 permitted lawyers to undermine every action to expose the unconstitutional law… AND THEY DID.

They still do. It affects me everyday… it has undermined my existence and stolen everything I ever had or believed in.

After 7 years of fear, terror, intimidation, and being victimized, I found one LAW which excused and allowed the annihilation of my existence without explanation. Two years of constant effort to expose a perversion of law which would be GONE immediately upon exposure.

When you are no capable of suicide under the most oppressive and extreme stresses and deprivations, and you persevere because you believe in PEOPLE, and you have documented the entire experience,… YOUR EXISTENCE THREATENS TO EXPOSE THE MOST MASSIVE FRAUD EVER COMMITTED UPON A NATION.

BECAUSE, RULE 1.6 does not permit your death. Rule 1.6 permits every crime but murder to be ignored, non-disclosed and confidential. Rule 1.6 requires your continued terror because they can’t kill you even when they have tried everything possible to coerce your suicide.

EVERY lawyer must conceal the unconstitutional perversion of law which has undermined the USA. The ethical policy which lacks ethics, morality or conscience. The Rules of Professional Conduct are not a minimum ethical standard for legal professionals. It is a sociopaths handbook of excuses which have been unlawfully enacted by judges held hostage within a judiciary compromised and prevented from addressing their own undoing.

Sociopath – person with a psychopathic personality whose behavior is antisocial, often criminal, and who lacks a sense of moral responsibility or social conscience, and the inability for empathy.

Where sociopathic behavior is a professional ethical standard… you can see why the United States is self-destructing… without explanation…
Where the entire world is intimidated and threatened by a country whose government is ignored by it’s people…

Where INJUSTICE is ignored even when witnessed by the entire world…

Where People are so misinformed and denied truth… that a LAW which made it illegal to expose the LAW was wrong was enacted in every state… AND FEDERALLY.

It jailed children. It stole homes. It destroyed families. It caused suicides. It caused murders.
Americans failed to see the only persons profiting … the lawyers … The American Bar Association presented the LAW to the Jucidiary to enact … unconstitutional – collaterally – where the non-disclosure and confidentiality allowed the denial of the rights of the litigant.

INJUSTICE profits only one group… the membership of the American Bar Association.

Has any other professional organization overthrown a superpower to advance the cause of their membership?

Because I was incapable of suicide, I was able to see the question…
No response…. No explanation… The terror and the attacks continue. Without protection of the law and constitutional rights… survival is the best you can hope for… because they will do everything to you EXCEPT KILL YOU.

When Secret Orders from Unidentified Courts take an exposed unconstitutional law and re-caste it as a CONFIDENTIAL order for a person elected to the office of the Attorney General to neglect their oath and continue to deny and prevent a person’s constitutionally protected rights without explanation… while the victim is further terrorized with no recourse, no escape, no comfort, no future.

Persecution is my destiny while the people responsible to correct the unconstitution INJUSTICE … IGNORE.
While the liability for NOT acting threatens their own life, personally, professional financially…
Welcome to my experience. There is no exit while the US Constitution is ignored.

Try surviving for nine years… and finding the solution… and having the solution IGNORED… knowing you are destined for further persecution… and still not getting angry enough to snap.

Failure to compromise your dignity, principles and self-respect can only be perceived as threatening to those without any.


If Officer Dougherty plans to present this entire web site in a court of law… IT’S GOING TO BE A LENGTHY HEARING.

If he is going to selectively paraphrase and suggest impropriety on my part based on the things he isn’t including – IT BEGS THE QUESTION…. What’s your motivation, Ger?

Abuse of Power Under Color of Law with Intent to Deny Constitutionally Protected Rights and the Protection of the Law becomes Racketeering when you have manipulated the District Attorneys office and other police departments into your Conspiracy.

When the judicial branch of government indicated they lacked jurisdiction, I wrote a letter to the Governor, the Attorney General, the County Sheriff, and EVERY Senator and representative in the Pennsylvania Legislature.

Imagine my surprise after sending the letter out to find that Dougherty took that document, paraphrased unnecessarily, and suggested it was a threat. The legal process in matters such as these is to go to the judiciary. Where the judicial branch cannot address the matter, the legislature and the governor need to be informed so that corrective measures can be taken. IT”S IN THE CONSTITUTION.

Dougherty then delivered the purported threat to his selected targets and fabricated the case.

Wrapping the letter in a hack which occurred to my web site… to get an ARREST WARRANT. Who did the hacking? Who’s spying on who? Who is using a falsified IP address which reports the Montgomery Township Police are in Jamison, PA? Repeated hack on devices for 9 years of surveillance…. NO PROSECUTIONS?

Terrorizing me at my mother’s home. Arrested from my home. No summons. It’s all about the terror. The Abuse of Power. Requiring the participation of Warrington Police as escort in your effort.

Failing to use the mail to deliver your fraudulent documents avoids MAIL FRAUD – a Federal crime… It also permit police to frighten and terrify my mother, and embarrass and humiliate her in front of her neighbors. ABUSE OF POWER to INTIMIDATE AND THREATEN.

The paperwork delivered on April 1, 2015 was incomplete.

The Suggestion or misconception that I would deny anything which I have authored is a HUGE MISTAKE.

Do you want to start at the beginning? Or simply list how many police investigations have been conducted? how many IGNORED?

The witness list will include the office staff of EVERY State Representative and Senator.

The witness list will include EVERY judge in the Montgomery County Court of Common Pleas.

The witness list will include the courthouse staff of the Montgomery County Courthouse.

The witness list will include the courthouse staff of the Bucks County Courthouse.

The witness list will include the entire staff and judiciary of the Superior Court of Pennsylvania.

The witness list will include those in the District Attorneys Office who have ignored criminal complaints for 9 years.

The witness list will include those in the Montgomery Township Police who have ignored criminal complaints for 9 years.

The witness list will include those in the Montgomery County Detectives who have been directed to ignore investigations for 9 years.

The witness list will include the US Attorneys Office in Philadelphia.

The witness list will include the entire US Congress, Senators and Representatives, and their staff.

The witness list will include the Media silenced by the misdirection of law enforcement.

The witness list will include thousands more people who are aware of what has been referred to as ‘the worst kept secret in Pennsylvania.”

Discovery will include EVERY warrant for surveillance used to terrorize me and to undermine my life for the last 9 years, all approved my a misinformed judiciary.

Discovery will include testimony before Montgomery County Grand Juries which sought to suppress evidence and prevent investigations.

Discovery will include Secret Orders from unidentified Courts which prevent Kathleen Kane, the person, from her elected responsibilities as Attorney general.

Discovery will include all of the recordings where I was threatened and intimidated and DENIED THE PROTECTION OF THE LAW AND MY CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS.

The hearing will also include testimony in the form of the reading into the record of THIS ENTIRE WEB SITE.

When dismissed in Montgomery County District Court, the matter will move to The Eastern District Court of Pennsylvania and the list of Defendants will be massive – every participant in concealing the sedition by the American Bar Association pursuant to Rule 1.6 an improperly enacted unconstitutional state law which undermines every state and federal judiciary.

Rule 1.6 sacrifices justice along with the personal and professional integrity of every lawyer and judge obligated by it.

Attorney General Kane and Governor Wolf have been notified.

No Guns. No Chainsaws. No Violence.

The criminal injustice and constitutional violations of the Family Court system will be on trial.

Is Dougherty going to seek to arrest John Hancock based on the paraphrased Declaration of Independance?


I am being stalked and followed by a printer. It watches everything I do and reports back.

2015-04-01 15.22.27

LOL… Really… You expect people to believe that?

When applying a ‘That’s Crazy” sticker permits the continued intrusion from any attention… It begs the question.

The “Spy Printer” only appears on the one device. Phones, computers, tablets, other devices…

The “Spy Printer” is always at it’s last bar in the range. (So, it IS following you. Other people’s tech doesn’t see it.)

The “Spy Printer” cannot be blocked, ignored or forgotten.

The “Spy Printer” cannot be avoided…. BUT, only one device sees it. (Perhaps the spyware or warrant only provided for one installation?) noseprinter

The “Spy Printer” actually followed me around Target today. (Yea. Technique is exposed. – Wireless maybe, but the extension cord would give it away. Always at the same distance, too.)

The “Spy Printer” is PRINTER DRIVER which can convert screenshots, or documents to be converted to portable format ala PRINT TO PDF. A compact format which permits transmission of your data easily, quietly, quickly.

Why can’t I prevent it from connecting to my device(s)?

Why did it also install two Google Keyboards on the device? One in Korean. The other in Chinese. I don’t have those keyboards. I can’t read those characters. WHAT A GREAT WAY TO CONCEAL TERMINAL ACCESS TO ANY DEVICE USING REMOTE ACCESS AND A KEYBOARD DRIVER. That may be why they continue to reinstaLL. Your technology has no way to prevent an intrusion which provides FULL CONTROL of your device.

This also occurs on any device, but I have copies of the Windows Registry which contained more Chinese coding and programming than english text. But, it was OK, because those Windows registry keys were protected and secured and not able to be removed edited deleted or prevented from reappearance. The Windows Registry could even flip the switch between YES and NO. And a Registry Key could replicate itself before during and after edit to prevent you from detecting the intrusion. This made the operating system completely useless to anyone trying to secure their equipment. Tech devices cannot be secured. That printer is not following me… because it only exists within my device. So the printer is following my tablet, or phone or kindle… Why? And Why can’t I prevent it?

What have you got to hide? Nothing really… but the intrusive unpreventable programmig made the technology IMPOSSBLE TO SECURE and VERY VULNERABLE TO COMPROMISE.

Persons unknown could put anything on your computer/tech and … How would you explain it being there? Every denial would be met with greater suspicion.

Those people involved in personal civil litigation like divorce and custody are most at risk for being setup. The tools available to an unscrupuloous litigant are cheapie cheapie. The courts play into the setup and will often rule based on false allegations anyway. It has always been a wonderment that a judge is going to take the word of a person attacking their spouse with whom they have had children… BUT DOESN’T IT SHOW THAT THE PERSON ATTACKING IS NOT A VERY GOOD JUDGE OF CHARACTER… they married the monster they are now lying to discredit.

The suggestion that a person who knows their technology is unsecure and vulnerable would suddenly take up a reprehensible ‘hobby’ which would be used to isolate and undermine a persons defense in ANY situation… The character assassination alone would be devasating… in the media… when met with the false allegation… It would destroy a person.

It does. It did.

I know several stories which corroborate that ‘possible’ experience. One of the strongest people I knew killed himself when faced with the allegations. I was prevented from finding out about his suicide for over a year. His family and marriage had survived difficult situations…. He and his wife had made it through. His daughters were his pride. His family was everything to him. He was pushed to suicide. It’s how they ‘handle’ it sometimes.

When people suggest my children are not afraid of the repercussions for them revealing the information they know about and participated in…. and that is the reason my kids stay away. It is dismissed quickly… the threat I have experienced is real and documented. My kids can read this web site. They see how far it has gone. 9 years and going. They know the truth.

One of their friends was dating/is dating that friend of mine’s daughter.

Suicide is the one thing I could not provide. It is the ‘out’ which the County law enforcement folks prefer. They can call the dead person crazy. They can pontificate about those whom they placed in harms way as being the innocent victims. In Montgomery County, you are more likely to be killed because of the corruption in the Family Court system. ISIS has a lower death count.

UNLESS, you believe that GOOGLE wants the world to use Korean and Chinese Keyboards exclusively and there’s a HP printer following my car.

So why is it that you cannot prevent a known intrusive device from being installed on your technology? AND ythe software which purports to secure your technology is 100% COMPLETELY INEFFECTIVE.

When your are prevented from defending your tech from an intrusive attack which can cause considerable damage… YOU GOTTA WONDER… WHY CAN’T I PROTECT AD DEFEND MY TECH FROM A SETUP? a Conspiracy? or even just paranoia – real or imagined?

The only answer I have come up with is a well known phrase. “Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law.”

A bigger surprise comes next… the Rule of Law and rights secured and protected by the Constitution of the United States… They can be denied and prevented without repercussion… your life annihilated by the obstruction of justice… if you don’t kill yourself from the experience… you will learn that no one will help.

Seems the ABA made exposing unconstitutional injustice illegal FOR LAWYERS. In every state. To protect the integrity of the judiciary, they sacrificed American Justice in every state jurisdiction and federally. Rule 1.6 Confidentiality of Information causes a conspiracy of silence which denies every law, every rule, every procedure AND every constitutional right. … AND IT DENIES THE LAWYERS FROM DISCLOSING THE REASON AMERICAN INJUSTICE IS IGNORED BY EVERY LEVEL OF LAW ENFORCEMENT.


FB_IMG_1427581469633. The greatest danger to American freedom is a government that ignores the Constitution and a People that ignores their government.


cefcabd6270c63eabe64eb5a613ae873The document is clearly written, but the questions this raises are undeniable, and indicative of an alternate motivation and necessity.




The Contributors are interesting. The MISSING are equally notable.

2006 Edition

(2006 PDF Format)

December 2006

PBA Recognizes Donors to the PABAR PAC and the PBA Legislative Effort

In order to compete more effectively in the legislative arena and provide a stronger voice for lawyers on key legal issues on Capitol Hill, the Pennsylvania Bar Association’s political action committee (PABAR PAC) and legislative program need the financial support of PBA members.

As the number of lawyer/legislators diminishes, the threat to the legal profession increases. In this environment, it is important that lawyers have a strong advocate to reach legislators, especially those who are not familiar with the legal profession. A wellfinanced PAC is an important part of the PBA’s legislative strategy.

The PABAR PAC and the PBA legislative program gratefully acknowledge the generous support of the organizations and individuals listed below who have recognized the importance of building and maintaining a solid program.

County Contributions to the PBA Legislative Effort
(Jan. 1, 2006-Nov. 30, 2006)
Beaver County Bar Association $10,000
Berks County Bar Association $10,000
Allegheny County Bar Association $7,000
Chester County Bar Association $5,000
Lancaster Bar Association $5,000
Franklin County Bar Association $3,175
Bucks County Bar Association $2,500
Mercer County Bar Association $2,500
York County Bar Association $2,500
Lawrence County Bar Association $2,000
Centre County Bar Association $1,000
Dauphin County Bar Association $1,000
Jefferson County Bar Association $1,000
Cambria County Bar Association $500
Luzerne County Bar Association $500

Firm Contributions to the PABAR-PAC
(Nov. 1, 2005 – Nov. 30, 2006)
White and Williams L.L.P. PAC $3,750

Individual Contributions to the PABAR-PAC and the Legislative Effort
(Nov. 1, 2005 – Nov. 30, 2006)
Clifford E. Haines
*Samuel William Milkes
Richard Urick
Joseph F. Wusinich III
*John A. Caputo
Richard H. Galloway
Justin B. Goldstein
Jerry Raymond Hogenmiller
Kenneth J. Horoho Jr.
Marion Laffey-Ferry
Vincent J. Quatrini Jr.
Dennis Brian Rafferty
Andrew F. Susko
William A. Atlee Jr.
Elizabeth Bailey
R. Perrin Baker
Thomas A. Beckley
John B. Beemer
Dennis Edward Benner
Alexander L. Bensinger
Karolyn Vreeland Blume
Gerald W. Brann
Frederic W. Burr
Cathy D. Campbell
Andrew B. Cantor
John Rogers Carroll
N. Brian Caverly
Robert R. Church
Christopher M. Cicconi
Carl G. Cooper
Thomas George Gregory
Chester C. Corse
Charles W. Craven
Matthew J. Creme Jr.
Robert R. DeLong Jr.
Joseph Peter DiGiorgio
Emmanuel H. Dimitriou
Thomas F. Dirvonas
Richard DiSalle
Robert E. Donatelli
Frederick N. Egler Jr.
Douglas N. Engelman
Charles Eppolito III
David B. Fawcett Jr.
Michael Alan Fetzner
Donna Louise Fisher
Thomas J. Floyd Jr.
Duke George Jr.
John P. Gismondi
Michael D. Goldberg
Vincent J. Grogan
William J. Haberstroh
Ronald J. Harper
Marielle F. Hazen
John William Heslop Jr.
Ira C. Houck Jr.
Alfred Jones Jr.
Michelle Ann Jones
Daniel Joseph
Susan Mondik Key
E. Keller Kline III
Dennis G. Kuftic
Joshua David Lamancusa
Robert J. Landy
Donald E. Lee
Elwood S. Levy
Louis E. Levy
Penina Kessler Lieber
Vincent B. Mancini
Lawrence B. Mansfield
Donald R. Marsh
James F. Marsh
Donald J. Martin
John Charles Mascelli
Charles C. Mason Jr.
Brenda K. McBride
Christine Hall McClure
Bernard J. McLafferty
Konstantinos I. Mikropoulos
Peter S. Miller
Kenneth Frank Mitchell
Richard A. Mitchell
George J. Morgan
J. Edmund Mullin
James F. Mundy
Milton V. Munk Jr.
Bruno A. Muscatello
Forest N. Myers
*Vanessa Marie Nenni
Jettie D. Newkirk
Nicholas Noel III
Herbert R. Nurick
Kevin Orloski
Carl A. Parise
John D. Petruso
Arthur L. Piccone
William H. Pugh IV
Rochelle Dawn Quiggle
Samuel Rappaport
James McKay Rayback
Michael H. Reed
Kurt S. Rishor
William F. Roberts Jr.
Marvin J. Rudnitsky
Louis S. Rulli
Carl Richard Schiffman
Barry M. Simpson
Kathryn Lease Simpson
Leonard A. Sloane
Donald J. Snyder Jr.
John J. Speicher
Julieanne E. Steinbacher
Lewis G. Steinberg
Marc Robert Steinberg
Leonard Tintner
Paul C. Troy
Stanley M. Vasiliadis
Louis S. Walton III
Terry D. Weiler
Nancy Hopkins Wentz
John Kerry Weston
Fred J. Wiest Jr.
Albert M. Wiggins Jr.
Brett M. Woodburn
Edward J. Zamborsky
$99 or less
Edward J. Abes
*Jay N. Abramowitch
Jeffrey Leonard Abrams
*Alan Mitchell Acker
*William Ackerman
Jane M. Acri
Lesley Renee Adams
*Vikki A. Adams
*Brian Michael Addison
Michael C. Adges
William L. Adler
David I. Ainsman
Ioannis Andreas Aivazoglou
*Nancy J. Akbari
Scott E. Albert
Frederick W. Alcaro
James Boyd Alexander
Jane M. Alexander
Daniel J. Allan
Heath L. Allen
Kevin C. Allen
Paul E. Allen
Scott Cameron Allen
Robert Lee Allman II
*Charles H. Alpern
Mark K. Altemose
*P. Daniel Altland
Kevin Gerard Amadio
George M. Aman III
Raymond P. Amatangelo
Leonard G. Ambrose III
*Lauren R. Ames
*Ronald D. Amrhein Jr.
Bruce K. Anders
J. Peirce Anderson
Samuel Leach Andes
Richard F. Andracki
*Peter Reigle Andrews
W. Thomas Andrews
Anthony Angelone
Karen F. Angelucci
Adolph Joseph Antanavage
*Sara M. Antol
William F. Anzalone
James W. Appel
Adam Nicholas Aretz
Harris C. Arnold Jr.
*Louis Jay Arnold
*Janet E. Arnold
*Barbara J. Artuso
John M. Ashcraft III
Daniel Francis Ashton
Bernard Kwasi Asirifi
Rebecca E. Aten
*Howard S. Auld Jr.
Jon J. Auritt
Sam S. Auslander
Robert Dale Austin Jr.
E. Earl Autenreith Jr.
Mason Avrigian Jr.
Mason Avrigian Sr.
*Karen Marie Bab
Deborah Willson Babcox
Michael W. Babic
James Michael Bach
Joseph Michael Bagley
Michael Francis Bailey
Janette Baisley
Frank A. Baker III
*Jeffrey Thomas Baker
Kenneth L. Baker
Karen M. Balaban
*Gregory Stuart Baldwin
Karl Kapp Baldys
Warren M. Ballard
Mary E. Baloh
Nicole Hanak Bankovich
Cynthia Elizabeth Banks
Halmon L. Banks III
Colleen Bannon
Joseph Richard Baranko Jr.
John J. Barbera
Pietro A. Barbieri
Harry C. Barbin
Douglas R. Bare
S. Sandra Barenbaum
David Allen Baric
Joseph Jones Barnes
*Stephen E. Barnes
Benjamin Reid Barnett
Curtis H. Barnette
Daniel John Barrett
Karen Moore Barrett
Mary Jane Barrett
*Michael F. Barrett
*Michael James Barron
*Carol Marie Barry
Thomas Shannon Barry
Roberta Ann Burris Barsotti
*Mark Allen Bartholomaei
David J. Batdorf
Kari Ann Baumgart
William H. Bayer
Carl Pierce Beard Jr.
J. Edward Beck Jr.
*James L. Beck
Robert D. Beck
*Daniel Patrick Becker
John C. Becker
John F. Becker
*Paul R. Beckert Jr.
Donald Beckman
Barbara Ellen Behr
*Ruthanne Beighley
Maureen T. Beirne
Daniel F. Bekavac
Carl A. Belin Jr.
*Lynn Ellen Bell
Thomas A. Bell
William J.F. Bell
*Joseph A. Bellinghieri
*Robert G. Bellwoar
*Larry Eric Bendesky
Jay L. Benedict Jr.
Robert Barry Benowitz
*Mark Andrew Benton
*Blake Louis Berenbaum
Dean Childs Berg
George A. Berg
Thomas W. Bergen
Daniel M. Berger
*Michael S. Berger
*Timothy A. Berger
Alan K. Berk
Todd Berkey
Myles P. Berkman
*Eric M. Berman
Laurence S. Berman
Bruce William Bernard
Michelle A. Bernardo
Bruce James Bernhardt
Adam S. Bernick
Joseph C. Bernstein
Marshall A. Bernstein
Robert W. Berry
Robert A. Bertsche
Raymond Brian Biagini
*Jennifer P. Bierly
Robert Joseph Bilonick
Eric Birnbaum
Morrie Alec Bishop
Raymond W. Bitar
Jeffrey T. Bitzer
*Claudia Pentony Black
*David Daniel Black
*Edward S. Blanarik Jr.
Robert F. Blanck
Robert S. Blank
Nichole A. Blaschak
Samuel S. Blaufeld
Kelly F. Blauzdis
Jay A. Blechman
Stephen Larkin Bloom
Margaret D. Blough
*Craig B. Bluestein
Robert L. Blum
*William R. Blumer
Curtis Everett Blystone
Peter E. Blystone
Jeremy R. Boby
*Brian Frederic Boland
*Bradley Robert Bolinger
William J. Bolla
Clyde R. Bomgardner
John Mario Bonanti
Melissa V. Bond
Thomas R. Bond
*Dennis J. Bonetti
Michael R. Bonshock
*Dana Elise Bookbinder
Daniel I. Booker
Thomas E. Boop
*Randolph T. Borden
Albert J. Boucek
Jeffrey P. Bowe
William L. Bowe
Jeffrey M. Bower
Charles F. Bowers Jr.
Charles F. Bowers III
Stephen Casey Bowers
*Matthew Todd Boyer
Dennis Edward Boyle
Robert G. Boyle
William G. Boyle
Maryann Bozich-DiLuigi
Richard F. Brabender Jr.
Thomas Paul Bracaglia
Wendy J. Bracaglia
John Charles Bradley Jr.
John F. Bradley
*Robert N. Braker
Rebecca A. Brammell
John B. Brandon
William M. Brandt
*Frank D. Branella
*John J. Branigan
Matthew William Brann
*Paul W. Brann
William Grant Braught
Howard Bregman
Douglas Barton Breidenbach Jr.
Edward Michael Brennan
*Keith O. Brenneman
*Thomas Edward Brenner
David R. Breschi
Thomas E. Breth
*Thomas Wesley Brewer
Ruth Mabel Brice
Daniel K. Bricmont
Ronald F. Brien
Christopher J. Brill
Stephen Daniel Brinton
Joseph E. Brion
Joseph Scott Britton
Stacy Lynn Broad
*Thomas H. Broadt
R. Christopher Brode
Dennis Daniel Brogan
Gerald Broker
Linda Broker
George C. Bromall II
Amy Hathaway Taylor Brooks
*Guy H. Brooks
Thomas A. Brophy
*Jeffrey Farrell Brotman
Ellen C. Brotman
C. Collins Brown
David K. Brown
*David O. Brown
David Parker Brown III
Douglas Keith Brown
Harry John Brown
Jan Louise Brown
Marjorie A. Brown
Matthew C. Brown
*Richard Brown
Robert B. Brown Jr.
*Stephanie Julia Brown
Todd Robert Brown
Harry J. Brownfield Jr.
George T. Brubaker
Theodore Lasher Brubaker
Nancy L. Brueck
Michael E. Brunnabend
James N. Bryant
Charles Paul Buchanio
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Michael David Buchwach
James G. Buckler
C. Barry Buckley
James C. Buckley
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Joseph M. Budicak
Ronald M. Bugaj
James Bukac
Robert A. Bull
Alexander B. Bunson
Jody Morelli Burdell
M. Janet Burkardt
*Brendan P. Burke
Joseph D. Burke
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Kenneth B. Burkley
Timothy S. Burns
Richard Ernest Burridge
Joanna S. Burris
Nancy K. Busch
Scott C. Bushelli
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Richard Lewis Bushman
Herbert P. Butcher Jr.
Edward J. Buthusiem
John Butterworth
Robert L. Buzzendore
Brian C. Caffrey
Joseph Cagnoli Jr.
Moira Cain-Mannix
Frank L. Caiola
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Gary Allan Caldwell
Brian John Cali
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Charles Bennett Calkins
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Dennis R. Callahan
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Patrick C. Campbell
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David Donald Capuano
Bernard C. Caputo
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Ralph P. Carey
Alfred J. Carlson III
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J. Lauson Cashdollar
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William J. Cassidy Jr.
Robert Y. Cassol
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Richard J. Catalano
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Stephen Angelo Catarinella
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Michael Anthony Cerrato
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Michael Churchill
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Theodore Clattenburg Jr.
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Patricia Leisner Clements
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Carpenter Dewey
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Nicholas Anthony DiCerbo
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Elaine F. Duffus
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Thomas Joseph Duffy
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Lawrence Ray Dworkin
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Leatrice Shanker Eagle
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John E. Eberhardt Jr.
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Roger J. Ecker
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J. Murray Egan
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Philip B. Ehrman
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E. Robert Elicker II
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Richard H. Elliott
Ronald Troy Elliott
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S. Jonathan Emerson
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Kelly L. Enders
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Neil G. Epstein
Richard W. Epstein
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Tonya M. Evans-Walls
Kristine K. Eveler
Stephen J. Evers Jr.
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Peter George Facey
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Samuel Angelo Falcone Jr.
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Julian Falk
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Raymond J. Falzone Jr.
Cecelia Fanelli
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Donald L. Faulkner
Andrew E. Faust
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Mary C. Favinger
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Jay Harry Feaster
*John A. Featherman III
Laurel Gail Hettinger Fedak
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John M. Fedorko
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Dennis F. Feeley
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Alan M. Feldman
Arlene I.B. Feldman
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Mary Capuano Feller
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John F.X. Fenerty Jr.
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R. Edward Ferraro
Renee Lynne Ferretti
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Karen L. Ferri
Rosemary Repetto Ferrino
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Susan E.B. Frankowski
Robert C. Fratto
*Steven B. Freedman
James R. Freeman
Kevin Monroe French
*Marcy A. French
Michael A. Friedberg
Joel M Friedman
Philip B. Friedman
*Richard S. Friedman
*Brian E. Fritz
*Mark B. Frost
Marc J. Frumer
*Robert Scott Frycklund
James Ryan Fryling
Ralph V. Fuehr
Kenneth Frank Fulginiti
*Nancy H. Fullam
Richard F. Furia
William J. Gagliardino
Pamela B. Gagne
Herman Anderson Gailey III
Peter A. Galante
*James Edward Gallagher
*Paul F.X. Gallagher
Terrence V. Gallagher
*William J. Gallagher
*Richard H. Galloway
Richard B. Galtman
Gregory Francis Gambel Jr.
Brandon Robert Gamble
John T. Gandrud
G. Barrett Garbarino
Gwendolyn M. Garbarino
Douglas Jay Garber
William M. Gardner
Hollis J. Garfield
*Francis Garger
Harry Garman III
*Leo Michael Garonski
Susan K. Garrison
James J. Garrity
Jeffrey P. Garton
Vincent R. Garvey Jr.
C. Donald Gates Jr.
*John R. Gates
Catherine J. Gault
James Edward Gavin
Ernest J. Gazda Jr.
*Brian B. Gazo
Noah Matthew Geary
Walter H. Gebhart Jr.
M. Victoria Geddis
*H. Arnold Gefsky
*William David Geiger
Neil Robert Gelb
Bruce Solomon Gelman
Marshall Scott Gemberling
*Socrates J. Georgeadis
*Peter N. Georgiades
George Gerasimowicz Jr.
Daryl J. Gerber
Robert C. Gerhard III
Wayne D. Gerhold
Samuel Joseph Germinaro
Nicole Gerson
Gregory H. Gettle
Melinda Christina Ghilardi
Mark R. Giallonardo
*John W. Giambalvo
*Nicholas Gianvito
*Leo M. Gibbons
*Mary T. Gidaro
*Christopher L. Giddings
*Gregory R. Gifford
Richard D. Gilardi
Richard P. Gilardi
*Scot Donald Gill
Robert J. Gillespie Jr.
Eugene H. Gillin
*Michael F.X. Gillin
*Chris F. Gillotti
*Jay H. Ginsburg
Robyn Lynn Ginsberg
Frederick J. Giorgi
Gerald F. Glackin
David B. Glancey
Mary Patricia Glancey
*Daniel F. Glassmire
Gregory Gleason
*Joslin Brett Gleason
Robert Davis Gleason
Peter G. Glenn
*Jay C. Glickman
*Robert A Godwin
*Robert St. Leger Goggin
*Michael P. Going
Robert M. Going
Robert M. Going Jr.
*Louis S. Gold
*Marvin A. Goldberg
Richard M. Goldberg
*Theodore Goldberg
Bryan J. Goldberger
Matthew F. Golden
Samuel Goldfeder
Barry Gene Goldman
Randolph L. Goldman
Harold M. Goldner
*James Lee Goldsmith
Terry Michael Goldstein
*David L. Gollin
*Richard Moss Golomb
Eliezer Gomez
Harold Gondelman
*H. Amos Goodall Jr.
Gordon Goodman
*Lewis Goodman
Michael Bruce Goodman
William B. Goodman
*John P. Goodrich
*Daniel Lee Goodyear
Jeffrey M. Gordon
Richard David Gorski
William T. Gorton III
Marianne Shannon Gosnell
*Douglas David Goss
Jeffrey Charles Goss
*Peter Joseph Gough
Dennis R. Govachini
David John Graban
Marshall L. Grabois
*Francis X. Grabowski
Caron Pamela Graff
Courtney J. Graham
Donald P. Graham
William Stewart Graham
Bernard Granor
Margaret M. Grasso
Robin Jean Gray
Mitchell T. Grayson
Lisa Marie Greason
Brent A. Green
Sheila Frances Green
*Wayne F. Green
Harold Greenberg
James Jay Greenfield
James M. Greenfield
Stephen Joseph Greenfield
Allan B. Greenwood
Charles F. Greevy III
Michael P. Gregorowicz
George J. Gregory
Alan Todd Grening
*Anthony J. Grieco II
Bradley Leroy Griffie
Anne Louise Griffin
Michael Nicholas Grill
Robert P. Grim
*Thomas M. Grimes
Stephen L. Grose
*Ronald S. Gross
*Sanford P. Gross
Howard Grossinger
Neil Anthony Grover
David Volpe Grow, M.D., J.D.
*Steven Edward Grubb
Michael C. Gruitza
David I. Grunfeld
*John Allen Guernsey
Megan Anne Guernsey
Richard L. Guida
Anthony S. Guido
Thomas M. Guinan
*John Charles Guldin
E. Garrett Gummer III
Matthew George Guntharp
*Vahan H. Gureghian
*Robert Harry Gustine
Matthew L. Guthrie
William W. Guthrie
George Gvozdich Jr.
Young Wook Ha
Mark Frederick Haak
G. Jay Habas
William Anthony Habib
Leo A. Hackett
James D. Hagelgans
Kenneth J. Hagreen
Andrew Hailstone
*Clifford E. Haines
Joseph L. Haines
Kenneth S. Hall
T. Max Hall
William G. Halligan
Robert Wayne Hallinger
Charles A.J. Halpin Jr.
*Raymond Lloyd Hamill
Kimberly Hamilton
*Margie Hammer
Robert H. Hammer III
Judith Lynne Hammerschmidt
Darla J. Hancher
Kevin L. Hand
George K. Hanna
Jerry F. Hanna
John A. Hanna
Gregory John Hannon
James H. Hardie
*Christina Lorean Harding
*Richard B. Hardt
John Jacob Hare
Joseph A. Harmon
Richard A. Harper
Troy J. Harper
Edgar David Harr
John A. Harrelson Jr.
Bradford J. Harris
Nancy L. Harris
Stephanie Ann Mays Harris
John Soames Harrison
Peter N. Harrison
Susan M. Harrison
Daniel James Hart
David Jonathan Hart
Ronald G. Hartman
*Susan J. Hartman
Gregory M. Harvey
*Carl E. Harvison
Diane Ellen Hasek
Frederick Karl Hatt
Edmund G. Hauff
John Martin Hauser III
Bancroft D. Haviland
*Janice Muller Hawbaker
*Martin A. Heckscher
Patricia A. Heenan
Sheryl Rae Heid
Gregory L. Heidt
Keith D. Heinold
*Joshua H. Heintz
Richard M. Heller
*Mervin A. Heller Jr.
Benjamin G. Helsel Jr.
*Neil E. Hendershot
Alexander Henderson III
David Earl Henderson
Robert L. Henn
Ragan A. Henry
Richard Burton Henry
Susan Marie Henry
Robert Rex Herder Jr.
Kent H. Herman
Lee Meredith Herman
Mark J. Hermanovich
Hannah F. Herman-Snyder
John Nicholas Hernick II
Ismael H. Herrero Jr.
A. Martin Herring
Jason J. Herron
Dale Hershey
*Murray John Hershman
*Richard S. Herskovitz
Robert G. Hess
Alfred K. Hettinger
John P. Hickey
Joseph L. Higgins
William J. Higgins Jr.
Jonathan Gorman Higie
Peter Mckay Hileman
P. Jeffrey Hill
James D. Hilly
David B. Himmelreich
*Spencer D. Hirshberg
Jesse Adam Hirshman
Harry Hiscox
Michael David Hnath
Christopher Albert Ho
Christopher Watkins Hobbs
Joseph S. Hocky
*Lisa M. Hodgen
*Francis J. Hoegen
*Peter J. Hoegen Jr.
Deborah K. Hoff
Brianne Lea Hoffler
David Hoffman
*Mark A. Hoffman
Thomas Lee Hoffman
Richard S. Hoffmann
William F. Hoffmeyer
Stephen J. Hogg
*Aaron David Hollis
R. Kurtz Holloway
Barbara E. Holmes
*Darren John Holst
Farley G. Holt
David J. Hopkins
*Kenneth J. Horoho Jr.
Sherry Lynn Horowitz
*David Louis Horvath
Richard K. Hoskinson
Mark A. Hosterman
David L. Hotchkiss
John Harrison Hough
*Edward E. Houseman
John J. Hovan
Elizabeth R. Howard
Kenneth H. Howard
Fred T. Howe
*John C. Howett Jr.
John R. Howland
Jeffrey P. Hoyle
Lawrence J. Hracho
Mark Allen Hruska
Antoinette Dolores Hubbard
A. Ted Hudock
Craig S. Hudson
*Craig Branden Huffman
Christian C. Hugel
Gerald A. Hughes
*Paul Gordon Hughes
*Richard L. Hughey
Robert B. Hulnick Jr.
Stanford S. Hunn
*Gary Hamilton Hunter
Claudia L. Huot
Richard Alan Husband
Marita Malloy Hutchinson
*Susan Hutnik
Jiann-Ming Hwang
Philip A. Ignelzi
Daniel John Iler
Charity J. Imbrie
Michael T. Imms
Gwen Pohl Infante
Niki Teresa Ingram
Susan A. Inneo
Ronald H. Isenberg
Brett David Jackson
*Ellis R. Jacobs
*Eric M. Jacobs
Stephen Joseph Jacobson
Richard Alan Jaffe
Marilyn Trudy Jamain
David Kostka James
Mark Llewellyn James
*Richard A. James
Susan Tetrick James
*Wendy Yvette Jamison
Jerrold F. Janata
Karl J. Januzzi
Catherine Nancy Jasons
Gregory Javardian
*Elizabeth L. Jenkins
*Robert Lee Jennings Jr.
Jeffrey T. Jochims
Anne Naomi John
Hollie Beth John
Daniel Paul Johnson
Herbert J. Johnson Jr.
James L. Johnson
Merle G. Johnson
Michael Anthony Johnson
*Philip Staton Johnson
Ralph J. Johnston Jr.
Richard W. Johnson
Robert J. Johnson
*Samantha Geanne Johnson
*Christopher D. Jones
Edmund Jones
Frank W. Jones
James Kennedy Jones
Joseph H. Jones
Joseph H. Jones Jr.
Livinia N. Jones
Michael Bruce Jones
William T. Jones
*John James Joseph
Margaret P. Joy
Dennis R. Joyce
Thomas J. Joyce III
Richard L. Kalin
Thomas J. Kalman
Samuel P. Kamin
I. Samuel Kaminsky
Arthur J. Kania
Julie I. Kaplan
*Michael Kaplit
Kenneth Martin Kapner
Elizabeth R. Kapoor
*David A. Kappel
Michael Alan Karaffa Sr.
Ronold John Karasek
Peter John Karoly
Amy Yuyao Karpf
Jeffrey Charles Karver
Samuel R. Kasick
Ellis Howard Katz
*Stephen A. Katz
*Ronald M. Katzman
Earl G. Kauffman
Gregory Stuart Kaupp
Kerry Aline Kearney
John Robert Keating
Timothy Paul Keating
William T. Keen
*C. Robert Keenan III
James G. Keenan
Jeffrey A. Keiter, J.D.
Charles C. Keller
David Scott Keller
John N. Keller
*William L. Keller
*Eugene C. Kelley
James A. Kelly
Lawrence Michael Kelly
Loretta McNulty Kelly
Matthew Paul Kelly
Maureen E. Kelly
*Ralph J. Kelly
*William Dale Kemper
Dermot Francis Kennedy
James P. Kennedy
*Laurie S. Kennedy
Mary F. Kennedy
Edward R. Kennett
Turrey A. Kepler
John J. Kerrigan Jr.
Mark Philip Kestner
Donald Gary Keyser
James P. Kilcoyne
Fred E. Kilgore
*Keith L. Kilgore
*Paul W. Kilgore
Inja Kim
*John F. King
Peter J. King
Robert A.W. King
Thomas W. King III
Brian P. Kirby
*Douglas Jordan Kirkpatrick
Richard Kirschner
*Richard Kirschner
*Donald T. Kissinger
Katie Beth Kitsko
H. Ronald Klasko
*Adam Gordon Klein
*Don Stephen Klein
*Joseph A. Klein
*Paul Lewis Kleinbaum
Randall G. Klimchock
*Karl Howard Kline
*Lisa Ann Kline
Lori Kliner-Krenzel
Linda Kling
Robert McLean Knauer
Richard W. Knecht
Joshua James Knepp
Patricia Elaine Knese
*Paula K. Knudsen
Dwight L. Koerber Jr.
Jill Gehman Koestel
*Arnold B. Kogan
Donald F. Kohler Jr.
Mary S. Kohnke-Wagner
Kevin Walter Kologinsky
*Heidi Beth Konkler
John P. Koopman
John J. Koresko V
Joseph C. Korsak
Dale Eugene Kortze
Christine Marie Kosovac
Steven Nektarios Kourtis
Richard A. Kovach
Anthony Thomas Kovalchick
*David M. Kozloff
Lester A. Krasno
*Ross A. Kraus
Lee Carl Krause
*Robert R. Kreitz
Aaron M. Kress
Solomon Krevsky
*C. David Krewson
Andrea Maria Krill
Michael D. Kristofco
*Maureen Suzanne Kroll
Patrick J. Kronenwetter
Michael Bruce Krupnick
*Walter M. Kubiak
Kenneth Michael Kukfa
Kyle M. Kulzer
Adrienne Diane Kurtanich
Robert A. Kurtz
Thomas W. Kuster
Michael E. Kusturiss
John J. Kuzmiak
*David L. Kwass
*Vincent F. Lackner Jr.
Charlotte Alexandra Lacroix,
Sayde Joy Ladov
*Rebecca E. Lafferty
Douglas R. Lally
*David Emil Lamm
Robert O. Lampl
Annette Patricia Landes
Jon Peter Landis
Thomas Alvin Landis
*W. Robert Landis
Benjamin Eugene Landon
William L. Landsburg
Sue N. Lang
J. Howard Langdon
*Michele Langer
Joseph L. Lapp
*Michael D. LaRosa
James Stephen Larrimer
*Stanley J.A. Laskowski
Paula Caruso LaStrapes
Carmen J. Latona Jr.
*Carol Magee Lauchmen
David Michael Laucks
Samuel S. Laucks Jr.
*Philip D. Lauer
Tsiwen M. Law
John Patrick Lawler
Kevin Jameson Lawrence
Gregory G. Lawton
*James P. Lay III
*Peter C. Layman
Stephen Robert Lazun
Steven C. Leach
Robert C. Lear
Pamela Susanne Lederer
*Donald E. Lee
Kevin William Lee
George Thomas Lees III
Paul Gregory Lees
*Steven Thomas Lees
Roger E. Legg
Jerry Michael Lehocky
Stephan R. Leimberg
Jessica D. Lenhart
George Edward Lepley Jr.
*John Joseph Leshinski
Robert Charles LeSuer
Jennifer Lynne LeVan
Stanton D. Levenson
Jess Leventhal
Arnold Levin
Daniel Caleb Levin
*Michael Ira Levin
*Michael S. Levin
Richard C. Levine
*Pamela Babett Levinson
*Louis E. Levy
*Jennifer W. Levy-Tatum
Pamela E. Lewis
Stephen Lewis
Theodore R. Lewis
Edward Leymarie Jr.
*James Brandon Lieber
John B. Lieberman III
*Max L. Lieberman
Robert B. Lieberman
Stanley J. Lieberman
*John P. Liekar Jr.
*Terry W. Light, J.D.
*James M. Lillis
Jerry Allan Lindheim
Richard S. Lindhome
Richard H. Lindner
*Jeffrey M. Lindy
Thomas E. Lippard
*Elizabeth Louise Lippy
Thomas R. Lisella
Valerie Kay Lisgar
Joseph G. Lisicky
*Ricky L. Liss
Michael A. Litman
Ralph Jerome Little
Robert Harry Littner
Robert V. Littner
Herbert G. Litvin
William J. Litvin
Dorothy Livaditis
Raymond J. Lobos
*Joshua D. Lock
Clarence Earnest Lockett
Gene Locks
Norman M. Loev
James J. Loll
Louis Paul Lombardi II
*Joan E. London
*Rick Long
Ryan Charles Long
Frederick S. Longer
Janice L. Martino Longer
*Nicholas F. Lorenzo Jr.
Arline Jolles Lotman
*Louis B. Loughren
*Michael Louik
*Michael Gerard Louis
Lisa Diane Love
*Michelle J. Love
*Thomas J. Lovelass
Mark E. Lovett
Michael S. Louis Lovitz
*Richard Cordell Low
*Chad D. Lubas
*I. Michael Luber
Andrew F. Lucarelli
David Kenneth Lucas
Allan W. Lugg
Jay Patrick Lundy
L. Leonard Lundy
Alvin John Luschas
*George Luskus
Dennis Luttenauer
Steven James Lynch
*Jerry Lyons
Timothy M. Maatta
*Lawrence E. MacElree
*Malcolm L. MacGregor
William Charles Mackrides
*Lynn Russell Mader
*Brian Michael Maggio
Frank R. Magnelli
Megan Patricia Maguire
Robert W. Maher
*James Robert Maida
*Jeffrey C. Majikas
Francis Stephen Makos
Michael P. Malakoff
Thomas O. Malcolm
Cynthia M. Maleski
*Paul J. Malizia
Mark R. Malkames
William G. Malkames
Beulah P. Mall
Julia Lynn Malloy-Good
*John G. Malone
Douglas Maloney
Eugene F. Maloney
Donald F. Manchel
*Mark A. Mancini
John B. Mancke
*Jack G. Mancuso
William F. Manifesto
David Michael Manilla
*Lawrence Marc Manoff
Charles Y. Mansell
Joseph G. Manta
Roy A. Manwaring II
Bernard D. Marcus
Neil Jay Marcus
*Roxane Sokolove Marenberg
Steven J. Margolis
*Robert David Mariani
Joseph J. Marinaro
Gary J. Marini
*Douglas M. Marinos
*George Sean Marion
James Marmon
Don F. Marshall
Jeffrey A. Marshall
Jeffrey Charles Marshall
Thomas C. Marshall
*Douglas Keith Marsico
George E. Martin III
S. Quinn Martin V
Denise P. Martindell
Jane Bossard Marton
Gary Dennis Martz
Heidi B. Masano
Domenic M. Masciantonio
Michael D. Mason
*Rudolph L. Massa
Robert J. Masters
Nicholas M. Mastrodomenico
Ralph A. Matergia
John Alan Mateyak
*Bruce E. Mattock
Joanne Elizabeth Matusko
Merton J. Matz
Paul Matzko
*Jason Eric Matzus
Susan G. Maurer
James William Maza
Mark L. Mazzanti
*Brenda K. McBride
J. Lawrence McBride
Milford L. McBride Jr.
MaryBeth McCabe
*William John McCabe
Robert Edwin McCann
Carol S. Mills McCarthy
Daniel Kevin McCarthy
Gregory C. McCarthy
James John McCarthy Jr.
Justin John McCarthy
Janine Eve McCarty
William C. McCarty
C. Dale McClain
Paul C. McCleary Jr.
Charles A. McClure
Harvey D. McClure
James J. McConnell
Thomas Grant McConnell Jr.
*James F. McCormick
DeAnn M. McCoy
Joy Reynolds McCoy
Thomas S. McCready
Joseph P. McDonald Jr.
Mary Kelemen McDonald
*Michael J. McDonald
Michael Patrick McDonald
Lynn Blessing McDougall
Stephanie J. McFadden
*Alan B. McFall
Thomas Patrick McGinnis
John F. McGinty
Dennis M. McGlynn
*John W. McGonigle
W. Thomas McGough Jr.
James A. McGovern
Harry P. McGrath
Joseph E. McGrath
*Thomas Michael McGraw
John Francis McGreevey
*Jeffrey T. McGuire
Stephen P. McGuire
Jennifer M. McHugh
Paul R. McIntyre
Robert Michael McKain
Edward J. McKarski
Daniel J.T. McKenna
*John Francis McKenna
Joseph A. McKenna
Deborah A. McKenty
Stephanie P. McKinney
*Henry James McKnight
*John Thomas McLane Jr.
John D. McLaughlin Jr.
*James Gerard McLean
*Keith B. McLennan
Timothy J. McMahon
*Peter McManamon
*James M. McMaster
*Jean Svoboda McMaster
Keith R. McMillen
Regis John McNally
Harry L. McNeal Jr.
William H. McNees Jr.
Edward P. McNelis
Frank L. McNelis, J.D.
John W. McTiernan
Roger T. Mechling
John F. Meck
*Jason Alan Medure
Michael Patrick Meehan
*A. Victor Meitner Jr.
Vincent N. Melchiorre
Jed David Melnick
Kathryn A. Meloni
June Louise Melvin
Robert James Menapace
*Toby K. Mendelsohn
Sara A. Mercer
Maryesther S. Merlo
*Perry David Merlo
*Howard F. Messer
*Renee A. Metal
James A. Meyer
*Martin J. Meyer
Christian Carl Michel
Albert B. Michell
Joseph Charles Michetti
Ralph Anthony Michetti
Anthony D. Miele
Eric Mika
Nicholas J. Mikesic
Joseph F. Mikolaitis
*Kent Dixon Mikus
Richard H. Milgrub
Ann Miller
*Bruce S. Miller
Bruce W. Miller
C. Steven Miller
*Fred Walter Miller
George J. Miller
James P. Miller
John D. Miller Jr.
Jonathan W. Miller
Leslie Anne Miller
Teresa Ann Miller
Todd Stuart Miller
*Kenneth Millman
Richard J. Mills
David J. Millstein
Edward John Mimnagh
Louis S. Minotti Jr.
*Amy Anderson Miraglia
Stephen J. Mirizio
Daniel A. Miscavige
*Ronald J. Mishkin
Julie Ellen Miskiewicz
Timothy W. Misner
Joseph Mistrano
John Herbert Mitchell
William Charles Mitchell
Leslie John Mlakar
Karen Nikki Moellenberg
Frederick R. Mogel
Iftin Mohamed
Richard J. Molish
Francis A. Monaco Jr.
Gary David Monaghan
*Harry T. Mondoi