The question was not rhetorical. I would like to know WHY? Primarily because the pursuit of my death continues unrelenting. Nothing and no one is more powerful than a judge acting without jurisdiction. And now, it just gets more obvious, eh?

Carluccio never had it in 2011. Page enforced it. $300,000. Weilheimer ignored and deflected. Duffy set the game so Carpenter never had it in 2015-2018.

There is no such thing as retroactive jurisdiction. There is no fixing it. There is no stopping ANY / ALL of their aggressive actions against the person who survives the intrusions great and small.

Please enlighten me, why did you participate in the effort to undermine me? What lie did they whisper?

What were they so afraid of me saying that they prevented me from any defense AND from any self defense. Cowards. They wouldn’t survive a week of their torture.

Did they threaten you? I understand. You know I know what they are capable of doing.

Just tell me. Why?


Judge Carpenter could take his own advice, but, there is no one to stop him.
Those who tried were on my witness list. He didn’t permit them to testify.

Sent to the Montgomery County Commissioners and the Public Defender Department.
dbeer@montcopa.org, joe@montcopa.org, val@montcopa.org, adaniels@montcopa.org, agur@montcopa.org, akatzman@montcopa.org, akosinsk@montcopa.org, akostyk@montcopa.org, bhalfond@montcopa.org, bkersey@montcopa.org, callman@montcopa.org, cfortune@montcopa.org, chosay@montcopa.org, csweeney@montcopa.org, dgreensp@montcopa.org, djohnson@montcopa.org, dmarone@montcopa.org, dmontows@montcopa.org, dtheveny@montcopa.org, ebrogan@montcopa.org, edonato@montcopa.org, epeterse@montcopa.org, esieber@montcopa.org, fzeock@montcopa.org, gcardena@montcopa.org, ggriffit@montcopa.org, gnester@montcopa.org, hkranzel@montcopa.org, itorres@montcopa.org, jkravitz@montcopa.org, jlucas@montcopa.org, jthorn@montcopa.org, kgrimsru@montcopa.org, kharbiso@montcopa.org, khudson@montcopa.org, kpemment@montcopa.org, kwagner@montcopa.org, lalexan1@montcopa.org, ljones@montcopa.org, lkash@montcopa.org, lnonnema@montcopa.org, lortiz@montcopa.org, lwilson@montcopa.org, lzitsch@montcopa.org, mcassidy@montcopa.org, mdayoc@montcopa.org, mjohn@montcopa.org, mschanba@montcopa.org, msontchi@montcopa.org, mwarren@montcopa.org, ncasey@montcopa.org, pcassidy@montcopa.org, pdangelo@montcopa.org, pgeorge@montcopa.org, pkeller@montcopa.org, rmadden@montcopa.org, rroberts@montcopa.org, rsimon@montcopa.org, shudson@montcopa.org, tbowman@montcopa.org, tross@montcopa.org, vbellino@montcopa.org, vsimmons@montcopa.org, wburnett@montcopa.org, wmendez@montcopa.org, mamodio@montcopa.org, MSuplicki@montcopa.org, cstuart@montcopa.org, josh@montcopa.org



The only question that remains is WHY? Why would your entire department participate in undermining my case? Doing nothing. Allowing it to persist for two years. There is one part which went against the grain and I am aware of that impact. But clearly, that was the exception to my representation by the Public Defender.

I never tried to involve your group. I would never involve anyone where I believed they would be compelled to undermine me.

I am an honest person trying to survive a truly aggressive attack on my life.

It is hard to fathom what would cause you to act as you have.


A recap is attached.

PostTrial Recap

Sent to the Montgomery County Commissioners and the Public Defender Department.
dbeer@montcopa.org, joe@montcopa.org, val@montcopa.org, adaniels@montcopa.org, agur@montcopa.org, akatzman@montcopa.org, akosinsk@montcopa.org, akostyk@montcopa.org, bhalfond@montcopa.org, bkersey@montcopa.org, callman@montcopa.org, cfortune@montcopa.org, chosay@montcopa.org, csweeney@montcopa.org, dgreensp@montcopa.org, djohnson@montcopa.org, dmarone@montcopa.org, dmontows@montcopa.org, dtheveny@montcopa.org, ebrogan@montcopa.org, edonato@montcopa.org, epeterse@montcopa.org, esieber@montcopa.org, fzeock@montcopa.org, gcardena@montcopa.org, ggriffit@montcopa.org, gnester@montcopa.org, hkranzel@montcopa.org, itorres@montcopa.org, jkravitz@montcopa.org, jlucas@montcopa.org, jthorn@montcopa.org, kgrimsru@montcopa.org, kharbiso@montcopa.org, khudson@montcopa.org, kpemment@montcopa.org, kwagner@montcopa.org, lalexan1@montcopa.org, ljones@montcopa.org, lkash@montcopa.org, lnonnema@montcopa.org, lortiz@montcopa.org, lwilson@montcopa.org, lzitsch@montcopa.org, mcassidy@montcopa.org, mdayoc@montcopa.org, mjohn@montcopa.org, mschanba@montcopa.org, msontchi@montcopa.org, mwarren@montcopa.org, ncasey@montcopa.org, pcassidy@montcopa.org, pdangelo@montcopa.org, pgeorge@montcopa.org, pkeller@montcopa.org, rmadden@montcopa.org, rroberts@montcopa.org, rsimon@montcopa.org, shudson@montcopa.org, tbowman@montcopa.org, tross@montcopa.org, vbellino@montcopa.org, vsimmons@montcopa.org, wburnett@montcopa.org, wmendez@montcopa.org, mamodio@montcopa.org, MSuplicki@montcopa.org, cstuart@montcopa.org, josh@montcopa.org


“There is no great injustice caused by the January 27, 2016 order” … “having appointed a Public Defender to represent him.” Judge William Carpenter (Opinion March 9, 2016)

PDF version

Defendant respectfully acknowledges that he failed to realize that in his Opinion dated March 9, 2016, Judge Carpenter was setting the bar establishing a basis to measure justice intended for this Defendant.

March-April 2015, preliminary hearings occurred where the Defendant did not sign any Waiver of Counsel, and the Defendant had asserted and requested his constitutional right to be represented (as required by LAW), the defect affecting jurisdiction was called to the attention of the court and IGNORED. The defect will affect every subsequent event or action. No correction available.

Waiver of Counsel and Waiver of Preliminary Hearing was incorrectly entered on the docket. The false entries into the computer system was indicated and acknowledged. Requests for correction were IGNORED.

The period of time for the crime falsely alleged expanded from a single day to multiple years on three versions of the Criminal Complaint/Affidavit. Requests for the documents were IGNORED.

June 2015, upon arrival for a scheduled Formal Arraignment, the Defendant filed a statement with the Clerk indicating the necessity of an arraignment. The Defendant went to the room indicated, but learned there were no formal arraignments. The Defendant was coerced under duress to sign a Waiver of Arraignment or face a bench warrant. The Defendant signed and noted the situation on the waiver document which was then incorrectly entered on the docket as non appearance. Requests for Correction were IGNORED.

Neither Bill of Information nor Bill of Particulars were provided. Requests for the documents were IGNORED.

August 2015, Defendant appeared for the scheduled pretrial conference. There was no pre-trial conference. There never would be a scheduled pre-trial conference.

September 2015, Defendant appeared for Call of the Trial. It was continued. Defendant indicated the improper entry of an appearance by the Public Defender. The Court ordered the Public Defender withdrawal.

October 2015, ADA requests and receives an Order for a Mental Health examination of Defendant without any hearing yet fails to inform Defendant. Defendant appeared for Call of the Trial list and was chastized for failure to appear for the exam. The exam is rescheduled, defendant indicates the defect with jurisdiction and the necessity of counsel at the exam. Defendant is threatened with Bench Warrant should he not appear for the exam. Defendant appealed AND Defendant attended.
Oct 2015 exam, Defendant indicates the failures to comply with the Mental Health law will serve to prevent the court (lacking jurisdiction) from accepting any subsequent report. Laws would never apply to the matter. Any report would not be written until February 2016.

At January 27, 2016, Call of the Trial List, without hearing, without testimony, without evidence, without that report, from chambers, the Court finds the Defendant incompetent and appoints the Public Defender to represent him. Defendant appealed.

There was never a review as required by the Mental Health Laws. Not every 90 days. Not Ever. None.

March 2016, Defendant appeared for Call of the Trial List. Public Defender did not. Defendant indicated in a statement his belief that the Public Defender was assigned to sabotage his appeals and undermine his defense. No Great Injustice.

The Public Defender refuses to meet, or communicate with the Defendant. The Public Defender fails to file the briefs in two appeals from October and the appeals are dismissed.

Judge Carpenter indicated in his Opinion filed March 9, 2016, “There is no great injustice in this court finding the Defendant incompetent and assigning a Public Defendant to represent the Defendant.”

July 2016, The Public Defender secretly files to withdraw the Appeal of the January 27, 2016 order. The Defendant was not informed, nor provided the document filed. The Withdrawal was denied by the Superior Court. Defendant was not informed.

The Public Defender refuses to meet, or communicate with the Defendant.

Public Defender requests repeated extensions for time to file a brief. Eventually, it would be filed late. Denied review. Public Defender indicated jurisdiction returned to the Common Pleas court and no further effort on the appeal, YET, immediately escalated the appeal to the Supreme Court in February 2017.

The Public Defender refuses to meet, or communicate with the Defendant.

August 2017, after five months where the District Attorney fails to file any brief, the Supreme Court denies the Request to Appeal to Supreme Court on the January 27, 2016 order finding the Defendant incompetent without proceeding, evidence, or testimony and appointing a Public Defender. NO GREAT INJUSTICE? The bar had been set.

Jan 2, 2018, from chambers, Court orders a Trial for January 10, 2018. However, the Public Defender still refuses to meet, or communicate with the Defendant.

Jan 9, 2018, Defendant files Notioce of Appeal for the Order for Trial and informs the court of the issues which are involved.

Jan 11, 2018, The Public Defender files to withdraw as counsel after two years of neglect and inaction and failure which have prevented the Defendant from efforts to assemble defense documents and witnesses.

Court Orders Defendant to appear on January 18, 2018 to explain the Notice of Appeal in person. The Public Defender fails to appear.

Jan 18, 2018, instead of any explanation, Court conducts a ‘surprise’ competency hearing without notice to DA or Defendant. Without any Mental Health exam, evaluation or report, the Court finds Defendant competent and permits the Defendant to represent himself, excuses the Public Defender, the Public Defender files to withdraw (AGAIN) and appoint conflict counsel, the court secretly orders Thomas Carluccio to represent the Defendant, and Orders Call of the Trial List on January 23, 2018.

NO GREAT INJUSTICE having appointed a Public Defender?

Jan 23, 2018, Court withdraws Thomas Carluccio and appoints Philip Press to represent Defendant. While the court has verbally indicated Mr Press is only available as advisor, the FULL assignment prevents documents from being filed with the Clerk. The File from the Public Defender is requested and not provided. Discovery ordered January 2, 2018 is not provided by ADA. Discovery is ordered to be provided again. A Trial is scheduled for February 7, 2018. GREAT INJUSTICE.

The Public Defender refuses to communicate or provide their file. The District Attorney neglects to provide Discovery information. The Defendant requests the Court issue Orders for documents and persons to appear where there is no time for the Subpeona process before the Trial date. IGNORED.

STILL REACHING FOR GREAT INJUSTICE? After three years of stalling, where the Defendant was provided no opportunity to defend, the haste and the rush to Trial is concerning as official means have been prevented opportunities to collect information or prepare any defense.

The Defendant begins to realize, the Court was informing him in 2016 of the target – “Great Injustice”. The Court was not done with that demonstration yet.

The Defendant assembles defense strategy while recognizing his advisor counsel is failing to advise, or accomplish anything to assist.

One week before the Trial, Defendant notifies his witnesses directly of the Trial. The Court would not issue orders for appearance or for documents.

Feb 2, 2018, The Court orders a full list of the Defendants Witnesses and expected information they will provide or confirm AND orders an immediate hearing where any and all pre-trial motions will be addressed. Tasks assigned to advisor are neglected completely.

Feb 5, 2018, Defendant complies with the courts short order, files documents with the Clerk (which are forwarded to the Advisor), and appears for the instant conference. Motions are denied without consideration. Despite previous orders to provide missing discovery documents, the District Attorney ignores. The Judge neglects to address the witness list he had demanded from the Defendant. Court THREATENS arrest if Defendant fails to appear on time for Trial on February 7, 2018.

Feb 5, 2018, 10 PM, the ADA provides a disc with over 3500 pages of documents, email, internet use, etc. The files are a partial package which indicates 12 years of electronic surveillance has occurred. The complete package is never provided.

Advisor Counsel continues to neglect any task assigned, yet, informs defendant that the ADA has excused/dispatched defense witnesses, may drop charges. Advisor files documents concurrently with the ADA falsely indicating the Defendant being arrested for murder and other charges in October 2009.

Feb 6, 2018, the Defendant goes to the Public Defender Office to request the files, including any prepared for January 10 Trial date. Defendant is informed the Public Defender has taken no actions to assemble any defense, or documents, or depositions. Their file, if they had one, would be empty. They offer a box which contains the statements filed at every appearance by the Defendant which have been ignored. Two years of inaction and complete neglect, the Defendant has been sabotaged and undermined (predicted in Statement of Defendant on March 30, 2016). NO GREAT INJUSTICE?

Feb 7, 2018, Defendant appears on time and prepared for Trial, defense exhibits assembled and organized. The Court orders him to sign a Wavier of Counsel. The Defendant indicates he wishes to represent himself. The Court indicates that the Defendant will sign the Waiver of Counsel and be represented by Philip Press, OR NOT SIGN the waiver and representation by Philip Press would be ordered. Defendant did not sign. REPRESENTATION ORDERED. GREAT INJUSTICE? More.

Philip Press fails to communicate or learn the defense strategy and chooses to proceed incorrectly.

The ADA presents a fraudulent deed which she knows to be defective and void.

At pre-trial, the Defendant had reminded the ADA that even if it is certified that only indicates it is recorded. The Recorder of Deeds does not validate, authenticate, confirm or perform any function other than to record. The document is known to the Defendant as defective. It was part of a fraudulent conveyance, where the mortgage was satisfied by the title insurance company just three weeks after he was arrested, three years ago, in 2015.

The Defendant’s claim to the property is the basis of the criminal complaint against him. Attempts to resolve the matter through the courts have been alleged as stalking and harassment.

The Defendant indicates to Philip Press to Challenge the document NOW properly before the Court to address the defect. Defendant provides the documentation necessary to demonstrate the defect and support the challenge. Philip Press neglects and refuses.

At a Break, the Defendant files the challenge document with the Clerk. Philip Press refuses to present the filed, time-stamped documents to the Judge to address the defective deed.

Feb 8, 2018, the Defendant again files the document with the Clerk, provides copies to Philip Press, while Press ignores and neglects.

Philip Press then fails to present any defense for the Defendant. Three Character witnesses scheduled for the afternoon had arrived early and briefly testify in under ten minutes. Defense rests. ??

The jury having heard no defense to the allegations endures 45 minutes of defamatory and slanderous lies from the Prosecutor in her closing. The jury quickly finds the Defendant guilty of all charges. Stalking and harassment where the Defendant had only served the Action in Ejectment documents to the ‘victim’.


Having endured injustices since 2007, worsened in 2011 by deliberately defective orders from Judge Carluccio (Yes, Thomas’ wife), where every opportunity to prevail and escape further indignities and injustices is prevented by the Court, the Defendant perseveres. The Defendant has been before the entire Montgomery County Judiciary to no avail. Appeals have been prevented and dismissed pursuant to Rules.

When a court acts without jurisdiction, intentionally and deliberately, that error becomes capable of repetition, yet evading review.

Where ‘rules’ enacted by the Judiciary without any constitutional review are prevented from constitutional review by the Judiciary’s conflict of interest IGNORE LAWS enacted by the Legislature to UNDERMINE RIGHTS protected by the Constitutions of Pennsylvania and the United States.

Defendant respectfully requests your action to assist in preventing GREAT INJUSTICE and to address this constitutional crisis which is affecting the entire United States and the constitutional; rights of all Americans.


Terance Healy
…since 2007

Where ‘rules’ improperly enacted by the Judiciary without any constitutional review are prevented from constitutional review by the Judiciary’s conflict of interest and Rule 1.6 mandate of non-disclosure…

IGNORE LAWS enacted by the Legislature, and serve to…

UNDERMINE RIGHTS of litigants protected by the Constitutions of Pennsylvania and the United States.

The Legislature must address the Judiciary ‘rules’ which “affect the right of the General Assembly to determine the jurisdiction of any court”. Article V Section 10(c)

I am available if you need any further explanation. Thank You.

871 Mustang Road, Warrington, Pennsylvania, 18976


Against my wishes, strongly worded and indicated on the record, the court insisted I have a lawyer. I could choose to represent myself and the court would appoint a lawyer anyway. I DID. AND IT DID. There would be no defense. Philip Press, Esq. was only there to continue the sabotage after the withdrawal of the against-my-will public defender – who wasted two full years and had nothing in the file. NOTHING.

Imagine the irony that would have occurred had previously assigned Thomas Carluccio continued to represent me? His wife wrote the defective and void order which was prevented from any appeal – The Unappealable Order of Carolyn Carluccio. It’s what made the deed defective. And had he been the one FORCED TO REPRESENT ME AGAINST-MY-WILL and neglecting to challenge it’s validity upon presenting their fraud upon the court. Only a sociopath would appoint Carluccio to represent me. Yes, it happened. Secretly, and then publicly. Oops. He was replaced by Philip Press, Esq. Yes, I knew it was a setup/sabotage. BUT, THERE IS JUST NO STOPPING THEM. I do wonder why they just never do anything the way its supposed to happen. Sociopaths.

I had arrived prepared to present a defense with boxes of documented evidence, with witness lists (which had to be provided to the court in advance BY ORDER), with the strategy to show the events being prosecuted were unrelated to me, and cvompletely outside my control or action, unaware that any of it was occurring.

As the jury entered the courtroom to be selected. The judge caused a MISTRIAL. He instructed the entire group it was a terrorist trial.
Things were not going to get any better.

AND SO …. THEN, their court appointed Lawyer failed to present ANY defense, I was found guilty of 7 counts.

Not one witness for the defense was presented to address the facts of the case.
Not one government official – all were told to ignore by the DA.
Not one court document showing the lawful attempts to resolve the matter.
They were all prepared, copied, in the courtroom, on the table. But, PHILIP PRESS ESQ, the against-my-will-court-appointed lawyer would not present it. (Less than zealous representation, barely adequate.)

I never had a chance to defend. The CONSTITUTIONAL right to defend yourself in a criminal prosecution – NOT AVAILABLE. No rule of law. No Rights. (Not since 2007.)

After listening to ten police officers talk about two unexcitable words constantly… for a full day… never indicating any crime occurred. Much ado about nothing. But a whole shitload of much ado. All of these officers testifying that no crime occurred. Why? Something has top seem weird. There was no crime. They kept saying it.

AND IN THE MOMENT OF TRUTH, THE FRAUDULENT DEED WAS PRESENTED TO THE COURT BY THE PROSECUTION… AND CHALLENGED. The opportunity which could make it all go away, the nightmare end, and restore my life. They had oopsed. But, the judge neglected to address the void and defective deed. Presented by the prosecution. They knowingly committed a fraud upon the court. My against-my-will-court-appointyed attorney failed to raise the issue. I filed it with the court. He continued his neglect. I told him it needed to be challenged while properly before the court in proceeding where it was being presented as valid. A hearing would be MANDATED, NOT DISCRETIONARY, would have to occur to address the defective deed. STRIKE IT. FINALLY REMOVE IT FROM THE HAVOC IT HAS CAUSED MY LIFE.

Clearly, the against-my-will-court-appointed lawyer was neglecting a responsibility for the client. I had anticipated the opportunity. I figured their attention to detail would miss it. I had the documents ready top go as soon as the deed would be presented as an exhibit.

He had been established to prevent any defense from being presented, and he was in place to avoid addressing the deed.
He made bad excuses. He was wrong. I told him to do it. He refused. He scheduled a meeting before court – an hour early. Then failed to show up.

He had me making copies through most of the night last night. Yet, never presented anything.

The jury came back with guilty on all three counts.

Then. The prosecutor added four more and the judge said guilty. No explanation of what they were either. The charges were never explained. There had been No Arraignment.

Did the jury wonder why there was no defense presented?
Did the jury wonder why Todd Krautheim was not permitted speak to all of the events to support my defense?
(When he mentioned the Recorder of Deeds, he was silenced.)
Did the jury wonder why no one said anything to defend me?
Did the jury think I had nothing more to say than indicate it was a three year malicious prosecution based on two words?
Had IO presented what occurred “A prosecution more violent and threatening than the reported crime.” there may have been sympathy.
Did the jury truly think I had committed crimes? How? Why?
No one indicated that I committed any crime? Just the repeated false assertions of the prosecutor. And a 45 minute diatribe of lies as her closing argument. Did the jury not know the prosecutor is permitted to lie in opening and closing arguments? (IT’S NOT EVIDENCE.)

Hearing her lie about me was incomprehensible – no matter how many time this person who didn’t know me would spew the lies, it never made any sense. She suggested two words were the basis of my state of mind. Not sentences or paragraphs. Words. Even where motivation was written, it was twisted into something false. Why? Why would I post false intentions in support of my action? That’s stupid. (If you wonder why she would lie? So do I? WHY DID SHE? Her prosecution was far more violently motivated than ANYTHING I have ever said or done. Didn’t the jury see that?)

I never got to present any defense. If they read the site, they will learn why.

The guilty verdict cut to my core.
I asked the lawyer if it all goes away when the judge reviews the defective and void deed they presented.
He said the judge won’t do it.

They are seeking a 5 year sentence.

I persevere… but after 12 years of injustice so twisted, I wish I could escape the death penalty that was the result of my divorce.

Yes, I persevere. I hope. And I live another day to endure further terror and harassment intentionally delivered by people who just won’t leave me be. They created this whole incident. It has ruined my life for three full years. Yet, I was accused of their criminal acts – harassment and stalking.

I have no choice but to persevere. Knowing they will get to the killing of me yet. The jury heard nothig of the murder attempts and the fake suicide intervention in Warrington. Seems Warrington, where POLICE CHIEF JAMES MILLER worked and where this criminal charge originated… was NOT discussed. Nothing about the assault by Warrington police last April. The fake suicide intervention. The Warrington Supervisors weren’t allowed to be witnesses. (But, No one was.)

PREVENTED FROM PRESENTING A DEFENSE IN ANY WAY SHAPE OR FORM. Yes, that’s what happened. The nightmare continues.

What’s Next? Retrial for Mistrial? Appeal?
Petition for Hearing on the Fraud Upon The Court?
Supreme Court Kings Bench exposure of their unconstitutional “RULES” having prevented all constitutional rights.

The only way out is thru… and they just don’t ever want me out from their hell.

For christ’s sake… if I was intending to harass and stalk someone I’d have been direct. Having people tell you that any ordinary word frightens them is just ridiculous. Even when there is someone trying to get you to believe it.

Losing eight years of my life for two words, is just fucking stupid.
A three year prosecution where THEY were more violent in the prosecution. But, the jury never heard that. I have five copies of it all for the next trial.



  Superior Court
Terance Healy #3166 EDA 2015
  #3234 EDA 2015
  #376 EDA 2016
  Supreme Court of Pennsylvania
  #126 MAL 2017



Defendant, Terance Healy, petitions this court as witness and requests actions to provide immediate relief from two documents provided to him through his mother on Friday, February 2, 2018 and having been personally delivered to his mother by Philip D. Press, Esquire.

Document 1.

This document falsely and incorrectly states that ‘On or about October 22, 2009, the Defendant was arrested and charged with murder and associated charges.”

The sentence is slanderous, libelous and could place the safety of the Defendant in immediate danger.

Document 2 was issued in support of the false and incorrect information.

Paragraph Number 2 is incomplete. It reads as follows:
“2. The affadavit of probable cause and subsequent discovery outlines a series of”

Paragraph Number 3 amends the Bill of Information to include four (4) counts of Harassment, 2709(a)(3), graded as summaries.

Paragraph Number 3(a) indicates:
“A person commits the crime of harassment when, with intent to harass, annoy or alarm another, the person… (3) engages in a course of conduct of repeatedly committed acts which serve no legitimate purpose.”

If these false statements, “which serve no legitimate purpose” are intended as a joke, then clearly it has failed. Instead, it is cruel. It causes a dread fear for the possibility of being placed in a shoot first situation with police acting on the grossly incorrect information.

Rule 564. Amendment of Information.
The court may allow an information to be amended, provided that the information as amended does not charge offenses arising from a different set of events and that the amended charges are not so materially different from the original charge that the defendant would be unfairly prejudiced. Upon amendment, the court may grant such postponement of trial or other relief as is necessary in the interests of justice.

Sentence 6 continues with the farce by suggesting the Defendant was aware of the false information which is included in the document. The statement is entirely untrue.
“The proposed amendments do not allege a set of facts which were unknown to the Defense; instead, the Defense had notice of the allegations of the Commonwealth since October of 2009. Therefore the proposed amendments do not affect possible defenses that may be available at time of trial.”

Defendant respectfully requests that ANY JUDGE OF THE COURT OF COMMON PLEAS of MONTGOMERY COUNTY take appropriate actions to promptly STRIKE the false documents before the Defendant is executed based on actions relating to this grossly false information.

Defendant demands the immediate removal of Philip D. Press, Esquire from any assignment or responsibility to the Defendant in the interest, where his actions seek to harm the Defendant and his assignment not supported by the proceedings which it purports to reference.

Terance Healy
c/o/ 871 Mustang Road
Warrington, PA 18976


After another judicial masturbation session, the judge’s self pleasure meeting with the lawyers he chooses to appoint to purport to represent me.

There’s no involvement required by me. If I am present in court they hide in the judges chambers until they finish.

I am permitted no participation. No opportunity to defend. They have not even indicated the crimes supposedly committed.

The lack of authority, the LACK OF JURISDCTION WHICH THEY FAIL TO ADDRESS, becomes further concealed behind piles of orders for time and appearances and demands issued without jurisfiction while threatening bench wrrants.

Again, I will now have to explain to everyone repeatedly the actions they have done to me. In the retelling they undermine every thought.

The District Attorney has neglected every aspect and element of a criminal prosecution. The Assistant District Attorney goes by another title wth the judge. She is CAPTAIN OF HIS COURTROOM.

Making me ask for it. Makng me beg for their information. Repeatedly, because they never respond. Never.

This has occurred for three years while I am threatened with warrants.

This is the psychology of a malicious false PROSECUTION.



Their objective. My death.

They have never answered any question. Not one. Ever. Over three years. NEVER.



It’s the responsibility of the General Assembly. But, JURISDICTION is the secondary reason they are on my witness list for the defense.


Hon. William R. Carpenter February 1, 2018
Court of Common Pleas
Montgomery County
Norristown, PA 19404
  A voice mail indicates an Order for
RE: #3151-2015 appearance in Court tomorrow

The Defendant has no transportation to the courthouse on such short notice. Hearings require notice. He is attempting to prepare a defense for the trial which has been scheduled with haste after three years of perpetual delays and bench warrant threats. ALL issues presented to the Court remain neglected.

The Defendant has been receiving reports of the District Attorneys Office communicating with witnesses for the Defense.

The Defendant had called attention to the necessity of a FORMAL ARRAIGNMENT, and was ignored.

The Defendant had called attention to the necessity of a PRE-TRIAL CONFERENCE, and was ignored.

The Defendant had called attention to the necessity of the file from the Public Defender, and was ignored. The Defendant reminds the court of the egregious injustice which has been ignored.

“There is no great injustice caused by the January 27, 2016 order…”
“having appointed a Public Defender to represent him.” – Judge William R. Carpenter

The Defendant had called attention to the failure to provide Discovery Materials, and was ignored.

The Defendant has kept the court updated and informed of the procedural negligence and deliberate failures to address or resolve any question by the District Attorney’s office, and was ignored.

The Defendant again requests a statement of the Jurisdiction of this court in this matter which the Court has ignored every request, at every proceeding, in every opinion, and on every order.

The lack of jurisdiction having been called to the attention of the parties, the Court and the General Assembly of Pennsylvania which is responsible for the jurisdiction of the Courts. The Defendant requests an answer in this regard: A statement containing the elements of jurisdiction and addressing the defects previously indicated and documented with the Court.

A Court lacking jurisdiction to decide the matter would also lack jurisdiction to recuse from the matter, where the District Attorney has caused the issue perhaps the resignation of the judge is more appropriate.


Terance Healy
…since 2007


Seems my every effort to resolve any qwuestion or to prepare to present a defense is being met with chaos. It seems they never imagined I would do such a thing. Where would they get that idea? They aren’t handling their own chaos very well.

“If you can keep your head while all about you are losing theirs and blaming it on you.”

I can. Every day.

The people who use this chaos as intimidation and distraction tactics can’t comprehend… It’s been like that everyday since 2007.

I can keep my head while all about me are losing theirs and blaming it on me. I call that Thursday, …or everyday.

Truth is strong.

Their lies and tactics to overwhelm… not so powerful.

Terror tactics to negotiate a plea deal. I don’t negotiate with terrorists.
I know they are capable of three years of nightmarish terror harassment and threats. Their prosecution is far more violent than the crimes they allege. After three years, they want to drop the charges and want a plea deal? After three years of hell? Ridiculous. A court without jurisdiction has no boundary; it has only the violent power of a bully.



Please remind the ADA of the lack of the elements of any crime remains where the arbitrary and ever-changing documents neglect definition.

There is neither an identifiable scope of time nor identifiable incident.



There has been no Bill of Particulars. Even when directly asked In court and on the record to provide this information, which has been requested repeatedly since the arrest and appears on the record of each proceeding, the ADA just begins to read the general description of random crimes which have no nexus to me.

If the ADA finds the reports of their detectives who where directed to abandon every investigation since 2007 while providing no result of their investigation, the negligence of the detectives does not cause a crime to occur. One might argue that the District Attorney was attempting to provoke frustration which has never given rise to their desired result. No crime. No fights. No disturing the peace. No suicide. NO KIDDING.


See the LAW which requires the crimes to be defined with at least some specificity has been Ignored. As have the Rules which also affect JURISDICTION.

The members of the legislature will likely have questions about this complete abandonment of due process and procedure absent jurisdiction. A three year malicious act of terror perpetrated for the denial and prevention of justice.

I have meetings scheduled most of the day Thursday.

Motion for Rule 600. Motion for Bill of Particulars. Motion for Formal Arraignment. It probably seems ridiculous to have to ask them to define the crimes they are alleging. But, they have not indicated any event aside from the one which they have known all along failed to meet any definition of a threat of violent crime intently delivered to disturb the public order.

The police reports do indicate alot of police activity. Cheif Miller causing a neighboring police department to alarm the Miller family and then protect the Millers while aggesively accusing me seems to have completely left me out of their crime. Strange they blame everything on me while failing to indicate my direct involvement in anything.

They have no case. They know this. It’s why they haven’t presented any specific information at any time.

How about you refile the Motion 600?. You might find the form on a Google search.
You could always submit the one which was bounced by the Clerk because of Tom Carluccio or yourself being on top of nothing.

BTW, every one of my filings will be submitted as an Admission. The jury will see the complete NEGLIGENCE of the ADA and the perverted injustice of the judge.



NOTICE: January 31, 2018
(PDF Version)


Commonwealth of Pennsylvania v. Terance Healy #CP-46-CR-0003151-2015

Trial has been scheduled on February 7, 2018 at 1:30 PM before

Judge William R. Carpenter
Montgomery County Court of Common Pleas
Courtroom “C”
Norristown, Pennsylvania

Failure to appear will result in a request for a Court Order to compel your testimony in this matter.

Your testimony will relate to receipt, actions and response to a letter sent to you on February 22, 2015.
You will be asked about the responsibilities as an elected member of the General Assembly.
If you have been approached by any person instructing you to disregard this notice, please contact the court and/or federal authorities.
A current summary of the issues involved in the matter is attached to allow you to prepare.

Please keep the court advised of any availability issues. Chambers (610)278-5902 Fax (610)994-2802

Attached Information:

Jurisdiction is a necessity. Absent jurisdiction a judge has no authority. DELIBERATE INTENTIONAL ACTIONS WITHOUT JURISDICTION CREATES A MALICIOUS FORCE. The judges need not concern themselves about immunity. This POWER is ABSOLUTE OVER EVERYTHING and goes unchecked.

Deliberate action without jurisdiction triggers injustice, and a judge becomes an UNSTOPPABLE DESTRUCTIVE FORCE.

Two on the Montgomery County Judiciary, William Carpenter and Carolyn Tornetta Carluccio, have demonstrated this to be true. They have terrorized me EVERYDAY for years with their psychotic judicial masturbation. Malicious. Evil. Cruel. Unchecked. They create a team where they all participate in the effort. Flipping good people to do bad things. They don’t even need their target in person.

All they need is for something to cause a defect in jurisdiction, or they completely disregard it from the on-set.

The problem exists because the Legislature never gets involved with issues regarding the judiciary.
It goes unchecked.

The problem exists because the state Supreme Court IMPROPERLY AND UNCONSTITUTIONALLY affected the “right of the General Assembly to determine the jurisdiction of any court.” Article V Section 10(c)

How? RULES. Unconstitutional. Improperly enacted.

The appeals courts indicate they do not have jurisdiction to review the matter. The Legislature had provided it by LAW. Their ‘rules’ instructed you to go away. Come back later. Then, new rule – It’s too late.

Supreme Court’s RULES which broke the LAW show contempt for the Legislature and undermine the CONSTITUTION.
The Legislature ignores.
The Governor avoids. Office of General Counsel lawyers run interference.

Remember when that predator statute of limitations bill was being considered.
Chairman of the Judiciary Committee for 30 years had no idea about the Constitution.
Obstructed the law. Protected the Predators. Twisted.

The Attorney General was locking up predators at an alarming rate.
1 every other day for 3 years.

Discovering a predator organization being run from within the OAG – under Supreme Court mandated Rule 1.6 silent participation by lawyers (including the Attorney General.)
Prosecuting the predator list while recognizing that …

Pennsylvania Prosecutors Protect Predators.

There was even more in the OAG email than porn and protected predators.

Plenty of litigants have felt the sting of that INTERLOCUTORY excuse which denied them of their rights, or the protection of the laws. Plenty of people lost everything because of the ‘system’, the Rules.

The problem isn’t that there needs to be a law, or law reform.

If the RULES do affect and destroy you (YOU HAVE NO RIGHTS. NO ONE’LL BELIEVE IT.).
And another RULE prevents lawyers from disclosing what has occurred.

There’s the RULE you know is wrong, and then, there’s RULE 1.6 CONFIDENTIALITY OF INFORMATION to conceal and mandate the silent participation of lawyers in the violation of every American’s constitutional rights.

CAROLYN TORNETTA CARLUCCIO called it her ‘unappealable order’. Every minute of every hour of every day of every month since THAT defective and void order has affected and annihilated my life from when it was signed in May 2011. Multiple appeals, further civil litigation, aggressive false arrest, false prosecution of terrorism, homeless, destitute, isolated, false suicide interventions, …

Don’t believe this exists as a tactic to destroy?
Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen Kane learned of it’s unchecked affect. And before she could take any action, they used it to ON HER.

William Carpenter, in the complete absence of ANY jurisdiction, authorized a Special Prosecutor.
No Authority. NONE. No Law to provide him that jurisdiction. Law provides jurisdiction. General Assembly provides law. THERE WAS NO LAW.

Yet, the General Assembly also participated in the spectacle – they had to know there was NO LAW providing ANY JURISDICTION. Or were those participants the lawyer-legislators? Did anyone intervene? No. UNCHECKED. DESTRUCTIVE. CORRUPTION.

Kathleen Kane was further hindered because, as an attorney, she is not permitted to disclose information which will adversely affect the integrity of the judiciary. Rule 1.6. Even when it is being used to destroy her.

Jurisdiction for the judiciary MUST BE PROVIDED BY LAW. Without the Legislature providing a law providing for the jurisdiction of a court, there is no authority for that court to do anything.

Judge William Carpenter had no authority to create Thomas Carluccio as Special Prosecutor. Rules mandate the Court to ignore. The PA Supreme Court follows their own RULES.

Two weeks ago, a Superior Court panel was puzzled when presented THAT question which had been neglected by the Supreme Court. When the court ignores – nobody wins. The twisted claim a victory.

I am not a lawyer. No Rule 1.6 to silence me. Carolyn Carluccio’s “unappealable order’ and subsequent fraudulent conveyance left a lawful claim on a deed to property which could only be settled upon my demise. I wasn’t dying fast enough. There were several attempts which failed.

They decided to restart things. New Arrest. False charges. Events ENTIRELY created by the police. I was unaware of their ‘investigation’. Their paperwork indicates that the police were delivering the message and then creating the public disturbance necessary to allege terroristic threat. The crime requires the threat of a violent criminal act, directly or indirectly, for the purpose of disturbing the public order.

Police delivered the message and provided an overwhelming amount of police protection, patrols and support. Constant contact on the day they delivered the message. Weeks later, someone subsequently noticed that ‘repossession’ was NOT a violent criminal act. Not wanting to have wasted their police efforts, reports, overtime, patrols, protecting and serving, etc… they wrote their own violent criminal act ON MY WEB SITE. (When I saw it I deleted it.) They arrested me.

For the last three years, the criminal allegations have hung over my head. I have been given NO OPPORTUNITY TO DEFEND AGAINST THEM. The ADA did say if I relinquish the deed, she would drop the charges. Stupid girl. If coerced under duress to sign anything, my claim would remain valid. They would still need me dead. Their prosecution was more violent than the purported crime.

To silence me in the criminal matter, a public defender was appointed to interfere and sabotage. No filings would be accepted by the Clerk. No hearings. No Laws. No rights. No voice. No escape.

William Carpenter had no authority to decide my incompetence. No Hearing. No Evidence. No rights to be heard. No Notice. Hiding in his chambers, he sent for the Public Defenders, Marone and D’Angelo went in along with (?) Thomas Carluccio (?). Multiple appeals – ignored by rule. Two years have passed… terrorized. EVERYTHING PENDING. My liberty threatened.

In April 2017, they botched a false suicide intervention. Perpetrated to allow for the suicide they had planned for me, it caused legal problems in Bucks County. It began to involve more and more people. Each silently capitulating, participating and lawyering up.

Anyone who says they are not trying to trick you IS MOST DEFINITELY TRYING TO TRICK YOU. Their question is an act of self-pleasure… judicial masturbation.

As arbitrarily and capriciously as before, I was found competent. Given a week to prepare a defense or go to jail (Suicide intervention BOTCHED. Prison murder SET.)


Judge William Carpenter is EXACTLY that kind of sociopath. Imagine the giggles it provided.

My case has not yet gone to trial but has been through Superior Court three (3) times and Supreme Court once. Their court-appointed lawyers will not provide the Supreme Court’s paperwork. Could be affected by the old interlocutory ‘rule’ problem or confidential disciplinary actions. Those court-appointed lawyers won’t even provide my file to me.

The document which is indicated as ‘the terroristic threat’…. those to whom it was actually sent are on my witness list.
Governor Tom Wolf and Pennsylvania Legislature, with legislator-lawyers excused where Rule 1.6 triggers Rule 601(b)(1,2,3 & 4), compelled to Judge William Carpenter’s courtroom to bear witness to what happens when the Legislature neglects THEIR EXCLUSIVE RESPONSIBILITY REGARDING JURISDICTION OF THE COURTS.


I saw what was done to Gabriele Drexler. I saw what was done to Kathleen Kane. I saw what was done to Patrick Reese. Alleging a crime while preventing ANY defense from being presented.

Kathleen Kane was the ONLY person who ever tried to help me. They ordered her silence. They ordered her inaction. She had indicated to me, “I know what they did to you.” I know what they did to her.

Now, the team used to take down the attorney general have twisted their efforts back toward me.

I’m not a lawyer. No Rule 1.6 silent capitulation for me.

The Worst Kept Secret in Pennsylvania.

I will not go quietly into the night.

I persevere.

Terance Healy

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