Why are you wasting all that time on the phone with customer support centers when there's work to be done.

The crimes which are clear and well documented are ignored by all levels of law enforcement without any explanation offered.
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A full service Hosting and Development company that is responsive and approaches projects with clear focus on the clients requirements.

With over 20 years of experience providing business computing solutions for international, national and local clients.  Recording artists, television personalities, publishers, event management companies, restaurants and contractors have turned to Work2BDone to provide their internet presence.

- Experience with implementation and management of internet commerce, from development of the storefront to fulfillment of the orders.

- Development, implemention and managment of internet storefronts for several clients.

- Provide the resource and capability for businesses which operate from virtual offices to have a shared resource location.  The Cybrary eliminates the need for large email attachments and also provides a central accessible repository for office documents and items under development.

- Development of programs to track advertisers on your web site and provide full statistical reporting. 

- Management and setup of affiliate programs with other web domains which offer a good return on the your internet site investment.  Major internet sites offer 5 - 60% commission rates on links to them, affiliate programs can add serious cash value to your web site.

Developer host thyself.

There are so many hosting providers who are "hands on" but lack the experience to respond quickly to support needs in a rapidly changing  environment.  You can get lost in their support organizations somewhere between second level support and their management. 

And when you can't find someone who can do it right, you may as well do it yourself.  Well almost...

Partner with an amazing organization to provide  hardware and connectivity and the focus switches to productive effort.  The  attention is on  "our work" and not finding ways to work within - or all too often around - another organizations limits.

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